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  1. Sorry forgot to say that i purchased it on ebay for £160, very cheap, i brought it from the guy who is still trying to sell his Levin AE101, i dont think he have much luck as he has foolishly stuck on a bigger spoiler and it looks awful.
  2. Thanks for the info, i would have forgot about disconnecting the battery, my friend has also confirmed that as the ecu is a complete unit designed specially for my car i can just plug and play.
  3. I have picked up a Mine's ECU for my Levin Ae101. Would i be correct in assuming that i cannot simply plug it in and expect the car to run properly. Do i need to Re-map the engine, using a dyno thingyy machine (cannot remeber the name of it) And who is the best firm to carry out this job. Any comments would be appreciated. :D
  4. My wife had a little accident in our carina. the damage came to £1000. so we claim on the insurance who send the car to there approved dealer. !Removed! useless is all i can say. they have had the car for 2 weeks now, and i have just called them to ask about getting the car back, and they tell me that they are still waiting for parts.(to**ers). 2 !Removed! weeks come on how long does it take to get a few parts. Whats more annoying is that i have had to put our baby seat in the back of my Levin. seriously not cool.
  5. The cameras are called SID, they are not used for enforcement, they are only put up in places where speeding is a regular occurance, in an effort to get motorists aware of their speed, as you know if you are driving correctly you get a smiley face. some people however deliberatley go faster. some times these cameras are given to residents, who are always complaining to the police about boy racers. Then they will use them for 1 week before returning them.
  6. I would definatley not use those 60/55watts bulbs, not a lot of difference. I personally use xenon 110/90watt, now these puppies look good, pure white glow.
  7. Cool, i am going to see it tommorow at 10:30am, without a doubt the LOTR trilogy is the best movies in years.
  8. I have found that alot of basic component parts can be the same as a celica gt, so no problem getting them. the car handles fantastic in the dry, and very twitchy in the wet, which you would expect from a fwd car.
  9. Hi, i have a 1992 (j) Levin GT Apex Super Strut with a 4AGE 20 Valve engine (fwd) 160bhp standard, although i have done a few mods (180bhp) I absolutley love this car, its great fun to drive, revs to 8,000 no problem. It looks fantastic, and you will probably not see another on the road. Definately buy it.
  10. Beautiful car, love the colour. what are the new alloys going to be?
  11. Count me in for a bacon buttie. A drive anywhere will do. B)
  12. Hi,I was thinking of putting 17's on mine, i will let you know what i find out. Any chance of posting pictures of the GTz i would love to see some.
  13. Beautifull car, definately worth spending money on. first thing i would do is to get rid of that yellow magic tree air freshna out of the window, I would think that brighter headlight bulbs would look good, i have done this and am very happy, only thing now is that the side light bulbs look !Removed! awful in comparison. anyway love the car, i prefer that shape to todays one.
  14. Im having problems with my Offside headllight unit for my 1992 Levin Ae101. It is constantly misted up , i have tried several times to fix the problem, i have completely taped up the rim, there are no holes that i can find. My MOT is in 16 days and it will fail. I would like to get another headlight unit, does anyone know where i can get one before my MOT is due. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Sorry, im a new member, will post pictures soon as possible.
  16. I have a Levin Ae101 20 valve, im not sure how many of these are in this country, i would be interested to know how many other members have one obviously the corolla GT16 is the european equivilant.
  17. :D Hi, I think that i can make that one, would be nice to meet other members.
  18. :) Hello everyone, i would like to introduce myself as a new member, my name is Paul, I'm mad about Levin's, i think that it is one cool, fun car. I look forward to chatting with you all at some point. Bye.
  19. Let him who have not sinned cast the first stone! I would have to admit that having a little tear up now and again, is exciting, i like to see what cars i can keep up with. or possibly beat. But i would only do this when i thought it was safe to do so without endagering others. I only hope that the 300ZX won!
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