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  1. Happy Birthday lungo!

  2. Hi. Will this fit the avensis 2.2 T180?? Also is the warranty etc transferable via ownership??
  3. Thanks mate, I have already found that and saved on one of my webpages for reference when I start the 'major' operation.
  4. Thanks all for the advise. Update : I took car to a garage and as they fitted brake pads and disc on all four corners I asked them to check the exhaust.. No hole or any problems stated :) so will look at the air on this weekend and wrap something around that hose..any idea on what to best to use?? May need to purchase this somewhere. Thanks again for the information. Started to do stuff on the car again after a long delay
  5. Hi all, was wondering if anyone has used this and set it up with the information on an iPhone or does it need android only?? Thanks
  6. Hi do these fit an avensis 57 plate hatchback? Also what's the delivery cost to Manchester?
  7. Thanks. Just did the test and heard nothing . Maybe it's just my head playing tricks. Wonder why I feel like I am losing power and the noise??
  8. Lol thanks for that. Totally forgot about that test??!! Must be my old age...
  9. Hi and welcome. Very nice car. Wonder if I can fit my wife and 3 kids in there somewhere??!!
  10. Hi all, I have a 57 t180 and notice a lost in power and just want to see if there is a way before taking to garage to diy check the exhaust if there is a hole etc. besides getting underneath the car to look?? I just hope it's in the mid / back box. Thanks all
  11. thanks for that. i will check this out but i do feel i am losing acc power or maybe my mind playing games with me.
  12. hi all, was wondering if there is a cheaper alternative exhaust than Toyota? I have aloud noise coming from under the front side and was quoted 1k depending on what needs replacing. manifold or dpf!!! Anyone else had this problem before on a 57 reg t180?
  13. Hi all, I have just purchased the elm327 and the torque pro for my avensis T180 and was wondering what dials etc to have on and also possible guideline figures so that I can see if my car is ok?? The reason I got this is because I want to get a tunit box but would like to know if the car is ok before installing and getting figures of before and after. Got them paired etc and ran the check fault codes and no errors, but would like to see std figures to compare against... Thanks
  14. Thanks would appreciate that mate.just downloaded the torque pro so trying to set that up atm. Maybe a snap shot of your at stationery may help me to ensure my vehicle is ok for the tunit
  15. Yes, i know but no idle printout and he was the only one who posted.. wanted to see if there are any more with this app and running torque on T180s. Will try mine and see if i am anything like his...before the tunit goes on :)