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  1. Yep, should have been more specific. It's not for my Rav it's for my daughters Blue Lexus
  2. I have heard that these people can do a good repair on stone chips but reading some reviews it seems the quality varies depending which branch you go to. Have any of you guys got any personal experience of them and can anyone recommend a branch in the Cheshire area?
  3. You can also get mpg info by pressing the car button on the touch and go. I have a 32gb usb working fine but I don't know what the max would be
  4. done all that up to the auto connect bit and it's not there. my phone auto connected to my old rav no problem
  5. Done that but made no diff
  6. Every time I get in the car?
  7. Has anyone got any experience with phone usage and the touch and go system. I followed the instructions and paired my phone no problem. It connected for music and phone without a hitch, loaded the phone book and used it to make a call and everything seemed fine. the problem if that's what is is came when I got in the car next morning. The phone and the touch don't connect automatically, they are still paired but the only way they connect is if I make the touch discoverable and manually press the phone to connect to the touch. All is OK until the next time I get in the following day.
  8. I will take it with me on my 'olidays
  9. £30000 ?? not if you go the right place
  10. Well we live in a town not a city and the town is the area covered in grey. But when we drove home from Cambridge on sat I never noticed it go grey when we went through leicester or when we were in our home town on the drive home. Only noticed it since we have been home
  11. Does anyone know why my Sat nav appears to be not in colour anymore. (yes it is in Day mode) When we drove it home on Saturday it was in full colour and appeared as normal. Now it appears to be monotone, if I zoom out then the map appears in colour except for the area I live in which is greyed out. If I go to a map overview it is in colour but I have the auto zoom feature set so the normal screen is a close up and as I say it is not in colour.
  12. how do i upload photos? done it now
  13. VeryStill feel bad about using them to beat down my local dealer [who initially told me they couldn't believe TN would make any money on the deal at the time]TN?
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