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  1. How did you manage to get your stereo out? I've got a Picnic (I guess this is kinda similar to an Avensis), and have also wish to install the vr3. Thank!
  2. I'd also be interested in finding out - growing family!
  3. I get this as well! (N-reg picnic). Clicking on the speedo 'reset' button helps - the button that switches mileometer readings (Total, Journey A, Journey B)
  4. This site may help: I'm hoping to get my stereo changed soon, so tell me how you get on!
  5. I had the same problem some time back (N-reg Picnic). Mechanic charged me 5quid for a very simple fix - so don't pay over the odds. I'm no mechanic, so can't really help, other than say it had something to do with some rubber on the steering wheel had been damaged. If you're near Leicester, visit Meera Motors! (Someone had suggested looking at my power steering fluid level, but that was fine. Another mechanic tried to get me to sort out my steering rack, but that had nothing to do with it)
  6. Batteries were easily changed - just needed to prise the thing open from the strap-end (looked like a sealed unit though!). Still no idea what the connectors are for, though
  7. Ray, thanks for going through the trouble of responding. (Thanks also to Muariff - I had already sent him a PM thanks as I didn't want to clutter this forum!). You're spot on! I wish I could send a pic to help others. I couldn't tell it was 'aftermarket' as the fob has a toyota badge. Thanks millions!
  8. I have a '97 Carina-e. I'm having difficulty opening the key fob to change its battery. Is there some special trick? The fob has a black button to arm/disarm alarm/immobiliser, and a red panic button. There's a strange three pin white thing on the side. All attempts to open have so far failed Please help! (Spare no longer works after son threw it in a bucket of water; I'm scared to use current one as battery seems to be dying)
  9. Silly question, but can anyone help me out- is it possible to change the battery in these fobs? I have exactly the same one as described above. I have two fobs - one was chucked in a bucket of water by my son, so no longer works, and the other is started to behave erratically so I'm worried that the battery is dying. BTW, what IS the three pin thing on the side for? Cheers! :)
  10. Has anyone any idea why my radio isn't working after having my battery replaced? Full prob description: 1.My radio used to work. 2. One day when trying to start the car, I just kept getting a sort of dull rattling noise when turning the ignition. 3. Diagnosis turned out to be duff battery. 4. Replaced battery, and car starts fine. 5. Radio no longer works All other electrics in the car work (except for the sunroof, but that didn't work even b4 the battery change - but, heh, the problem may be linked ;) ) Thanks in advance