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  1. thnx heaps buddy...cheers for that...1 :D
  2. Comments welcome!
  3. From the album: My upgraded Celica...!

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    Just a couple of pics...
  5. Hey, true buddy, will upload new ones soonish...! Just dropped my ride off to the bodykit shop 2 get it hooked up, so yeah...will uplpad some in a day or so! :P
  6. Hi, This is Ismail, from Auckland, New Zealand, I'm 20, and I own a Toyota Celia, 1990, Gt-r, 2200 Cc, limited edition, with 240km/hr speedo, havn't made any changes to it, apart from re-colouring/re-painting, which means, its the only 89-93 model celica in Auckland, or perhaps New Zealand, to have a red colour exterior paint, I've hooked it up with a 3.5" FattyBoy Exhaust muffler, and 2800W mosfet amp, 2200 W subs set, black tints, cutom decals, metallic outliners on the doors, rear boot, and bonnet, and am looking forward to doing the following: 1- Installing veilside and z-max bodykit (bought already! Yay) 2- Getting it installed, 3- 2 layer repaint, which means the body kit will be painted black, and the entire car is red 4- Getting the bonent painted black 5- putting up a brand new HOT as decal set, 6- Racing stripes - lines from the bonnet to the back, 7- rear spoiler, and other stuff! and thats about all now, if you guys have some suggestions, please let me know.... cheers
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