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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday JKV!

  2. Hi Not sure if I'm allowed to post here, just delete this if it's not! I have some 17" rav4 alloy wheels for sale http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=251050860213&kw=251050860213 Thanks
  3. JKV

    17" Wheel

    Hi, from looking at the previous posts on here with carrying the spare wheel rather than using the Toyota supplied gunk to inflate and wreck your tyre, Im going to go for a spare wheel. BUT on looking on ebay etc, where can I get one from? These dont seem to come up very often? Am expecting a wee nipper in a few months and dont want to be on the side of the road, kicking the tyre when I can just put on a spare andbe done with it, then just get the punctured one repaired. Any ideas? Ive tried breakers, laugheed at MR T's price! Any suggestions welcome..would like to get one with a tyre and with rim not too mangled either! Thanks in advance :)
  4. JKV

    2008 Rav4 Xtr

    Thanks for the replies, from reading older posts/threads the reviews for the Bridgestones were mixed ,but you guys have cleared this up for me Thanks BigKev for the advice on the scorpions, they seemed a good tyre, but the noise would be irritating especially in the summer with the windows down! Geolanders then for me! From looking at the web, there appears to be a few Yokohama tyres out there??!! YOKOHAMA A349 YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR G051 YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR G91A Which would you fit? In addition, a few companies are offering nitrogen /air mix? Is this a marketing hype or is there a positive benefit of such? This is the first time I'm buying tyres for my RAV after nearly 3 years of ownership! I'm only needing the front two tyres fitted, but haveread on here that some have all 4 changed? My intention was to change the new ones to the back and put the older (but with plenty of tread) on the rear? Then get the tracking checked. Would you replace all 4 tyres?? Thanks for all your help Thanks for the link, £123 for 1x Geolander G91 fitted seems pretty good to me! Just need to clarifgy which Geolander to go for! Thanks in advance :)
  5. JKV

    2008 Rav4 Xtr

    Hi, I have a 2008 4.3 XTR. My original geolanders on the front have worn to the wear limit indicators and I need some new tyres. Ive searched previous threads on here but still need your advice and experiences. The geolanders did perform very well last year in the snow, excellent grip, no scary moments but only lasted 20,390 miles So far the options seem to be: - Yoko Geolanders (again) Bridgestone duellers (mixed reviews) Pirelli scorpion.. I have very limited experience of tyres, my previous car was a MR2 turbo, so very different to the RAV4!" Any advice on tyres, for good wear, good grip and no probs in snow? Am a bit anxious as thuis car is my daily driver and my wife is pregnant, so safety first! Any help would be much appreciated TA!
  6. Sorry to add to an old post, but I was looking at the Toyota side protectors for the RAV on the net, and found that Toyota Europe do in fact sell the side moulding/protectors PAINTED !! http://www.toyota-europe.com/cars/new_cars...ccessories.aspx According to the Accessories brochure, you can buy the corner protectors AND the side mouldings painted!!!! It states that "they are supplied in black or painted to match your match your car's body colour" The part no's are as follows:- Side mouldings: - RAV0343_06 Side mouldings, painted side_moulding_painted.bmp Corner protectors: - RAV0341_06 Bumper corner protectors, painted rav4_corner.bmp Surely if these are available from Toyota Europe, then we must be able to order these for our RAV's in the UK AND save a bit of wedge having them painted (with variable results) as these will come painted by Toyota ??? Anyone able to check this? I tried at my local MR T and the guy wasnt helpful. Anyone else able to find out??
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me whether the front guard available for the 4.3 current generation Rav4 would fit a 2005 4.2 model? Here's a picture of Hoovies excellent 4.2 model..just like my Dads! (p.s Love the grill. Where did you buy it??) My Dad has the older 2005 Rav4 4.2 model and wants to fit the 4.3 front guard to his rav? (Hope you dont mind Robert me using your photo!) Anyone had a go or know if this can be done?? Thanks in advance Julian
  8. HI, Was cleaning the steps on Monday and noticed that there is a rust spot on the side steps?? The side steps are silver and I thought to be aluminium.... Has anyone else got this problem? Also, one of my wheels has a discolouration on the wheel on the spoke where there silver has changed colour and no amount of polishing gets rid of. Would this be valid as a warranty claim? My XTR was bought 19th March 2008. Any help would be grateful, thanks..
  9. Thanks for all the replies... Just came out from my night shift and found my other mirror hanging off..so thats drivers and passenger side mirrors in just 2 days! One by a white van man and another by a passing car i'm guessing as I parked my car with the cracked mirror facing the kerb Now I need both... :ffs:
  10. I'll give parts gateway a contact and see what they can muster up! Thanks m8
  11. Many thanks for the PDF, i'll try to locate a second hand mirror. Failing that, i'll have to go through the insurance :censor: Anyone know of any breakers that sell RAV4 parts???
  12. Thought as much....Im guessing as it is the retract mechanism on the mirro that bumps the money wya way way up! Kingo, My mirror is fully operational, ist just the lower (horizontal) black plastic that forms part of the casing on the mirror that has cracked. Does Toyota supply the mirro in component parts or is it a supply the whole thing as one complete assembly?? Thanks
  13. Hi, I had the misfortune to have their drivers side mirror be smashed/cracked by a "man in a white van" The van hit my mirror, the black colour coded cover smashed off and he has cracked the mirror housing too. It still work, but the crack is quite bad. QUESTION. 1) Anyone know the cost to replace the unit or know somewhere I can get these cheaper from? 2) Anyone know how to remove the mirror from my 2008 RAV XTRl? Thanks
  14. JKV

    Style Pack

    Hi, Well, it was me! I complained so much to Toyota Customer Relations to point out how their misleading information was re: style pack and front guard. I reiterated that their dealer network continues to place orders for XTR's with the style pack that includes front guard and even the brochure I was supplied and their website further confirmed this fact. I have to say, that Toyota Customer Relations are pretty poor generally. They promise to return phone calls but never do, and tried umpteen times to fob me off with "well, its part of the homogolisation and Toyota cannot condone any changes to their XTR"!!! What a load of tosh, Toyota GB saold a vehicle on misleading information, did not update their website and continued to dish out the flannel when dealing with my complaint. I sent them a lonnnnnggggggg email by reply as I wasnt getting anywhere and eventually, after being fobbed off yet again, by them saying they had tried to contact me...blah blah blah and would only offer me some roof rails! Well darn that, thats the very minimum/least I would EXPECT! So got a phone call yesterday from Toyota Customer Relations and was finally told what I wanted to hear. I will have my XTR booked in for the existing 'chrome' Front guard to be removed and the front guard and kit supplied front guard fitted at no charge to me! Just have the gaggravation of taking time off (as I work shifts!) to go into Toyota to have it fitted. I am still pursing compensation for all my wasted time, emails, phonecalls and days off I'll have to take. Will update further when I hear. SO im "praying" that all goes smoothly. At least the website is amended now...so anyone wanting a front guard, buy an XT3,4,5 or T180 and save yourself the hassle! ;)
  15. JKV

    Style Pack

    Just thought I would update my situation here also. Had a conversation with Toyota Customer relations yesterday regarding my complaint re: Bought an XTR with style pack that included front guard, only to be delivered an XTR with no front guard and assurances that I would have this fittred later. Then to be told once I had driven away and paid etc that the XTR has a different style pack and I wasnt going to get what I orderd and paid for?! Was called by the salesperson Trevor, who incidentally was great, he acknowledged that I am a 34 year old man and not a 64 year old man and If I wanted crhonme bling in the form of the XTR style pack, I would have bought a second hand rover! He agreed that I ordered the front guard and that the car I test drove, a Silver XT4 with front guard and side steps and is what I formed the basis of my order, an XTR with style pack and front guard! After waiting for a few weeks for a return call and never received one. I called Toyota GB again, to be told that "Darren" (from the Dealer??!!) had left repeated messages on my phone. Well thats news to me as I had none! Customer relations then told me that all I would be offered was some roof rails?! Well, hardly, I paid £650 for a style pack that I never received,namely the front guard. Toyota customer relations were then surprised when I told them yet again that there website continues to offer said style pack for the XTR and that I will not accept anything les than the front guard. I also advised that a number of XTR owners who had bought there car since the new XTR came out, had indeed had their New 2008 XTR fitted with the front guard! Toyota GB appear blind and deaf to my calls, for what I think is a simple issue. I orderd a RAV4 to suit a certain purpose, look and style I was happy with and to a certain specification BUT received less than my order and expectation for the vehicle. So what do I do now? Should I go to Trading Standards? It seems a mute point over what appears to be just a bit of black and chrome garnish, but its the style I liked and helped me choose a brand new XTR with front guard fitted. Maybe I should have bought an XT5 :( Any suggestions ...Help...