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  1. Apparently on VWs it's possible to use an OBDEleven to unlock the "Video in motion" option so MirrorLink works even when the car is moving. Unfortunately i can't find anything for Toyotas although I wouldn't be surprised if there is some way of allowing video in motion but probably not publicly accessible. So if MirrorLink is useless then we are left waiting for Android Auto/Car play that are apparently arriving later this year. I just hope there's a way to retrofit and that it's not too extortionate.
  2. Thanks - that's disappointing. So technically it's possible but there will be a line of code in the software that's stopping it. I wonder if Toyota have nobbled mirror link as they have legal concerns over someone watching a video and having an accident?
  3. Have you tried the MirrorLink option that AndrueC mentioned above? I'm hoping that can mirror the Android phone screen including Waze onto the car's screen. There's a youtube video of someone playing videos from their phone on their C-HRs screen using this technology so I think it should work with the Corolla too.
  4. FWIW there was a hybrid Corolla with panoramic sun roof in the showroom in the Toyota dealer in Letchworth today. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos but it's not too far from London so if you have some free time then you could visit yourself. Just make sure it's still there before going. If and when I go again I will try to get some photos.
  5. I very rarely use B mode - only on very steep downhills and we don't have many of those in Herts. Using B mode in normal driving conditions uses more fuel - see http://blog.toyota.co.uk/hybrid-driving-technique-toyotas-top-tips-for-achieving-the-best-fuel-economy-in-your-hybrid
  6. I presume you mean the Entune system? Personally I'm not bothered about the entertainment system. As long as it does the basics well I will be happy.
  7. Over in the US Toyota have been promoting the new Corolla to the motoring press. Some videos have appeared on youtube such as Presumably this is v similar to the new Auris that should be launching in the UK soon albeit in hybrid form. I hope it is because I think the new Corolla looks good. The interior is a vast improvement on the existing Auris and the exterior IMO looks good from all angles which is something of a miracle for Toyota.
  8. Here's my car in the snow last week. It also didn't last long - by the afternoon the snow had gone.
  9. Hope the new car works out well for you. On the sat nav, when I bought my Auris one of my must haves was a sat nav. However now I wouldn't bother. Having discovered an app called Waze on my mobile, I have no need for a car sat nav. Waze is free, always up to date and is good at routing around traffic jams.
  10. I added some new music to my USB key this week. For me having a m3u file, that equates to a playlist in my car, works well. I have a different folder for each album. There is a m3u file in each folder listing all the mp3s in that folder. When I select "Playlists" in car, I see all the m3u files listed. I use Linux so creating the m3u file is trivial using the following bash command run in each directory: ls | sort > album1.m3u I guess there are ways of doing this in Windows too but I try to avoid that OS nowadays.
  11. Sorry to hear this but it could be worse. I had a mk2 Golf from new, my first car. I loved that car cleaning and polishing it religiously. After 170k miles and 10 years it still looked immaculate. Then one morning I came round a bend only to find a school minibus overtaking a HGV on double white lines. I had no where to go and more by good fortune than anything else managed to hit the HGV's main driving wheels. Luckily I walked away but my immaculate Golf was no more with a smashed up front end and a big crease in the roof. Now in a strange kind of way I feel happier when my new car is no longer pristine. I can then stop worrying about the odd scratch and stone chip. After all there are much more important things to worry about in life, well there are in my life!
  12. Even now Tesla claim they can recharge for up to a 170 mile range in as little as 30 minutes. I expect that time will come down in the future. See https://www.tesla.com/charging Having driven 170 miles, or more if using an overnight charge, then a 30 minute or longer break seems sensible.
  13. I would be surprised to see many more diesel cars nevermind diesel hybrids or plug-in diesel hybrids. The poor air quality in cities caused by diesel pollution and the rapid introduction of clean electric vehicles will see to the end of diesel cars. If the rumours in the press are to be believed, the government are considering a scrappage scheme for older diesels. In an attempt to meet ever more aggressive emission targets, diesels have become overly complex and expensive to maintain. A diesel hybrid would be even more complex than a diesel. Even with all the complexity, the VW scandal has shown that diesels are not as clean as they should been and goes some way to explain why air quality in cities has not improved as expected. Of course in the case of London, diesel black cabs and old buses have played a major role in the pollution too. Personally I think even petrol hybrids like the Prius will struggle to survive in the medium to long term in the wake of electric vehicles.
  14. I have a 2012 gen 1 Auris which has a socket for a USB key containing music. On my USB key I have a directory for each album and in each directory, along with the mp3 files, I have a ".m3u" file. This is just a text file that lists all the tracks (files) stored in the directory like an album listing. IIRC the system finds the m3u files and presents each one as a playlist. If that doesn't work then you could try adding an id3 album tag to each mp3 file. That's more work and I am not even sure if they are supported but might be worth a try.
  15. My understanding is the customer pays £26802 and another £2500 comes from the government. Reading the original blog post again, I understand the £34895 was the total price so that needs to come down by £2500 for a fair comparison. It's still a £5593 reduction in 12 days.
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