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    having recently learned from here that there is a different suspension in an irish avensis ( rough road ) and and english one i was just wondering are the suspenion angles also different . the following values are preprogrammed into the 3d wheel alignment machines here as manufacturers specifications PRIMARY ANGLES FRONT min max ( deg. mins) caster 2.09 3.39 camber -1.19 0.11 toe -0.03 0.09 total -0.06 0.18 REAR camber -1.24 -0.24 toe 0.03 0.15 total 0.06 0.30 so im just wondering could someone who has hadf the 3d alignment done recently confirm if the specs are the same . thanks in advance to those who reply
  2. might i just add ride comfort is not great on some of the roads here
  3. mine is 2004 t spirit hatch , came out of england , the measurment to the top of the 17 rim is 5 inches on the front and just over 5 on the back .
  4. check out the pinned section on the rav 4 forum it exactly the same , id post a link but im not sure how to , i did mine last week no probs , the only issue was trc vsc lights came on when i started the car , i disconnected the battery for half an hour and it sorted that problem
  5. 2004 avensis d4d has developed an annoying squeak when turning the steering wheel , its only noticable at low speeds at the moment , at the last service i asked the tech to take a look and he mentioned it might be a dry bush . anyway never got charged for it so i assume he didnt bother looking at it . the noise is there about a year and dosent seem to be getting any worse the best way i can describe it is that it sounds like rubber in friction with steel or glass and it sounds like its coming from inside the car. could this be a simple problem as he said or is it something more serious . sometimes a small noise can turn into a big expensive noise .
  6. when these lights appeared on mine i had the code read at toyota and the fault turned out to be the glowplugs too , 100 sterlings to replace
  7. somers

    Coolant Leak

    i know its a bit off topic , but my car has done the 100 k and the coolant is now due for replacement . can anyone point me in the direction of the engine drain plug an a 2004 2.0 d4d . cheers
  8. who does your spraying kane i need to get a bit of touch up done and live close to sligo
  9. somers

    Air Con

    just to finish off this topic ,they tried to pull a fast one on me and now they have lost all my future custom, very shortsighted on their behalf , i will after all have to buy a new toyota sometime .. would like to name and shame
  10. my old corolla 1997 is still on the road 180k miles and still going strong
  11. somers

    Air Con

    well it turns out the compressor is gone and there is one pipe leaking ..1000 e to replace .when i pressed them on the issue of why this was not detected ofter the service i.e. was it not checked to confirm it was working correctly they didnt really have any answer , the service manager as good as fobbed me off with some rubbish about todays readings then legged it out of sight , i must admit the lady at reception spent more time with me than him , the question has now been raised in my mind as to the quality of the work they carry out on my car and others .
  12. should not be an issue , my batt went flat while i was on hols, no probs when new one fitted