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  1. Thanks for that Alex. When I pull the handle I isn't clicking.
  2. I have a 2005 Corolla Colour Collection hatchback and my boot won't open. When I pull the handle it moves but it isn't releasing the catch. I have got into the boot via the back seat and there is nothing obvious caught in the mechanism. My previous car (a Ford Escort) had a small lever inside the boot to release the catch in such an event but I can't see anything like this in the Corolla. The car was broken into last summer and the back windscreen was one of the windows smashed so there are fragments of glass inside the boot lid. Is the mechanism positioned in such a way that glass could have got into it?
  3. Brilliant, thanks for that. The handbook talked about a cancellation switch but we've searched the boot for it and the car was originally owned by an 80 year old who wouldn't have thought about switching them off. He was very proud of his parking sensors and gutted at having to give up driving (I got the car at nearly 2 years old with only 2636 on the clock) so I didn't want to upset him by trying to find out how to switch them off. Part of the reason I want to be able to switch them off (apart from the annoyance factor) is that I'm toying with the idea of fitting a tow bar to transport the kids bikes around. I have roof bars for taking a box when we go on holiday but the indents that should be in my door frames to fit the bars aren't there and I have to get the measuring tape out every time I put the bars on (I lose my great fuel consumption if I keep them on all the time) so a tow bar would be easier.
  4. Thanks for that. It was fitted by a Toyota dealership prior to the original owner taking delivery but there is no switch there.
  5. I have a 2005 Corolla Colour Collection hatchback. Can anyone tell me how to disable the parking sensors? They are driving me daft.
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