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  1. I'd add be carefull with this! We literally nearly had to cut the belt to get the seat out, as it was that tighly fixed in, and there was no slack on the belt to get it off the chair (even when the belt was un-done) due to how the belt wrapped around the sides of the child seat. Vipes
  2. totally agree- I'd dismiss the front seat child seats. No - with the earlier models you can't disable the airbag. If you do ( by non-standard means) then in the unfortunate event of an accident and it's found that the airbag didn't deploy due to being "deactivated" well think you know the rest. I bought 3 seats in the end and they stay in mine, Wife's and in-laws cars permenently. Saves on the messing about, but much easier with this ISO-FIX connections now.
  3. Why does anyone take a vehicle for a MOT without checking/replacing any lights first? It's the most obvious things to check. Plus, whenever you were out on the road you were driving illegally due to your car having defective lighting - if known.
  4. if you do that and the new owner had a problem - you'll find yourself in court!
  5. They wern't Skimmed during previous services were they - for say pitting to the sufrace or anything like that. Good trick they play so the next time you go in they say they have to be replaced as they are two thin - yes that's because you skimmed them last year taking a good 3mm off. If they are worn then it's just poor materials. Got shut of mine before I got to that point. Just browsing to see what people think about the Aygo as the missus is looking at one, seems that's got it's problems as well. They all have damn good engines it's just a shame about the build quality. Vipes
  6. Totally depends on where you import it from and where it was destined. I imported mine from holland ( origin Japan) - and it was destined for the UK. So it was 100% UK spec / spoiler/.sunroof/alarm/ air-con etc the only difference was I didn't have the T-sport badge on the back which is added by the rip off merchants over here. Saved me 3 grand in doing so too. Sure sold it on for a little less than market, but still saved 2k easily. I had my wife's imported from Ireland. Japan - Ireland - then back to the UK - and still get at least 1k off a 1L yaris..with full UK log books etc. Never buy a new car from a dealer in the uk!
  7. Look's like you're right. I found this: Although there is no specific legal requirement for cars on the road to have an airbag, disconnection would be very much a last resort, since the airbag forms part of an overall safety package specifically designed for the particular vehicle. Therefore manufacturers do not generally recommend disconnecting airbags, although it may be appropriate in some exceptional circumstances. In these cases it would be reasonable for a manufacturer to impose certain conditions before disconnecting an airbag, such as requiring replacement of the steering wheel and possibly the seat belt since these components may have been specifically designed and approved for use with an airbag. They may also require you to accept the responsibility for having the airbag disconnected and for any effect the disconnection may have on any other driver of the car. Of course, the airbag should be reconnected before the car is eventually sold. Finally, your insurance company should be consulted and kept informed. at http://www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_...ads_506855.hcsp Thanks! I said all this in June last year..course it's right!! do people not read their insurance documentation before they sign?? Vipes
  8. Newer models is by design, older models and your tampering, same reason why Toyota won't even do it, as then they would be liable.
  9. They took the Queen CD? At least they have taste!
  10. No, it should not be deactivated, as I said originally. your insurance will be void, and any accidents involving a pasenger and you'll be up for manslaughter charges in the worst case. vipes
  11. They are just pulling your plonker. Irrelevant if it's an import it has FULL 3 year cover any where in the world. They just don't want to sort it under warranty as they have to pay for it out of the dealerships takings and can't claim it back from Toyota directly after the first year. As you didn't buy the car with them, they hate you and won't give you the time of day and come up with a pack of lies. I've had all this, storngly worded letter to the dealer about what I'd do if they didn't honour my warranty, they soon changed their attitude. Vipes
  12. Sometimes you find that the rears are not always balanced either, so sticking a rear wheel on the front can cause sterring vibration. As said, you just end up having to replace all four in one go..and during the latter 75% of wear you don't have much tread all round. Need to watch ya tread pattern too, alot of tyres these day are uni-directional...so swapping diagonally is out, besides doing this you end up with different wear rates on either side, never mind front and back which is asking for trouble. Vipes
  13. I cant see why the side airbags have to be changed as they didnt even deploy! doesn't matter if they did or not..they would have sensed the impact. they would have made the decision not to deploy due to the speed, and impact area. However a lot of airbag systems require all the componnets to be checked / alarm codes cleared once they have been confirmed as ok, as they are an important safety feature. It may or may not be like this in the Yaris...but many modern cars are setup this way to force the check of all safety systems. vipes
  14. I wasn't going some. The road was damp, and the grass soaked, so as soon as it hit the grass it was sliding forever. And I was unharmed, as was the pedestrian, who, I might add, scarpered as soon as he saw what had happened it seems, as by the time I was pulled out the car and realised what had happened the guy had gone sorry to hear of your accident..but does look to be a built up area..with Zebra crossings, should think it's 30 mph area... sure travelled some after the initial impact! I've done the same though on a Cold winter's morning.. wasn't a pedestrian but a pheasant....damn biggest pheasnt I've seen as well..came straight out the verge, I hit the brakes out of instinct..backend stepped out..I let off...pheasant impacted the windscreen - smashing it..well crazy paving.. I got a wheel on the grass..and that was it..no traction..no braking retardation at all...seemed amazing at the time..such slow motion and jack you could do I even had time to try and drive out of...well it works on the playstation, a few 360's across the grass verge later then finally hitting the crash barrier. At least you walked out of it..tomorrows a new day. Vipes
  15. The car was in a accident and so toyota didnt want to look at it. I am going to try and get a car electrical person to have a look at the ECU and take it from there. they won't touch it because you did the work. If they had done the work..accident or no accident it would still be under warranty. There's Air bag sensors all over the place have you changed them all? Just because the side airbags didn't deploy doesn't mean they are giving a "i'm all right " code back. The dealer costs may be much higher..but air bag systems are complicated, a lot of components usually need replacing/resetting. Oh and for them to run a diagnostic fo £40...they should have found the fault code..if not, then go to another dealer. The fault code/s would have directly indicated the part/s in an error or failed state. Vipes
  16. Just use a DVD recorder...granted need to have the quality set low to record for a full night... cheap and cheerfull solution. I'm curious..why wouldn't the bus company pay up? They must have had a reason..that you were happy with? I woudn't of been happy..and would have taken it further. Vipes
  17. LED's are not lights...lights are not LED's .. almost as bad as PIN number Didn't think you could just have LED's? thought they had to be used in conjunction with normal incandescent bulbs not as a direct replacement? Edit: ...ah..that's front only. Vipes
  18. Rather than having lots of pinned threads at the top...why not have a pinned/faq/usefull stuff sub forum...
  19. do you have shares in power box and acetone? it's mentioned nearly every other thread these days. As for moderation...why's the..how "Fast will the Yaris go" thread still going! Ah! it's now locked! about time too.
  20. Diesels have lower depreciation...much easier to sell on. 80K in a petrol engine..against 80K in a diesel.....you'd always choose the diesel...just about run in. High Torque, low RPM is less engine wear. Less gear changes...less clutch wear As the water is taken out the fuel...one exhaust pretty much for life....same with similar components. Performance 0-60....what's the point.. 30-70 - most important..much better figures with Diesels. Bad points...take much longer to warm up... very poluting when cold/cat cold. noisy when cold..but not overly. Engines are more complicated, little you can do yourself when they do go wrong, it can be expensive..but they hardly ever do. I've always had diesel's other than the Yaris TS, very glad I switched back to diesel...won't be swayed again. vipes
  21. aye..totally depends on driving style...it's not really fast starts, etc that prematurly wears clutches...but sitting on the clutch at lights etc..rather than using the handbrake which kills them. vipes
  22. As already said really....yes the car is much more rigid and more responsive...but I've said it before..take a knock on one side...and it travels across the brace to the other..and usually twists the chasis resulting in a write off..rather than just a repair...needs to be a bit of a knock though for the forces to hit the spring mountings. Sure insurers sometimes don't add anything onto the premiums...but if you don't mention it..they can easily use it against you, and declare your cover null and void. also handy when working on the engine..something to lean on! Overall I'd say the pros outweigh the cons...but tell your insurers. vipes
  23. nice one! does it say how the one pump supplies the front and the rear independantly?
  24. So EBD is only on the rear right? strange I said that umpteen posts ago...when questioned about it..I replied accordingly indicating the differences..with an example. no doubt someone will come along soon and say it's only on the rear.... and if your not sure RTFM. people who don't know how their brakes work shouldn't be allowed out on the road. vipes
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