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  1. Happy Birthday silver surfer!

  2. Hello guys, Yeah thats my car for sale, I have had it nearly 2 years and now fancy a change. I did auction it late November, but i was subject to some idiot who was just messing around with Ebay. so i decided to leave until the new year.
  3. There must be several million cars on the road with Alloy wheels on, who do not change them over in the winter. And i have never seen any that look damaged by salt. I think that you are worrying too much
  4. count me in for the tournamnet , any game will do :D
  5. I recently put my wifes Carina E in for an mot at the local AA garage (membership discount). It promptly failed with a nearside front wheel bearing and O/s front steering rack joint. They wanted £500 to repair :censor: "sod that" i said your joking if you think im paying those prices. So i went to my mate who works at vauxhall, and he got me Motaquip, wheelbearing, inner track road end and an Outer track road end and all i paid was £45.00 I then went round to a local small garage to get the parts fitted, and he charged me £80 for the labour (cash in hand) I then took the car back to vauxhall for another mot which it passed. and my mate got me a discount on the mot as well £32.00. So my total cost was £157 not too bad compared to the £500 that the AA wanted.
  6. I am still happy with the breakdown service from the AA, in fact i called them Yesterday because my wife had managed to lock our 17month old baby in the car with the keys The AA turned up in 6 minuetes and then took 10 seconds to get in the car. But they still have not refunded my £56 for the parts and labour cover.
  7. I have been a member of the AA for 3 years, and have just renewed again last week. However this time i had a call from their customer services dept asking if I wanted to take out the parts and labour cover for £56. Which I said yes sounds like a good deal for my car being an import an all. So today i received the info pack, which I read through, only to find that all cars over ten years old are excluded and all cars with the mileage over 100,000 are excluded. Of course my car being 12 years old does not qualify, you would have thought that the stupid woman that called me would have known about this little but very important fact :ffs: Now i have to get my money back.
  8. I was in Bristol last night for the Ultimate fighting championship, !Removed! good night, but the long drive to Bristol (3 Hours) puts me of coming to the meet. And also the £50 i will spend in petrol. I voted for London :(
  9. Golf, Golf and more Golf. B)
  10. I had a similar problem with my 20 valve, when changing gears it was always very jerky because of the rapid drop off in rev's, so i changed the ecu for a Mine's ecu. Now the car drives great.
  11. Why dont you just apply for a proper double width vehicle access, then you wont have any more problems
  12. looking at the photo, you do not have a properly constructed access, so you are not entitled to park off street. should someone leave that bloke a can opener so he can get his car out :P
  13. It is worth checking with the local council as to what is the extent of the public adopted highway, as this may differ from private housing land. Road markings on an adopted highway require a TRO traffic regulation order, so they can be enforced, these are typically double yellow lines. The markings you mention sound like courtesy bays and are not enforceable by law. you should check again with your council for clarification. god my job is sad
  14. I get this problem every week, as one of my duties as a Highway Engineer with the local council. If someone has an approved and properly constructed vehicular access, then it is an offence to deny them access. If someone however has just block paved there garden and is driving across the public highway without the actual contsructed crossover. Then they are commiting an offence under the Highways Act. Also they risk damaging the footway and subjecting themselves to a third party claim. The road is a public highway and no one person owns a section outside his house. By having an approved and constructed access you are entiltled to drive a motor vehicle across the highway to gain access. The highway authority still own the footway where the access is. you are only paying for the reconstruction of the path to accept the weight of a vehicle. I would recommend installing a proper access, as the benefit of off street parking is worth the cost. plus you are more likely to sell your home in the future as parking becomes a greater issue.
  15. That would be nice, but I think that she is doomed to own a corsa
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