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  1. :D oops forgot that this was the Yaris Forum.
  2. Im in, have paid my pound, but im only coming on the Sunday, so hopefully I will still have a spot on the stand . Corolla Levin GT Apex J plate (92) mettallic Black induction & Exhaust I hoping that my car will be the only Levin at the show
  3. I would be interested in a pair of bulbs. I am just about to order some clear side indicators and front indicators lenses, so i will defo want the bulbs.
  4. I had the same problem last year, to dry the unit out i would remove it from the car and place it in direct sunlight in the garden, within 45min it was completely dry. I was never able to stop it from gettting water inside, i tried resealing the edge which failed. In the end i purchased another light second hand. The only other thing that i could think of was that the detachable rubber seal behind the bulbs was not sealing airtight. I never got to put this to the test as i got a new light.
  5. :) I know that there has been alot of topics about Jae and convoys, but I can only make it for the last day Sunday. Is anyone else heading up on the Sunday, from down South using the M25 & M1?
  6. Hello peeps, I have a question about bumpers, im looking to buy some clear indicator lights that fit into my bumper. However on the website of the company they show 2 kinds of fittings:- 3 slot bumpers 2 slot bumpers does anyone know what the difference is between these two bumpers? And does anyone know what kind of bumper i have on my Corolla Levin AE101? any info would be gratefully received.
  7. Will you be going up on the Sunday? could possibly convoy with you :)
  8. Dunno mate, but there seem to be quite a few of us that live just around the west to north part of London. I'm in the Stevenage area myself and will be heading for the M1 around the Milton Keynes juction area. The question for everyone is. Which day/days are all of these Rolla's gunna be at JAE??? I'm going on the Saturday myself!! I'm going up on the Sunday, Is anyone else going on Sunday too, that i can Convoy with?(m25 & m1) How about Knowlson, your in my area, are you going up Sat & Sun?
  9. Will you be going up to the Jae show this month? possible convoy?
  10. I'm very close, only 25 miles away in Eastbourne (and no jokes please about blue rinse)
  11. Tony4, how did you pay for your Mr2? grreeeat looking car you got there m8
  12. <_< buy the car, and then if i have any money left over from the sale of the house, i can pay for my divorce
  13. I want that car, I wonder what my wife would say if i remortgage my house.........
  14. seems like alot of performance for reasonable money :D
  15. how much was it selling for?
  16. The Greek National Anthem has 158 Verses. In The film Pulp Fiction all the clocks are set to 4:20 the Pacific ocean is 1.5 feet higher on the West coast than the East coast because of the rotation of the Earth The 101 dalmations and Peter Pan are the only two disney cartoons wich feature both parents and neither of them die.
  17. I keep trying at the snake score as well, but i cannot get past 2100 its so annoying :ffs:
  18. now i'm jealous, £25 full valet. you can get your car cleaned 3 times to my once.
  19. Blimey how much do you spend every month cleaning your car
  20. how long did it take to get that score
  21. Ok i'm going to admit that I am too lazy to clean my car for JAE, So I am paying £70 for it to be valeted and Steam clean the engine bay. Anyone else taking the easy option :D
  22. I have just checked the latest scores for the tournament and found that I have apparently played all 3 of my games. But yesterday i only played it once. and now it says i have played 3 times and my score is only 3400 ish, which is of course rubbish and will not get me through the next round. Can whoever organised this event reset my stats to 1 game played?
  23. I cannot wait to see it I heard a rumor that they were making a film of the Silver Surfer, does anyone else know about this?
  24. Yeah i've got it too, and for £9.87 I will tell you what the tracks are :P
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