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  1. D4d Engine Fault

    Hi, I recently purchased an identical model - 03 plate 5 dr d4d gx with 90,000 in the clock and full dealer service history. Have just returned it as I consider it lethal. Why? Four weeks in, it started to miss occasionally when accelerating and then one day it lost all ower when driving uphill. Shut itself down and went into 'limp' mode ie: STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. Under warranty, dealer took it away and read computer fault codes - replaced fuel filter and remapped ECU. Fine for a week, then again it did exactly the same thing - same conditions, driving uphill. Taken back to dealer who reckon they found a hose with a hole in it. A week later, same thing happens in the same place, going uphill, and by now I am completely terrified of driving. Dealer takes it back and reckons it is now a fault with the turbo. I no longer care what he thinks it is, and have now returned the car forever! TOO DANGEROUS. Could easily have happened on outside lane of motorway with nowhere safe to go in limp mode... very unimpressed with this car.