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  1. Hi, just wondered if anyone on here is breaking a st162 up for spares? Im after a sunroof, which if im right doesnt make any difference wether its a late celica or not, but the grilles got headlamp washers built in to it. Ive put put a request on 24/7 spares but no joy a yet (since yesterday). IF you can help me out with this one id appreciate it as the sunroof REALLY needs doing, and paying the full wack from Toyota isnt exactly an option ive got. Cheers
  2. Hi, just read your post, try taking off the wheels to gain access to the ABS ring on the wheel - usually around the C.V. joint, clean it up as best you can with a soft wire brush, opposite this should be the sensor, clean it gently with a soft damp cloth. If you can get hold of a multimeter, set it to the Ohms setting/reading and link the contacts to the sensor and ring, and slowly spin the wheel. It should be reading around 0.6 Ohms, but if youve got a manual it should say in there (if its different) Also should check the brake fluid level and condition, if its a very dark or black in color Id advise changing it, or you could put the car in for a service and it should get done then (on an A service). Hope this helps
  3. Just a suggestion, but get some fuel treatment, pour it into the tank, and take the car for a bit of a thrash - but you dont have to go too mad, just to warm up the system - the cats dont work properly first time from cold, so this could be the problem, or it may be a faulty lambda sensor (££££ and more ££££). Good luck
  4. hi again, cant say ive heard of that mod, dont suppose you know of a link that explains it? the only think i can think of is that it tells the ecu that its pumping in a specified amount of air..hmmm....lol....but for a grand they can look after it for now lol (plus I dont have a gt4 lol) while im blabbering, il ad that i was wrong about the turning direction, clockwise lowers the rpm and counter clock- is to raise...and that you got to disconnect the fan while adjusting it (not when its runing tho lmao) anyway, glad its sorted !!!! :D
  5. aight iggy, the AFM needs to be plugged in to run (i know you probly knew this already, but if its not it wont sent a signal to the ECU so it will probably try to dump more fuel in) Check make sure none of the connectors are damaged and that its all making contact. Somewhere on the intake manifold there should be a little black cap/plug, if you remove it there should be a screw in there which allows you to adjust the idle rpm via the air flow. mark where it is with paint (what direction the screwdriver slit is facing). turn it clowckwise to increase air flow, and counter clockwise to lower it. If this doesnt work try taking off the negative battery terminal for a few minutes (to reset the ECU)- but make sure the airflow screw is where it started off. Hope this helps and good luck
  6. Hi, just wondered if anyones replaced their detent springs in the gearbox of an ST162, and if its possible to do them with gearbox in situ ? The problem I have is it keeps jumping out of 2nd, and 5th gear. Im just kind of hoping its a "relatively simple" (haha), so any further advise would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. losing it, yes...lol - off the top of my head, is it a turbo celica youv got, and is it a cooling "run on" type thing? or the fan carries on until engine is cooler - dont forget at standstill the engine is at its hottest, heat rises and is trapped (mostly) due to the bonnet. so it might be something like that ?? out of curisity...can you photograph sound? :P lol I got some sounds need lookin at :D
  8. have you checked the relay? unfortunately i dont know where it could be, but if youv got a manual its location might be in there, failing that it could either be in the engine bay around any fuse box areas, or maybe on the inside front footwells. its not a lot but hope it helps
  9. might be worth having a look at the plugs, dizzi cap & rotor arm, and leads. Also check fuel regulator (on fuel rail) make sure thats not clogged up (untighten it but dont remove, get someone to crank the engine but not to try n start as petrol will be leaking out everywhere if its not blocked) - could even try a new fuel filter. Or, the timing could be out... off the top of me head thats about all i can think of without going into major detail. good luck
  10. just read through - could be worth getting a tensioner pulley and guide pulley (idle pulley? - i think its the same thing yeah? i just use different names for things lol). As for cam cover gaskets, only get them if the ones youv got have perished and are seeping oil out - but its your choice.
  11. 30 psi (2bar) should be ok - but check they tyre as it might have the amount needed on it somewhere
  12. no worries :hokus-pokus:
  13. if u look for the diagnostic socket (passenger side at the bulkhead) connect up TE1 and E1 connectors using a piece of wire to bridge them. Turn on your ignition (but dont crank the car over), the engine light should flash an amount of times, then a pause and youl get another set of flashes. try that and see if it reveals anything, and let me know the code error no. and if you dont have access to code meanings post again and il let you know. good luck
  14. try this when the engines cold, fill up rad and overflow to their max marks, and run the engine with the rad cap off, and squeeze the hoses to help the water go through them. carry on filling the rad as necesary (with water if youv already put plenty of antifreeze in), wait until the fan starts, then cuts out, turn the heater on to full heat and the highest it goes speedwise. once the fans kicked in the second time you should be ok to put the rad cap back on - but dont take the rad cap off from a hot engine as its under pressure and you could get scalded. that should do the trick unless theres another problem. good luck
  15. did you set up the engine timing right on crankshaft pulley and camshafts? and did you move the distributor at all? might be worth checking if they fireing at the right time (couldnt tell you how many degrees before tdc without looking at a manual) the other thought ive had is to diagnose the ecu - might be a fault in there somewhere. good luck
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