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  1. Do I take it you need to replace your original player. If it's a new player you require there is a replacement player available which is almost the same.
  2. A follow up to your post. I did get the clutch replaced last summer but not by Toyota who wanted almost £700. I used a local garage who I trust and has done work for myself and my sons without any bother and is highly recommended where I live.. He did the job in a morning and charged me £158 inc vat. He also replaced the gearbox oil while he was at it.
  3. Mileage you're getting is about right. I've had my Verso T Spirit 1.8 manual for 8 years now (67,000 mls). On short runs such as town driving the consumption can be as low as 28mpg which seems to be the norm, but once the engine heats up it improves vastly. If I avoid local driving and go for a run the consumption is between 40-46mpg at around 60mph. This car scores on reliability. I've just had my 5th MOT carried out on this car and once again it passed without even an advisory. Not many cars achieve this at eight years old. I do an oil change each year, along with oil, air and pollen filter. I've replaced consumables such as brakes (pads and disc as appropriate) spark plugs and tyres as required and this car has never let me down. In fifty years of motoring I've always changed my cars every 2-3 years but I've been so impressed with my Verso (the first Toyota I've ever owned) that I'm happy to hold on to it for some time yet.
  4. My 1.8 T-Spirit is now 8 years old, I've had it since new and it's now done 66,000 mls. I've always looked after it and it's still in a 'like new condition. The only job I've overlooked on it is the brake fluid and I am going to renew it. I still have a Gunson eezy-bleed tool which makes this job easier. Before I get down to this I would like some feeback regarding the bleed nipples and if anyone has had any problems in releasing them after such a long time. I will obviously do all the necessary beforehand such as cleaning and using release oil but has anyone encountered any of these nipples shearing or are they pretty good. The rubber caps are still on them so the valve part should be OK although I do have some spare nipples in my workshop if necessary.
  5. Have a look at the Saris Bones carrier. You will find out more about it on the roofbox.co.uk site.
  6. I have a 2005 Verso 1.8 vvt Tspirit which I've had from new and now has 60,000 miles on the clock. The clutch is starting to show signs of slipping and I would appreciate any feedback on the cost of having a new clutch fitted.
  7. Maybe a bit late for your reply but I haven't been on the site for a while. I have a 2005 1.8 t-Spirit which I renewed all the discs a couple of months ago and the rear was 290mm. I'm quite sure yours will be the same, however, it's easy to check without taking the wheel off. Looking at the disc through the wheel spokes hold a rule against the wheel and line up so that you can measure the disc diameter. Don't worry about being accurate with the measurement, you will clearly see whether your disc outer diameter is closer to 256 or 290mm.
  8. If you are getting video images sent to the monitors then the power side of the DVD system is OK. There is no separate fuse for the sound side.
  9. To answer your question on the LED's, all of them should light up. It may me that there is a break in the wiring between the LED's and the player. Trace this out and I'm sure there is also a plug connector within the centre console which may have come adrift. That's all I can help you with. Just some additional information. If it becomes necessary to replace the DVD player do not go to Toyota as they charge around £700. This player is now obsolete but I have just replaced mine with a similar one for under £90. It is made by C-KO and the model is DVD500U, just do a web search for best price.
  10. I've had my Verso T-Spirit from new (050. The rubber base gasket on the roof aerial is starting to perish and I was hoping this could be obtained on its own as it is easy to replace but my Toyota dealer tells me I have to buy the complete aerial at over £150. That'll be the day. Before I detach the lining to see what's involved has anyone got any suggestions for me, perhaps what to go for in a replacement. The dealer informed me this is an amplified aerial with power supply but I thought this was only on the smaller 'shark fin' types.
  11. Not sure why both monitors should show same condition but you can adjust them individually. Here are the instructions from the manual. Switch on the monitor by pressing the on/off button, that's the bottom one, then press the menu button, that's the one between the up/down arrows. You will now be on a creen that allows you to adjust brightness,contrast etc. Before you make individual adjustments you try selecting reset on this same page. Use the menu button again to select your individual choice. Wait approx 6 seconds to exit from the settings menu. If the monitor has been inactive for a long time the screen goes into sleep mode. To reactivate:- 1. Switch on the monitor 2. Wait 5 seconds 3. Switch off the monitor by holding down the on/off button for 5-6 seconds 4. Repeat these 3 steps (max 10 times) until monitor reactivates, if it does not, contact Toyota dealer Unable to give you any more advice so hope you might have some luck with this.
  12. When my verso was a couple of years old I asked my dealer if anything could be done about the pitting on a couple of my alloys. He looked at them and said he would replace them. He not only replaced the two I complained about but fitted a complete new set at no cost. He told me there was an issue at the time so it would be better to just renew the set.
  13. My original Dunlop Sport were replaced after 22,000 mls and hadn't reached the legal limit. I replaced them with the same ones and again replaced them after 22,000 mls before they reached their legal limit. I am using Michelin Energy this time to see how they are and so far good road holding. I have never had under 20,000 mls from any tyres on any of my cars. I never buy budget tyres as they are false economy.
  14. Sorry but I can only comment on my model. I do recall that when I bought mine (from new) I originally wanted the diesel model as my own car at the time was a diesel but when I took the diesel for a test drve I wasn't all that impressed. I had been used to the VW 1.8TDI engine which was a workhorse and flying machine and the Toyota came nowhere near it for performance. I settled on the petrol engine because the Verso was my preferred choice of car at the time. As I'd said in my post I'd never kept a car longer than two years and I've been driving for 48 years.
  15. Many thanks for your feedback
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