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  1. he did show me - they loosened the screw on the jubilee clip from the pipe to the tank - not too difficult to get to without a jack. I just spoke to my neighbour 3 doors down - told me his neighbour saw some guys out the back (communal car park) about a week ago at midnight checking out various cars - they had a tube in hand - he called the cops & they scarpered. I have let a few other neighbours know what has been going on. I would string em up by their wobbly bits!!!
  2. Just filled up today & ended up with a few litres on the garage forecourt - literally pouring out from underneath the car. It eventually eased up enough for me to get home & call the AA man out. He fixed it in minutes advising someone had loosened the fuel pipe in an attempt to steal petrol - he was 100% sure that was the case & that in no way could it have come loose on its own. Just a bit of a warning to others to watch out - I was a little shocked at first but with rising fuel costs I can imagine this sort of thing is going to be on the increase. Anyone had a similar thing happen to them?
  3. I've just had both headlights changed for the third time in 3 years (all under warranty) for condensation. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Is it a common problem with the Aygo?
  4. Finally got it fixed - took it to the dealer for service & MOT - they investigated & found it was loose pins in the hinges above the rear glass door - replaced with new ones under warranty & so far 2 days of rattle free motoring! Toyota dealer in Swindon have provided me with very good service. I hope this may help anyone in a similar situation as they said it was quite a common problem.
  5. Thanks Rob - I'll have a look at that.
  6. A suggestion...... The rear lower seatbelt mounts used to rattle on mine. Where it is near the rear wheel arch. The metal part of the belt is a slack fit on it's bolt. Give it a tap to see if it's the right noise. Cured by wrapping a thin rubber band tightly round the bolt just under the head. You could always try it for the price of two rubber bands. Ian. Thanks Ian - I'll have a look at that.
  7. My 3 year warranty is nearly up - I've been getting an annoying rattling noise for some time now, it seems to be coming from the rear of the car on the drivers side & I just can't pin down what's causing it. Sometimes it's not too bad but recently it's there all the time. Has anyone experienced the same or have any ideas what may be causing it. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks After googling around - I think I can renew the tax this time without the MOT as the car is not 3 years old when it's due. I will be getting it done in last week in Feb anyhow to avoid the new car rush at Toyota in the first week of March.
  9. Thanks guys - called dealer today & dave is spot on - £110 service & £55 MOT. One other question - the car was registered on 7th March 08, do I need the first MOT certificate before the end of February 2011 to obtain my next road tax disc (due to start 1 March)? Strictly speaking, the car is still under 3 years old when the tax is due. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi all - my Aygo is coming up to 3 years old on March 7th. I need to book the 3 year service and MOT - does anyone have any idea of what the approx. cost will be? I'm taking it to Fish brothers in Swindon & remember last year someone on here gave me a guide price & I managed to knock my dealer down a bit. Thanks for your help.
  11. I have been getting a fairly loud dull clunk/creaky sounding noise when releasing the footbrake on the downhill from a still position. Does anyone know if this is a normal occurence - I've had it for some time now & was wondering if it is something I need to get sorted as my warranty runs out in March 2011. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. That's interesting, as I recently took my aygo black 07 for its service, and asked them to have a look at some issues under warranty (I bought it second hand from the same dealer last august). One of them was constant condensation in a front headlamp. They replaced the entire headlamp unit under warranty, and I didn't have to pay for any other issues that I asked them to rectify (including secondary door seals) Matt I had the same problem - I mentioned it to my dealer when I took it in for its 2nd year service - they changed it under warranty - no questions asked.
  13. Ordered one yesterday from my local Toyota dealer in Swindon - quoted me £7.43 + vat - the guy reckoned someone probably nicked mine - tend to agree with him.
  14. Thanks for all your replies - i'll maybe order one or stick some black tape over it.
  15. Just noticed on my rear wiper - part of the plastic section that covers the nut is missing. Has this happened to anyone else? Would a replacement be covered by the warranty or if not how much would it cost fitted by Mr T???
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