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    Toyota Tool Kit

    Found lying in the garage, seems complete. £15?
  2. Dom

    1992 Starlet Gt Turbo

    Bump! Have bought sensible car now so time for starlet to move on
  3. It's time to move onto smaller things so the starlet is up for sale :( It's black, absolutely mint, engine/turbo in great condition, just gone through MOT with no faults at all. Modifications have been kept sensible... high quality exhaust, suspension (springs and shocks) and the usual HKS gubbins (dump valve, induction kit, fcd). Car has been mapped for reliability and is currently pushing 154bhp. An excellent base for further modifications or can be happily left as it is. Recently serviced, with 12 months MOT and 6 months tax. 4 new tyres, new uprated discs and pads Usual ep82 spec, electric windows, auto air con, electric mirrors etc. Price is £3,750 ono Replacement car is a westfield for those interested... Cheers, Dom
  4. worcester area, j7 m5. Was an hours drive, so about 90 minutes for you, depending what way you go, traffic, acts of god etc
  5. centre parked (ok, turned off ignition roughly in middle!)
  6. it's adjustable I think yeah. it doesn't come off the end of the screen, the starlet has a black border so is a bit of an illusion. It was also moved slightly after this video was taken the first frame of the video is the furthest it goes, and it's now been moved up ever so slightly
  7. down on the passenger side the first photo is at rest, didn't want centre park
  8. fixed... too late for this! lol or is that early?
  9. and if anyone knows how to post an avi - i'd show it working
  10. putting the washer jets in the wiper (much more effective than standard water pistols)
  11. Had my car fitted with a single wiper conversion from storm wipers (www.stormwipers.com) this morning (well, yesterday now I guess). This kit should be available real soon, and is good top quality stuff. I'll post a few pics :D
  12. nearly there then, just got the skyline, quite a useful drag weapon :D still prefer the rx7 on anything bendy though
  13. another 2 attempts and I completed that 6 lap git! Just got the RX7 now, onwards and upwards. How long do I have to wait until I get the level 3 body stuff? The 7 looks crap and I can't be ubikd to change it if something new comes along soon!
  14. purge looks cool, give that a go! I was up till 1am last night trying to beat that 6 lap race... gave up on the mx5, got the s2000 and can lead for 5 of the laps, and guarantee I'll muff it up on the last lap :ffs: ah well, all good fun
  15. i think i missed it... lol sat nav next!
  16. I've just bought my first house. My advice - buy new. You can often find deals where the builders offer 5% deposit paid which leaves you with the cash you've already saved to either extend the deposit, or spend on furniture etc. If you buy before the show home is built (ok, you have to use your imagination what it's gonna be like but a cheap home designer software thing should help) you should find you'll get a good deal as well. I reserved mine in december last year, moved in in July this year and have made a tidy 17k profit so far, which is satisfying to know that there's equity there. Of course, there are the downsides, like living on a building site in the short term if it's a larger development, and there being no carpets etc (although some offer them). Upside is it's a blank canvas to decorate how you want. Hope that helps, Dom
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