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  1. What have you got? :D
  2. It's a 2003 Thunder Grey TS with 76k on the clock up for £3650. The owner has said though that he'd be prepared to accept £3250 for cash. Immaculate throughout with no recorded damage. BUT It has no service history and has been smoked in. My questions are: Can the smoke smell be removed? Is it the lack of service history the kiss of death come resale time? Cheers for an opinions! :)
  3. Could it be something like the outside air temperature (ie - on cold days the air is more dense and can have a nominal impact on how a car feels)?
  4. Anyone got any of the other colours available for sale? :D
  5. Please PM me! B) Mods: Sorry if it's in the wrong section!
  6. Shell Helix is pretty good. I've used 5W 30 in my last few cars because I'm reliably informed that 10W 40 is too thick for the UK. 5W 30 will circulate faster (therefore offering better protection on cold starts) and is more suited to the UK climate. I'd try Guy at Opie Oils if you want some good, sound advice.
  7. Sometimes, the road camber can make it feel like the tracking is out. Obvious things like tyre pressures can influence it too. Have you hit any curbs? My S2000 felt like $hit after the wife hit a curb and bent a steering arm... Bless her! Out of interest, has the steering wheel ever been off? My train of thought is that some spanner monkey may have put it back on, and offset the wheel by a few splines???!??? Alternatively, is your car Cat D? ;)
  8. ^ White! :) Thanks guys! Just phoned the guy and he's a trader. Didn't sound too bothered about selling it (even though I've found that he's been advertising it since January! - Coincidentally, I looked on Loot! and it was there, with a date!). Confirms why I never buy second-hand off the trade! Buying a car is about the getting a good vehicle, at a good price and about enjoying the 'experience' (for me, at least!). Anyone got a P1 Chilli Red for sale? ;)
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking into getting a TS and have only ever seen them in Grey, Black and Red. I really fancy a red one! ;O) Were they ever made in 'CARIBBEAN' or 'CALYPSO' (BLUE)? I'm looking at a few and this one stood out because I've never seen a blue - or is this guy pulling a fast one with a resprayed car? Also, is £3.6k good for a MY01 car with 60k miles and FTSH? Cheers for any advice!
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