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  1. yeah just replace both of them
  2. yeah the corolla fits thats what i have in mine
  3. no you must get a full unit that was up 2 a year ago
  4. yeah i have the same issue mr t said the driveshafts need to be replaced so i got a lend of some rims from a mate and the car runs fine now so try and get a lend of some wheels or an hour or two a see how it drives
  5. i would like to say i feel sory for you but i dont cause your a man u fan but its ok you can watch a real football team play this week liverpool fc for europe only joking as for you car i think its an easy job all you need are the torque settings as they have to be spot on or the car will not run right
  6. yeah looks like the drive shafts are on the way out on my car 74021 on the clock . wont know till i get her up on the ramp later on in the week
  7. yeah i had the same thing on my tsport is easy to change should take no more than 1 hour to swap out
  8. no the ones on the t sport are bigger
  9. that kit looks sweet i seen that kit on a vitz rs here in ireland and it looks sweet
  10. thank you for the fast reply
  11. hello some one hit my passenger side wing in the shopping center the other day and did not leave any details but i can get my hands on a new wing for a 1lt yaris is this the same wing that is on the tsport
  12. dont give him any details but as chris says give him a bill or go to the cops and see what they can do fo you
  13. i was told by toyota to use surgical spirits on