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  1. Happy Birthday three5!

  2. Well Done Nigel! - I've been out gardening since my first reply to you so missed your difficulty in retrieving the disc from the defunct unit. Unfortunately there is no equivalent to "using a straightened paperclip" ( PC drives ) that I have found for the B9004 so your solution was probably about the only one available to you.. I changed my B9004 to a Sony removable HDD based system with Tom-Tom maps about 4 years ago. The updates are much less expensive than the Toyota ones but I still like the Toyota display when driving on a motorway - where it tells you of the upcoming junctions and serv
  3. Put the SatNav disc disc in and all should be OK. There appears to be a fair amount of the "Operating System" on the disc. Let us know how you get on
  4. Hi, I hate to cause a potential upset here but the rear wheel arches in the 3 door model are further forward in relation to the seats than the 5 door model. I guess the edges of the seats ( squabs and backs ) and the mounting points are a completely different design on the three door. You might be able to make them "fit" but you could fall foul of your insurance company as it would almost certainly constitute a notifiable modification. Sorry!
  5. Hi Nigel, I bought mine from a place in Nottingham who were excellent, but there are plenty of options available. Once you decide what you fancy it is well worth a bit of time searching for the best price. There are some real bargains about on "last years model(s)". There are some very impressive looking units available from China on eBay but I've only found one person who bought one and he had some problems getting it working and the maps were fairly old. There seems to be next to no backup on these units whereas the ones which you can buy at places like Halfords ( not suggesting you actu
  6. Hi Nigel, SHCM is an extremely knowledgeable guy who works in auto-electronics design. I haven't seen him about on here recently but I suspect he is very busy. "did you fit your new unit yourself." - Yes, it was very easy once I had sourced all the bits ( new surround for the unit to match the RAV dash and conversion cables ). Have a look at: http://www.connects2.co.uk I note that they do complete installation kits these days that include the components that I mentioned above. As far as tools go, you will need a small ( 1/4" or 3/8" drive ) 10mm socket with an extension and some bluetack
  7. Hi Nigel, if the unit is beyond economical repair, changing it for an after market version is both easy and a worthwhile upgrade from the B9007 unit originally fitted. I changed mine for a Sony XNV-77BT double DIN headunit which has easily and cheaply upgradable Tom-Tom maps. There are lots of alternatives available both cheaper and more expensive than the Sony. Conversion cables that avoid cutting the existing loom are readily available. The only problem that I came across was that the RH set of buttons on the steering wheel would not and ( despite extensive research ) could not be made
  8. I've a Thule detachable bar on my XT5 and it works brilliantly. Plenty of clearance between the ball and the rear bumper so the likelyhood of a collision when hitching up is reduced considerably. What made the installation just about perfect was the fitting of a reversing camera which means that I can line up everything to the nearest millimetre ( OK, 2mm then! ) single handed. It's saved me all the heated discussions with SHMBO about what constituted right and left I mostly use the towball for carrying my bike rack which also works perfectly with it. Don't laugh at this, but the cheapest
  9. Chris - good call - I will do that the weekend..... We had to buy this car because her current Car (Audi TT) was not fit for purpose. as in we have started a business up recently that requires some boot / rear space.....she was not wanting to change but after 2 days she is over the moon with it! ......and sending her out in it in this, or any other, weather you won't have to worry about her. As I've said before on here, my XT5 is the best 4x4 I've ever had - and that is a good few! If you want to tow a lot of heavy loads, then you want something else, but for comfort and confidence in bad r
  10. Seth, as Lee says, the lock can get very stiff if the key is never used in it. I tend to operate and, if necessary, lubricate the lock mechanism when I do the oil/washer fluid checks. I have had to use the mechanical key once when the keyless system was being swamped by RF interference. This has happened to a few members and can be overcome if you unlock "mechanically" and put the fob next to the start button when you operate it. It's a bit disconcerting when it happens though! HTH
  11. Hi Mat, the intermediate steering shaft is a know issue and sounds like a very likely cause of your problem. There are some instructions for doing the job yourself in the "pinned" section at the top of the forum. From memory, it didn't sound too difficult Link: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/138882-change-steering-intermediate-shaft/
  12. Martin, just to eliminate one possible cause, open the key case and blow out / remove with a fine paint brush all the dust that accumulates when you keep this sort of "key" in your pocket. It made mine on the XT5 much more reliable. Amazing how much dust and muck accumulates in such a small space.
  13. Hi BK, the "clunk" rather than a a more metallic sound pointed me in the direction of the diff mounts. It could very easily be rear disks if the noise is constant. Where is Bothy when we need him?
  14. Hi Kaylea, There is a know problem with the diff mounting bushes on this model. These rubber bushes wear and allow the diff to move about when you put you foot on the throttle or remove it. When you drive it check to see if the clunks occur when you change from acceleration to engine braking. It's a lot cheaper to fix than a new diff!
  15. Hi Norm, have you got ( or has the car ever had ) a towbar? It could possibly be a substitute for the buzzer normally fitted to indicate that there is a trailer connected. What about an indication that the foglights are on?
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