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  1. Well, no. And without finding my manual, I guess your refeering to the calibration-function for tire change?! This doesn't help and the manual way of calibrating your GPS resets itself because its only for use where there is no GPS receptions. I do remember though that the GPS were spot on when my car was new :(
  2. I think im qualified to answer this question :) My Auris runs quite good in snow. The anti-spin functions kick in quite good and the VSC does the job. I have MMT and you have to use the manual up hills because the MMT could change gears in the wrong moment. I have Continental ContiContact 3 , guessing dim. 205/60 My fathers Mercedes is just crap on winter roads.
  3. The GPS isn't quite calibrated right. The vehicle seems to be 20m ahead of the navigation map and none of the recalibrating-functions in the menu work . How to I fix this problem if possible?
  4. I do believe you can programme this feature yoursef. I've read the instructions somewhere on this forum and it will most likely pop up again in this thread after some time.
  5. The norwegian Executive edition (16" alloys, cruise controll, xenon etc.) comes with a spare wheel. I didn't know that and was actually quite suprised when I found out. Usually, the cars comes with tire foam today
  6. You're wrong (see above replies). A digital km/h is shown in the diagnosis menu although this is a very inconvenient way of displaying it.
  7. Hold the Info button and switch your lights on/off three times. Press and hold the Info button to get out of it.
  8. 2e questions : NO I found out that you actually can see a digital km/h. Its hidden in the diagnosis menu B)
  9. Where could I find the user manual for the diagnosis menu on my TNS700?
  10. My cars position is a little off (too far ahead the actuall position) on my satnav. It becomes a problem when Im trying to navigate in cities with alot of roads and turns. I have tried to calibre the GPS with the build-in functions but the GPS seems to still be off.. Any solution to this annoying problem?
  11. Haven't lowered the car yet, considering H&R springs.. MOMO FXL Black 8x18, 225/40-18
  12. I really see no point of getting LED/Xenon whatever in the taillights because of the plastic cover. Im changing my parklights to LED lights tomorrow ;)
  13. Would anyone confirm that this could be done anywhere else?
  15. Enjoy the pictures (text=norwegian)