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  1. Hi My Tspirit is late 2007 and the first numbers are 86807 like yours. so it must be the second lot that counts. When i went on the Toyota update site i was shown 2 updates, EU and Russia. I have now rang a Toyota main dealer and was advised that the latest version will be out in a month or so. During my conversation with the parts guy I was advised to get a Tom Tom. Cheaper and more UTD Ian
  2. Hi I think that the part No. you are looking for is PZ485 - X03EU - 08 And it would appear that this version also allows adjustments whilst moving. Price £159.00 What a take on!!!!
  3. G7PCQ

    Sat Nav

    So then, if it is as you say HDD then, how is the gen3 updated and it would seem to be accepting full post code. interesting.
  4. G7PCQ

    Sat Nav

    Does anyone know if the Gen 3 Sat Nav DVD,s are compatable with the Gen 2 ?? Full post code search etc.
  5. My Prius is a 57 and both reset after filling up.
  6. Hi Correct me if I am wrong but does the MPG computer reading not reset itself when you fill up?? My one does.
  7. G7PCQ

    Prius And Snow

    Yes........... I have to confess that despite my fears from a couple of bad experiences in the wet last year, I must confess that I was suitably impressed with the general handling although I have not done any hills yet. The yellow light did a lot of flashing especially in the side streets but overall I was pleased.
  8. Hi Sorry but I think it,s a new bulb. The dipped beam element is probably blown. Halfords can supply and fit
  9. Hi with the latest navigation system disks installed, can you enter a full post code search or are we still limited??
  10. G7PCQ

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas to all Prius owners
  11. G7PCQ

    Snow And Ice

    Thanks Stompe. Yes I read your thread on Tyres but I do not feel that that is the answer. Surely Mr T should admit to the fault and come up with a way of switching the system off when the conditions are inapropriate. I am an ex LGV driver (retired) and all the vehicles with traction control had a on/off switch and in all cases, a differental lock switch. By the way how are you finding the new tyres ???
  12. G7PCQ

    Snow And Ice

    I think that by now some or most of you who live outside the London area have encountered hazzardous conditions. Can ypu please let us know if the traction control caused any problems thanks
  13. ''When you turn off the Hybrid system with the Start button, doesn't it automatically go into Park?'' I don,t think it does if you have it in 'neutral'
  14. Failing to press the 'P' button before parking up can drain the battery. This has happened to me a couple of times although you do get a 'Telling off' from the onboard computer when you restart.
  15. So Can the prius navigation system be upgraded to show warnings of speed cameras etc ?? I have been to the website, searched the forums and found only negative replies. Anyone else got any information ?? I'd be very interested in this as well...
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