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  1. Happy Birthday makiavelikus!

  2. Oh thanks, mate. So much easier to search for something if you know how is it called. lol
  3. Can anyone pleasssssse tell me the proper english name for this part? I really need to get one soon and i don´t even know the name for it. Thanks on advance
  4. Thanks, i already got today some references from a spanish performance specialist who does supply this D2 stuff in beetwen others like TEIN (slurp, slurp), and he told me that they are quite a bit doggie, looking Ok for those that never had any experience on this matter (like me). I think i will provide myself with something i have never ever got, patience, and wait untill be able to go for te TEIN ones gracias y saludos
  5. I had purchased on Ebay a kit of GOODRIdGE stainless brake line kit and clutch line. After two weeks waiting fot the stuff i recieved the package and... SURPRISE!!!! it came with the GOODRIDGE cutch line and HEL brake line, wrapped on a Goodridge brochure. I tried to contact seller (that was on saturday), but no way. I was fuming. Then i started a claim on Ebay and Paypal and i gave him a negative feedback. As it uses to happen, straight away he gave live live signals telling me he had told me on the phone he would send me the Hel ones instead of the Goodridge and Hel were much better than Goodridge. "Nevermind if you are right i will stop the claim", i said. The point is, as far as i've been able to know Hel is been always motorbike stuff and it's only for short that they are providing automovile lines, then i have no feedback at all. In bikers opinion both are quite the same. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT? Honestly i think i may have been too fast and too furious, and if he is right about the quality of HEL i shall apologise with him. Regards
  6. Fensport price is fear enough for me(it's practically the same as straight from Tein), i will check with them, but i don't think at any case that shipping will go up till 400€, spanish performance market is so frustrating. The other thing i could do is, as i've still got two sisters living on Norwich, get the boy out of the mechanic and make an english performance parts shopping tour (should be fun) :P
  7. You see? 760gbp is about 950€ (plus shippment) i've found same stuff on spanish parts import and is worth 1300€ I'm on desert
  8. ive never heard of them to be honest. what kit to go for depends on how much ur wanting to spend. the tein super street coilover kit would be awesome but its pricey at 760 from www.fensport.co.uk I'll check it out straight away thanks
  9. Hi, i'm into get new suspension kit for all four wheels and i've seen on ebay some D-2 racing suspension kits that they look apparently all right, does anyone know about them?
  10. hello, i'm not a mechanics expert but, after to buy my one it's been kind of a requisit to learn all about models engine type and stuff like that. as far as i know, in pop-up lights you've got the st165 and st185, the st 185 its got the gt4 2ltr turbo as the most powerfull (engine type 3sgte) with 204bph, then with a bigger intercooler and a few more details there is the one i've got, the "carlos sainz" limited edition with 208bph, you can easily recon it for the air intake on the hood which is the same as the st205 (4round head lights and 245bph) and the front bumper. then i've red in several places about a 2.2ltr alltrac version, but i don't know much about it. if you really wat to achieve very complete and usefull information visit www.gtfours.co.uk.com it's great.
  11. hello, sorry but you forgot the most important of all them, the CARLOS SAINZ LIMITED EDITION for this crime you will be sentenced have rain after every single time you'll take your car to wash.
  12. thank's for welcome i'm really willing to have the picks, but in this very moment they should be like about 70 to show all the car becausse there are right now all those pieces of it spreaded around on my mechanics place, but i swear it's a red beautyfull piece of sharky beast
  13. thanks for answering to be honest all i know about this matter i picked it up from "alltrac.net" where they explain it really good but as i'm a complete dummy i'm still doubting, but the most important you've told me is the fuel tank thing(i knew it could not be easy). i shall consult my mechanic before i purchase the pump. thanks.
  14. Hello and happy easter My next step is getting a fuel pump (the OE still works but i'd like some improved stuff) as far as i've been capable to learn WALBRO is very good option but if don't really race with the car when you go low gives some problems, then there is BOSCH, DENSO, and if i have understood right you can use the Supra jza80 tt's one. Then there are some that go inside the fuel tank and others outside. Is everything i know and i'd appreciate any advice at all.
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