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  1. congratulations, what age group do you want to teach?
  2. I was also wondering about that, im coming up on the Sunday so i need a £10 bronze ticket. can i purchase this in advance?
  3. I need to get my front bumper resprayed beofre i come to the JAE. It has quite a few parking scuffs (not from my parking skills) A local bodyshop firm has quoted me £130, does this sound like a good price to everyone?
  4. I'll be there too, not sure if my Corolla Levin is already in your current list.
  5. Yeah mate, ive got one and love it. :D What would you like to know?
  6. silver surfer


    i have also recently had 3 of mine stolen :censor: , this is the first time for me, not replaced them yet.
  7. i cannot go on the saturday i forgot that it is my wifes birthday, and she is not interested in coming. So now i can only come on the Sunday. Is anyone else going to be travelling up on the Sunday.
  8. I do not mind doing the work, its the hassell of getting rid of the oil, so it worth £5 for someone else to have the problem.
  9. I have just had my oil changed and it cost me the sum total of £18.50 i got 5 litres of 5w 40w fully synthetic oil for £11 oil filter £2.50 and labour of £5 how that for cheap, my mate works in a garage and got me the parts for staff discount, and my usual mechanic only wanted £5 to change over the oil. I am very happy,
  10. you can count me in, i will be on the M25 from junction 7 (coming up M23) any idea what time you will be leaving
  11. gutted for you mate. I am so glad that i took my test in 1989, i think the examiners were a little more relaxed then, and we didnt have to take a theory test. I would probably crap myself if i had to take a test today.
  12. Sorry it was not me, but i would very interested to find out if any other TOC members have any Levins, So if anyone knows anyone who has a Levin i would love to get in contact.
  13. I only paid £1700, but the air con wasn't working and all the bake dics needed changing
  14. Can you remember how much it was selling for
  15. It is an imported Corolla Levin GT Apex, with the 20 Valve engine. FWD, although i wish it was RWD like the old AE86. I purchased it from Ebay, as soon as i saw it, i was going to have it. fortunately for me no else was bidding. And i only had to go to Barnet, North London to pick her up. I always wanted a rwd Ae86 ever since passing my test in 1989, even then they were hard to find, so when i saw this for sale I even sold my prized Jaguar XJ6 manual which i loved.
  16. Yeah, i was at the not so mini meet last year, although i have changed the bonnett since then
  17. ok, i have gone into the gallery and tried to login but my password or id is not accepted, is this a seperate forum that has to be joined or should my usual login work?
  18. Hello, I have finally got some digi photos of my car, can someone tell me how i can post them for viewing. Many thanks, :D
  19. I have never had Chinnesse but i do love Chinese
  20. I spend £30 a week and my wife puts £12 a week in the carina E
  21. I know that sometimes you hear of people having bad experiances with ebay, but i think that it is a very good system, and most people who use it are honest. my friend recently purchased a pink floyd cd from america, after 2 weeks of waiting nothing had turned up, so he emailed the bloke, he said wait a little longer he had posted it. So after another 2 weeks he emailed the bloke again, this time the bloke said that he had posted it but he would refund the money anyway. So refund was given, and then 2 days later the cd turned up, somehow it had been sent via Belieze.
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