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  1. Sorry guys, new website address JS Autos 01702 316137 07860543363 Just making sure you can pin this again as we are all up and running again after some problems. Cheers Jason
  2. Hi Ian I dont know why you are having trouble fella. Others are contacting me no problem. New mobile number just in case is 07860543363 Cheers Jason
  3. Hi Guys We have the Carmen Scan here in Southend, Essex which will get into virtually all systems on any Toyota, even programming new keys and ECU's. Cheers Jason
  4. Guys & Girls My email and address as above and also contact details have changed. JS Auto Repairs C/O ABC Autos R/O 759-765 Southchurch Road Southend-On-Sea Essex SS1 2PP My new email is jason_yorke@hotmail.com New contact numbers: 01702 316137 or 01702 469666 Mob: 07860 543363 Our opening times are MON-SAT 8.30 till 6 Cheers Jason
  5. My car is Toyota Avensis 1998 Model, My spare two grey keyes being stolen from my home. I still have got my master key, But I afraid of tyhe people they could come and steal my car. How can You help and how much could it be cost The only surefire way of dealing with this is a new lockset. You have a working master key still?
  6. You can only register new keys if you have an existing working MASTER KEY using manual or diagnostic means. If you lose all keys then Toyota will sell you an ecu and key set which will requre programming, again either manually or by diagnostic equipment.
  7. A big thankyou to you, I called into the mani dealers and was not very pleased they quoted approx £250 to replace the key!!! That is an appaling rip off and really needs to be taken up by the office of fair trading!! Anyway I did contact Jason of jsauto's brilliant service actually came to my home and supplied a key it cost £170 yes expensive BUT worth it rather than pay the Main Dealers!! What makes it worse we have purchased 8 new Toyotas from Lookers and I feel cheated at the asking price so they have lost a customer. Once again thankyou you have saved me and I would reccommend Jason nice b
  8. Sorry to be too late, but I broke a key and got a blank spare on Ebay from an trader in Hong Kong. I then opened my broken key and transferred the chip to the blank. I then took my master key and the blank to the locksmiths and they just copied it on thier machine (although they did ask where I got the blank and laughed when I told the as they knew the garages ripped everyone off). Total cost under £20. Maybe others will read this and benefit. That is assuming you still have a key to work from of course. What about lost key situations? Where are you then?
  9. All Yaris's have a Thatcham 1 immobiliser as standard. Alarmwise would depend on the model and i think the above post is correct on that.
  10. Hi is this the standard Yaris central locking kit or is it an aftermarket kit designed for the Yaris?
  11. Hi to all members. I have had many phone calls and emails regarding this service. Most of them asking what unit they need to send in. So i will try to answer some questions on here. Please read before calling as this will save a lot of time and trouble. All Toyota VVTi's up to year 2004 have the key data stored in the ENGINE ECU. There is not a seperate immobiliser box. This Engine Ecu is what we would need to add keys to. Most of them are found behind the glovebox, but of course there are the exception to that rule. Most other Toyotas have a seperate immobiliser box which is usually mounted b
  12. Or you can look at this thread http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=82358 This saves all the hassle of registering new keys etc as they will already be registered when you get the ecu back. Cheers Jason
  13. Hi kanarnthan, this sounds exactly like the problem I've got with my '02 D-4D. As of this evening both transponder (master) keys won't unlock remotely or start in the ignition. The car battery claims to be OK and the imobiliser fuse is fine too. I get the dash security light flashing, so there is power. Are you still stuck, or is there a magic cure? Cheers Ben This could be the immobiliser read coil around the ignition switch. These are prone to packing up without any notice but dont just go rushing out to get one. I would suggest you call a local locksmith who has an AD300 or MUT3 and get th
  14. Hi Mick You can email me on cs@jsautorepairs.co.uk If you have access to reading eeproms then you can send me the dumps and i can do them and send them back(at a fee of course)!! :) Its took me close on 2 years to master these and i can not give it away for nothing. Cheers Jason
  15. Firstly you would need to check if there is a spark and fuel. Do you hear the fuel pump buzzing when you crank the car? It could be that the immo unit and the ecu have become unmatched. I have had 3 or 4 of these happen in the past 2 weeks. You can do a fast reset of the ecu by bridging pins on the datalink connector. Cheers Jason
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