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  1. just had to buy a complete car to get the bits off it i wanted to repair mine so now im left with a stack of bits that i dont need so if anyone is in need of any parts for a celica st162(gen 4 i beleive) please get in touch and we will work something out
  2. ive a copy of the toyota cds that people are on about. while they are geared more for the us market mainly they do give you some very good information and they have loads of diagrams like the haynes manuals. might not be toyotas own manual but still a good guide. e mail me your address if in uk and iwill post you a copy lee.nauyokas@btinternet.com ps put toyota cds in subject bar cos i dont normally accept emails from unknown people
  3. ive got a red one from an f reg i beleive it is the same in very good condition,needs a clean and polish but good paintwork near humber bridge, £40
  4. i got a spare 3sge engine if your interested,already out of car and ready to go
  5. wouldnt have thought brake and fuel lines would be too expensive to replace,most cars around that age need some doing nearly every mot time. surely it would be worth going to a non toyota garage to get a price on it. or even cheaper if you have some way of lifting the car up do it yourself,just make sure you use the proper tool for shaping and flanging the pipework good luck with it
  6. ive got a spare complete engine thats an excellent runner, i was going to put it into a car i bought for spares as the bodywork was in excellent condition but havnt had the time to do it yet and not looking likely i will get the time. would sell the complete engine already out of car and steam cleaned for £80 if your interested. email me lee.nauyokas@btinternet.com for any info
  7. my standard exhaust has finally fell of my 89 mk 1 n/a ......but a good excuse to get a decent stainless one :D . can anyone recommend which works best,eg peco mongoose janspeed etc and roughly what cost and who is a decent supplier. had a look at fensport but not much choice on there and it seems very expensive for what little exhaust there is(a full system for an 89 celica gti is 90 quid cheaper and theres a lot more pipe and an extra silencer). any info would be appreciated
  8. the best thing ive found is from meguiars. get their body scrub(a bit like t cut but nowhere near as harsh and does the same job) then polish it with their liquid gold polish.... it takes less than an hour to do an mr2 properly and the results are exceptional. www.meguiars.co.uk is their website. also the alloy wheel cleaner is like nothing you have used before,i was going to buy a new set of rims then i used that and there like new
  9. thanks for the advice,hopefully i will get it done next weekend.... will have an assesment on the a/c over a beer or two as it looks like it could be a lot of hassle for something that isnt really a must have option.
  10. just bought another celica cos its in better condition body wise than mine but as always theres a downside the engines kaputt..i hope to transplant my engine i already have but it is coming off a manual car with aircon and the other is an automatic without aircon,does anybody know if this will make any difference to just doing an engine swap and will i be able to transplant the aircon too.also when i get it sorted i will have a spare car,minus the engine that i will be looking to dispose of so if anyone needs any parts ormaybe the whole car just let me know and il see what i can do..but before you ask both wings are rubbish as is the drivers seat(not found a good one yet)
  11. the cds you can get on ebay are not quite as in depth as a haynes manual but still a good guide...they also cover all toyotas not just one model. but beware they can be tricky to install
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