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  1. If you can swap the battery out with a good battery I would try that first. Removing and overhauling the starter is a bigger job.
  2. Hi, Hope you can help me my dad has vitz (yaris)and has been experiencing intermittent starting issues, it an automatic petrol. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it makes a noise as in this video http://youtu.be/YUGS0PTelOk Unfortunately he lives on the other side of the world so I can't really check the car myself, Any help and suggestion or things I can ask him to check is most welcome.
  3. As Pete said, Similar issue http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/138787-noise-when-rev-needle-is-between-1500rpm-and-2000rpm/#entry1250981
  4. I had something similar, it was the actual alloy wheel, the tyre guys were able to show me that there was slight dent on the balancing machine.
  5. "However, what has happened is the car has stopped working completely now, we have tried a new battery and things just to make sure it isn't anything else but it is definitely the head gasket at fault. " What do you mean by that, did the engine over heat and seize up? when you try to start it does it turn over?
  6. Came across this link while searching on the internet. I was able to get the part no by searching using the vin number, Not sure if there is a better site, but though it might benefit someone. http://en.gforceparts.com/catalogs Ps if only I could spell
  7. Hi a.mac links to the pics Pic 1 http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/1681/81653472.jpg Pic 2 http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/1681/81653472.jpg Pic 3 http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/6033/p32y.jpg Pic 4 http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/7716/fixxi.jpg
  8. Hi all, I though it will give everyone an update and thank everyone on this forum and especially t-spiritpete for his words of wisdom. I took the car down Toyota dealers and they agreed to replace the engine under the head gasket recall even though my car had done 111600+ Miles. Now that's what I call service. Today I got the car back just over a week in the workshop, all in all I am happy bunny. And All thanks to some great advice from this forum. Now fingers crossed it stays like that for a while. :)
  9. I took some pics when I replaced mine if it helps http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=138787#entry1227508
  10. Hi, I took it down to the Toyota dealers and they did a test and then said that it was a blown head gasket and the engine needs replaced. At first they said its not covered by warranty but then I said that the on the forum people have indicated that is covered for 180,000Km and 7 years, where as my car is just over 6 and its done 111625 miles. Just about. He then went away and came back and said they will need me to drive it for a further 600 mile to do a oil consumption test. I am not sure if that was said to fob me off so I go over the mileage or if that was a valid thing they test. Does anyone have a full copy of the Toyota bulletin?
  11. Hi all need some advice, Santa brought me a coolant leak on Christmas. Noticed that the car is loosing coolant every two days. I keep topping it up , but it seems to go down when its driven. The car is 2.0 d4d 2007 111200 miles on the clock. I read so many posts about that this is the first signs of head gasket failure, since its done over 100000 miles I guess Toyota will not cover any thing under warranty. Here are some of the symptoms that I read about in head gasket issues, but I haven't noticed it in my car. Symptoms Not present - White powder on engine bay. Signs of Coolant leak from under the car. Wasn't able to check near water pump. No white smoke when car is running,(but first time car starts and warms up cold there is white steam ) No change in Oil levels or color No residue on the engine oil cap What other symptoms should I look for signs of head gasket failures. Symptoms present Coolant loss. have to top it up every two / three days about 2 -3 cups (only if I drive the car in these days) White powder /dust on top of dashboard, noticed it come out when trying to demist windows. On Christmas day after a long drive and parked up for a long time, Noticed condensation on the inside of front window a patch the size of the window demist hole, its almost like steam has come out from the demist and cooled off on the windscreen/ The last point makes me think there is a leak in the heater matrix, and not a head gasket issue (fingers and balls crossed praying). Does anyone have a guide or steps on how to remove the matrix and check for leaks? Appreciated any advice or help.
  12. Not sure what model Radio is in your car, but if interested here is a pin out for the w58831
  13. I had the parking dynamics one in my car.The connector got corroded and was very flaky after 1 year of use. I have removed it now and went for the 4 sensor one from ...bay. Been using mine for three years in my Mazda, with no issues, when you install the metal strip inside the bumper, it is good to spray silicone or something similar to make it weather tight.
  14. I had an issue when rev needle was between 1500RPM and 2000RPM there was a noise like a blown exhaust. this happened in gear and when not in gear, just pressing accelerator would cause the noise. Thanks to L666DER from this forum for the tip I was able to get it sorted. If anyone has a similar issue here is a guide on how to fix it. Step 1 Unclip the air box and uncscrew the lip for the rubber hose Step 2 Remove the air filter and the bottom three bolts in the bottom half of the air box Step 3 Remove the air box out you will see the pipe that is causing the vibration, follow the pipe toward the headlight and undo the bolt there. The pipe can then be take out. Replace the sponge circled . I used a foam sticky tape around the pipe. Step 4 I added some extra foam to stop the pipe foam. Hope that helps
  15. L666DER, Thank you very much, that was exactly the problem I had, the pipe from the air box was vibrating. Got it sorted and no more blown exhaust sound. If any one is interested I put the steps in this post http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=138787
  16. I have similar problem, in the rev range 1800 -2000, almost like a blown exhaust kind of sound. Is that the sound of a misfire? The Car feels absolutely fine but the sound is annoying. It comes when in gear or just revving up. Is there a guide on how to check the SVC.
  17. Hi, Before I got the Toyota I had a Volvo s60, I was going to do a coolant change and never got around to it. Now I have sold my car and have the Avensis, So nowI am stuck with about 4 liters of brand new unused Volvo S60 coolant. I noticed a bit of black film on the coolant expansion tank and was thinking of replacing it. Does anyone one know if the Volvo spec coolant will be ok for an Avensis. The Volvo was a diesel D5.
  18. OBD2 reader is under the bonnet latch on driver side, its got cover on it you will have to remove.
  19. Thanks Everyone, for the info, went for it finaly, :)
  20. I use these in my Mazda, they are great, no holes just a metal tape that sticks to the inside of the bumper. only drawback no idicaiton of direction http://www.parkingdynamics.co.uk/
  21. Hi All back in this forum after a long time as I am think of buying an Avensis T3-x D4d 2.0 . Can any one give some advice on it ? its diesel and done about 107000 miles. THe guys said he was goging to rplace the AC condenser if I was ot buys it. I read somewhere that d-4d engines have problmes with head gaskets? is that a know issue in the car I am looking at? Is there any signs I should look out for for the head gasket issue? Appricate if anyone can give me a few pointers on things to watch out for. thank you
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