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  1. hello jerry, Thats ok with me, i will be passing junction 11 at about 08:15-08:30, , i have not heard from kenny yet. Thats fine with me guys, so shall we aim to get to that service station around 8:15 to 8:30?? It's Toddington service station right? Kenny! ok kenny, will see you at Toddington services at 08:15-08:30 thats if i dont bump into you on the m/way before that i should think that will only take another 45-60min to go the rest of the way. will pm you my mob number
  2. hello jerry, Thats ok with me, i will be passing junction 11 at about 08:15-08:30, , i have not heard from kenny yet.
  3. Ok this could be a touchy subject, but does anyone know how many and where are the speed cameras on the M25 & M1. Only as i'm coming up to Jae early on Sunday morning i dont want to get a ticket for driving at 77mph :arrgg-matey:
  4. Ok I have looked at the form and I have 2 questions, The section for performance asks about Bhp,Torque,0-60,Top speed. I do not have these details, I have only done a few minor mods, but not having ever been on a r/r i do not know the new figures, and as for Top speed i'm not likely to ever find that out . so i will have to leave that section blank. second question, what am i supposed to do with the form once its completed
  5. add me to that as well then.... Kenny, it looks like there will be 2 groups leaving from eastbourne at different times, I will be heading out at about 06:30 hoping to arrive at 09:00 using the M23, M25, M1 and the other group (chuck04) are looking to leave at about 09:00 arriving around noon if you fancy joining either of us just pm and will give you mob number
  6. Sat. Oh well, im going on sunday, hopefully will still see you up there, and if your still there on sunday, maybe another convoy back home
  7. can you tell me what thats all about
  8. Damn wish I hadn't posted now! :P I was heading up with J but I don't think he can make it now. Ok then who is going M25 way? I'd be coming on at the M23 Junction from London, might be best to go anti-clockwise with all the roadworks at the mo... what day you going up
  9. there is a couple of us going up on sunday, if your going up that day as well we can meet along the way
  10. I'm still waiting for a new water pump if it does'nt come by friday then i'm going to miss out this year
  11. I'm only coming up on the Sunday, so i wont be making the bbq
  12. I have just seen an article on another web site, where a bloke said he had tried to fit a pump for a 4afe Ae101, onto his ae92 20 valve and it did not fit, he had to grind down part of it to clear the timing belt, and that the pulley seat was not the same. I'm having doubts about other pumps fitting the 20 valve block, any thoughts..
  13. :D thanks alot mate, you have just saved me some cash and alot of worry, I can get a pump for a 4age 16 valve for £25 today, instead of £100 for the imported one for a 20 valve which might have not made it in time for JAE.
  14. I know how you feel, every time i need to order someting from toyota its a joke, my local garage only has 2 people to run the whole parts department. when i ordered a blow knob for the fan control last year, it took 5 months and 4 visits for me to get. :ffs: i was mad as hell then it took 2 weeks to get a radiator cap delivered from another branch that was only 35 miles away. :censor: every time i go in they need to look under the bonnet to get vin numbers etc.. beacuse they are too !Removed! lazy to put the info on there data base. I hate going to toyota, but I still love my car
  15. I second that, the Fensport Corolla would defo give it run for its money
  16. So a pump from a 4age 16 valve will defo fit then?
  17. I agree, all those with seriously modded supra's are gonna be at JAE
  18. The usual mods are easy to get, exhaust, induction, ecu other more in depth mods can be achieved depending on your spend level and wheather your gonna do it your self i.e cams. as for power well that also depends on which engine you go for, i have the 20 Valve one, which is great to drive when you keep the revs between 4500-8000rpm. at 4500rpm the second cam timing changes, which gives it that punch. There is the supercharged version, which i have not had the pleasure of experiancing. there are a couple of other members who have transplanted that engine into there car. i think that Corolla SR and Knowlson have done this, so you should ask them about performance. as for performance for the 20 valve i do not know what the 0-60 time is, but it must be around the 8.0 mark. if you want any more info then just ask mate
  19. I have just found out that my water pump has developed a very serious leek. i need to get another one quick. is the pump on the ae92 gti the same as the one on my levin, they have similar 4age engines. Jae only 10 days away and i dont want to miss it
  20. Not trying to put it (or you) down mate. The only thing that counts is that you're happy with it :D I agree, any form of home cinema is great. The only problem now is replacing all of your vidoe collection into dvd's
  21. Your almost right, I have developed my system over the last 7 years, gradually changing one piece at a time. there is a huge difference between a £350 set up and my curent £4500, but i would agree that the difference between a £2,500 and mine is more subtle. But when your a serious hifi enthusiast, the subtle differences are very important in achieving your perfect sound requirements. As for the leads at £350 thats cheap, speaker cable should never be under estimated, especially if you want a crsip bass sound, generally you should spend around 10-15% of your total system cost on cables
  22. If you want to hear a home cinema set-up come round my place i have:- Bowers & wilkins CDM7NT front speakers (£1200) Bowers & Wilkins CMC Centre speaker (£350) Bowers & Wilkins Sub Woofer (£400) Mission Bi-pole rear speakers (£200) Yahama DSP e492 sound proccessor (£350) Cyrus 8 stearo amplifier (£800) Cyrus Power Supply (£350) Sony DVD Player (£500) Scart Lead and Speaker cable (£350) Total £4,000 ok i'm bragging a little bit :D just cannot help myself. But it does sound fantastic espcially when watching Aliens 2 special edition.
  23. :D wellcome mate, nice to see another local boy, i'm from eastbourne as well as chuck04. look forward to seeing you at the next meet. I'm defo going to Jae.
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