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  1. Hi my mates got an mr2 turbo and we cant find where the plug from loom connects to the drivers side rear abs sensor. All the others are there it just this one and we cant locate it. If someone could have a look and let me know where the plug comes from the loom to plug it in it would be a great help!! Many thanks in advance!
  2. I've had it fitted to my gen 6, just get an alarm system with a total closure module, not sure that you can add them on to standard alarms.
  3. Hi my alternator plug on the top of my celica gen 6 has crumbled to nothing and the wirings are now un plugged can some one has a look under there bonnet and tell me which order that they go???
  4. Alright mate i lowered mine 60mm and have no problems at all, I'm on the same size rims aswell, the wheel archs are huge prob could take it even lower!
  5. Hey wonder if anyone can help.... I have a gen6 st202 2.0 and my battery light is always stayin on and i cant work out why, i have a battery thats just a few months old and the alternator is fine(also tried another working one still had same problem). This hapened once before and itwas the alternator plug had fallen off but this is still well connected. i recently had to put my battery in the boot as there was no space in engine bay but i have used 4ag wire to connect the power and have a good earth too. I can drive the car fine it seems to charge and work perfectly but after leavin it in the garage for a few days without drivin its wont start as there not enough power. i dont know if there is a bad earth of something anywhere i have been looking but not found anything so .... any ideas???
  6. not at all its a lot better there sucks in the air really well and keeps it cool at the same time better than sittin in a boiling engine bay!
  7. how much do they cost mate? you had any quotes yet? will it fit a JDM celica? when i was looking before i found one on ebay about £125 it was very nice, but cant find the company anymore. Was the right one formine so will be for yours too
  8. when i got mine replaced before having a custom one made i got the standard box with the nice chrometip fitted to it and that was from a dealer! shops seem to sell the basic lookng ones. i duno about gettin it cheap though not much is for these cars
  9. cheers for the advice about the rad, i been looking for an aluminum racing one to replace but not had any luck, when it rains i dont drive it much but if it does it doesnt seem to get very wet lucky enough although i have got the winter months to come yet!
  10. Heres my celica ive had for 2 years now and finally got it looking the way i want.....pretty much just a few more things to do.
  11. jamesst202

    my celica

    hers some pics of my celica pretty basic at the mo, but i still think shes a beaut
  12. hey my mate recently bought a mr2 and has dropped an mr2 turbo lump init, he has change the complete wiring loom over and the car is workin great apart from its restricted to 120mph, any one now where to get a de limiter or a way to by pass it, many thanks james
  13. Hey can any one help i have a imported celica st202 with superstrut suspension and have been offer cheap calipers from a gt4 to uprate to bigger brakes, does anyone know if they are a direct replacement? i know the suspemsipn sety up is the same but not sure about the hubs and if the bolts will line up, thanks
  14. hi, just fitted a mr2 turbo engine to my mates mr2 started fine and idles fine and revin up staionary it all seems good until the test drive when the turbo starts to spoil up it coughs and splutters and doesnt want to go, its still has the non turbo fuel pump so not sure if that is starvin the engine of fuel or if it needs a gd tune up and the engine was not in use for about a year Anyone got any ideas what it could be ? many thanks james.
  15. hi i recently fiited gen7 seats into my gen 6 celica without having to do any welding at all, im not sure if the leathers are different but the seat oan in a gen6 and 7 are the same so if you take the whole mechanism from your gen6 and remove your padding and bottom seat cover and bolt of the upright of the seat the gen 7 fits perfect on it. first one take a while but i did the second seat in about 45 minutes including takin out and re fitting, ask if that dont make much sense!!
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