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  1. Hey ladies and gents, If anyone's seen the movie American Wedding, then they'd have noticed the red car that the guys take out of town when going to buy Michele her wedding dress... what the hell is it? All I saw was the T badge on the front of the car... Thanks! Koski
  2. Thanks, but too late! :P turns out whoever owned the car before me tried to change the timing belt himself. let's just say due to his poor re-assembly, i'll need to replace the timing belt, crank seal, power steering belt, and timing belt cover :( but that's ok, least i know what the problem was! Koski.
  3. Heya folks, Just changed out the alternator drivebelt on my 90 Celica GTS and I've noticed a strange phenomena... I've noticed a sort of pinging noise when i'm accellerating or driving up a hill, i'm hoping this isn't too much cause for concern, i'm under the impression that it indicates a problem with my timing. The other thing i've noticed is that my engine will rev (although not very smoothly) to around 5000RPM and it just hangs there, not shifting... If anyone has any suggestions or comments whatsoever, the help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, Koski
  4. Hey folks, Just picked myself up a 90 Celica GT-S Liftback and i was wondering if anyone could give me a clue as to the wiring code for the stereo? just wondering where each wiring goes and whether or not it would just be easier to buy myself a wiring harness for the thing. any input would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks, Koski
  5. thanks, i can understand the speeding ticket magnet theory, i'm gonna get some pics to post soon i think. the only disappointment i've had so far is the fact that i drove it about 10 clicks from the dealership and the front driver's side caliper seized shut on me. so back i went and he replaced the entire brake assembly on that side for free :)
  6. Hey Folks, I just bought a 1990 Celica GT-S with 173000 kms on it, and I was wondering if anyone knew about some common problems with this model? Any preventative maintenance or things I should watch out for? I've had it e-tested and compression tested and it passed both with flying colors. I must say I'm loving this car :) Thanks, Koski
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