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  1. It seems that Android 10 works fine with AA but if you have been on Android 9 and upgraded to Android 10, AA in not carried over after the upgrade. Cheers Neil
  2. Hmm, have had AA on my phone for a while but recently received a phone update to Android 10. After some searching it appears that AA won't work with Android 10 until you download an extra app called "Android Auto for phone screen" Now it works on the phone and I will try in the Rav4 tomorrow. Cheers Neil
  3. Had my service and maps update along with AA and ACP, I can confirm that the latest maps update sets the navigation to direction of travel. Had a go at Android Auto, downloaded the app to my phone, connected the phone to the main USB socket..... Nothing happened!! How do I access Android Auto on the head unit in the car? Cheers Neil
  4. Thank you "devoted" Devon Aygo. Blo@#y spell checker.
  5. Thank you for the info Devoted Aygo. I had my service done today and they have done a map update along with Android Auto and Apple Car Play but they have no knowledge of the Direction of Travel Navigation. Do you have a Toyota Tech Bulletin reference please. Cheers Neil
  6. Just phoned SLM here in Norwich and informed them that other Toyota dealerships are performing the update for Android Auto and surprisingly they received the software yesterday, so they will update mine on 2nd November. Mine will be the first that they will update 🤔 fingers crossed. Thanks Kingo for the info. They will also do a map and direction of travel update. Are there any other updates I need to get done? Cheers Neil
  7. Thank you for that Kingo. My Rav4 is booked in for a service on Monday. My local Norwich dealer gas told me that they have not been issued with the nessesary software to perform the upgrade. Not sure I believe them. Cheers Neil
  8. Good news Kingo, could you share the name of your service centre who are carrying out the upgrade please. Cheers Neil
  9. Thanks Kingo, I hope he will not mind naming his service company just so I can put some pressure on my dealer before my service on 2nd November.
  10. Great news for you Scottydog, where are you based? If you are in the UK then I can put a bit of pressure on my dealer here in Norwich.
  11. Booked 12 month service with SLM Toyota in Norwich, asked for the Android Auto upgrade but was told that it had not been released to them yet. They did say they would honor the £50 price when it is available.
  12. Thanks for that information Rocks703. Much appreciated.
  13. Your after pic looks fantastic, what did you use to get it that good.
  14. It seems that the main dealers are not up to speed with what can/cannot be fitted. Thanks for your reply, I have the fitting instructions from my local main dealer parts department so I think I will order them and fit them myself.
  15. We only listen to DAB and I have been getting traffic announcements. I am sure we also get them when listening to music on our memory stick.
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