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  1. Goddamn! if I didn't wreck me tyres i'd be right there! there down to the wire :( might be able to get away with it tho....
  2. Ive found a patent part @ £72+VAT think ill go for that and paint it with that heat paint stuff to help stop it goin again tho they are usually ok at the downpipe for at least 100k... www.buypartsby.co.uk superb webby for patent part etc! defo recommend Thanks for ur advice, much appricated. Jmc
  3. Hey peeps Would like to get some advise on the following please, hopefully gonna get some cash soon so I thought i'd treat my celica...she needs it! EXHAUST: Has 2 holes in, one at the joint of the back box and more importantly one on the front/down-pipe, people who know 182's will know that the manifold has the 4 pipes coming down in a pair parallel to each other then theres the "front/down-pipe" which has the bendy hose bit on it :) and the middle silencer (no cat on mine pre '92). Now ive rang Mongoose and another company to see if they make a whole system including the "front/down-pipe" and they say NO! Simple question is what the hell do I do? I can get a patent part but kinda negates any performance and reliability increase :/ BRAKES: Either uprated or some decent quality but reasonably priced replacements (Discs AND Pads) AIRFILTER: Induction Kit? Replacement Panel Filter? I want a nice induction sound :) Think thats it for now, thanks in advance! Jmc
  4. Thank you all for your replies, will try the 25mph trick, will let you know what happens. TY Jmc_uk
  5. Would it be worth buying a better than standard one? They range from £50 up
  6. If some of you have read my earlier post about poor performance this could be a clue... Yesterday I built the revs up to do a mini wheelspin :/ not like me but i was in a good mood :) anyway, clutch up i went nowhere and a horrible horrible smell waffted through the windows. Put it neutral back into first set off normally and it as fine, tho it still lacks the performance... Is my clutch knackered? How can I tell? If so how much? Thanks in advance, Jmc_uk
  7. Thanks for all your replies, I have done the EFI Fuse trick and it seems to have picked up, though I come to thin k of it its always better when cold than when its warmed up. It still isnt up to the power of when i first bought the car well...its not up to the power of 4 months back! Silly question....where is the Fuel Filter??? The haynes manual i have is rubbish its the US version with virtually every engine bar the 3SGE :/ Thanks again, Jmc
  8. Hey ppl, had my gen5 in for a service not so long back all usual bits done and dusted, I dont think it has anything to do with it but the performance is somewhat DIRE! Its just hit the 116k mark and has had new plugs, filter, oil etc not to cure the problem as it has only just recently gone downhill and i cannot think of anything that could have caused it... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Jmc_uk
  9. Jmc_uk


    Got Nankang's on mine, I rate them as fricken EXCELLENT!!! beat my previous Bridgestone! http://www.tyre-pictures.com/Nankang/NS-2-f.jpg I also read many reviews on these tyres before buying as i was jubious bout buying them cos of the price, but i found good reviews most places! My experience anyways; Dry Weather - Can't fault, thers lots of winedy B roads on the way to work and a S bend which it goes round nicely :) Wet Weather - You can actually hear the water being chucked against the inner wheel arch by the tyres, can't fault the wet runs either, even tho they say "Summer Tyres" Snow - Not so good, they seem to dig nice holes in the ground :/ But reasonable on snowy roads, if anyone watched the news about a week ago, i live in one of the 'very snowy' areas where most people sat at the side of the road and didnt move for hours, i got through fine :) Ice - I dont know of a tyre that is good on ice so i cant say they are good or bad, just BE CAREFUL! Wear - Can't comment yet! But what ive heard they dont last as long as most, what you expect from budget? Apart from that good tyres :) Just some quotes from reviews... "Had these on my old C180. They have loads of grip, but wear out quick cos they are a soft compound tyre." "Nankang NS-2's are very good tires and at a bargain price. I have Nankangs on my car right now. I've taken them to the track and had a good experience. They're street tires but do very well under high speed cornering. I also had a pro road-racer drive my car for a few laps and he never complained about my tires." "I have this Tires on my car and I am happy with them, good treadwear I believe its 350, they also are very quiet. But since the high treadwear(350) they are a good all around street tire, not a track tire. You will get your Bucks worth, They are made in Taiwan." Oh and http://www.tyretest.com/pkw_sommerreifen/n...ns_2/index.html Hope I aint babbled too much but i am well pleased with mine. Read reviews see what you can get within your budget, thats my advice, good luck!
  10. Nice, pretty much same here part from the alloys. This ones done 111k just failed MOT on things above which over time and milage done you would expect... Need to get the cam belt changed ASAP :/ Re: Wipers, any ideas???
  11. Yeah just as i thought... (Its a '91 No CAT which i am please about :) ) Cone type airfilter or performance panel? LOL your car looks familiar mikeb, mines virtually identical :o What mileage you got? what you had done? MOT failures?
  12. Hi all, just got my chav damaged Celica back on the road after it finally got repaired after a chavin Fiat Punto crashed into the side of me :/ Also had MOT due :/ - Middle Section Exhaust - Rear Shockers - Brake Pipes :( also needed a battery... anyways its all fixed and im halfway through a service, done... - Air Filter - Spark plugs part from Oil + Filter and Cam belt what else should i do? (noob question ) main point of the post is how do i get more performance, looking at acceleration more than top speed, i know its a commonly asked question but hey more the merrier :) Another q, where the hell do i get a replacement wiper blades from??? ive looked all over for ones to fit i cant find any! im bout to ring Mr Toyota, but im sure you guys will know! Its not the standard U-Clip type its the ones you screw on?? The guy at Halfords was like 'duh', very helpful.... Your replies will be much appriciated! Thanks Jmc p.s ill post some pics of my beaut :)
  13. Just got back from Japfest at castle coombe, TOC should have had a stand there it was amazin! too many scoobys tho :( jeese so much to say bout it, only a few supras and they were gettin watsed on the circuit by everything!!! musnt have been very good... if anyone wants to see a few photo's lemme know and ill post em somewhere, but defo worth goin!!! and i suggest TOC get a stand there next year!!! and lets see some of ya on the track wastin some Nissans and Mitsu's! :P
  14. Excuse my ignorance but what will this achieve? I too have a Kick ***** 4-AFE :D I would like to be in this deal too, keep me up to date Sandman! (thats if u want to)
  15. Ther's one on ebay! Just type in "carina"
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