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  1. Thanks for that information Rocks703. Much appreciated.
  2. Your after pic looks fantastic, what did you use to get it that good.
  3. It seems that the main dealers are not up to speed with what can/cannot be fitted. Thanks for your reply, I have the fitting instructions from my local main dealer parts department so I think I will order them and fit them myself.
  4. We only listen to DAB and I have been getting traffic announcements. I am sure we also get them when listening to music on our memory stick.
  5. Thank you for that. I have just phoned my local Toyota dealer, who looked again at the fitting and he said he could not find why Toyota had said "flaps and side steps could not be fitted together. He is sending me the fitting instructions so that I can make my own mind up.
  6. Went out last night and noticed that the indicator side repeaters in the mirrors are not working. They do flash when I leave and lock the car. I have looked through the manual but cannot find anything, is there a setting that I need to change. UPDATE. They are working, it is just that I could not see them last night in the dark......senior moment😴
  7. I know! My Rav4.5 has side steps and I asked if they would fit mudflaps.......they can only fit the rear as the fronts are not compatible with the side steps. Great design planning Toyota.
  8. If you have the Toyota side steps fitted, you cannot have front mudflaps and of course vice versa.
  9. Ahh, that is a shame, your hard work would have been so helpful to us all.
  10. Thanks for that Acer, have you thought of putting a Ecopy of your cut-down on here, I am sure it would be popular.😉
  11. Thanks Mike, for the reply and link.
  12. Hi All, Can someone kindly list which instruction manuals came with their 2019 Rav4 please. I have purchased an ex demonstrator from my dealer and it has only come with the service book and an owners manual of about 210 pages. I think I have read on here someone mention a satnav instruction manual, which is missing and perhaps more. Cheers
  13. Hi Phil, perhaps hire cars are more "base models"
  14. Thanks Pete, fellow Nofolkonian. I don`t think I would ever have found those settings without your help. I just wish it had verbal warnings like the Auris.