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  1. Get a years AA Breakdown cover for £7 using Quidco. http://www.quidco.com/aa-uk-breakdown?nb Initial Cost £28 Quidco Cashback: £21 I signed up, been using quidco for just over 12 months now for all my internet purchases. Earned £170 in cashback so far!
  2. Snap! The woman in the post office said "£20 for 12 months?! What sort of a car is that?!" LOL She seemed very confused that the prices had all changed today, it was only announced 12 months ago!
  3. Thanks all! Picked it up today and it's definitely a Blue (like the darker blue in the photo above). Absolutely love it to bits already. In great condition (aside from rusty allot nuts - but looking over the forum, this appears to be fairly common, and with a bit of luck the Toyota garage will replace under warranty!), and whoever had it before me had fitted on front fogs too :) Not that I'll be doing much sitting in the back, but I was pleasantly surprised with the space there - fairly comfortable it would appear. Well, at least for shorter journeys. Just wonderful :) . As you can tell, I'm a happy owner! You have the same car as me, 2008 Aygo Blue with Style Pack which includes alloys, front fogs and scuff plates. I've had mine since April 2008. I love it! Downgraded from a Mini Cooper and have no regrets! Enjoy! :-)
  4. Meh! That morning just stick a note in the holder saying "tax applied for", but drive str8 to the post office. Not our fault the DVLA wont except our applications before 1st April at their advertised rates.
  5. I tried to renew via post for £20. I included a printout from their website with the £20 rate for Band B car hi-lited informing them that my renewal was dated 1st April 2010 so should be £20 for 12 months. Got it all back in the post today with a letter simply saying "I am returning your application because the payment you sent was wrong. You should have sent £35 for 12 months tax" What utter pratts, totally ignored my printout and note! Going to renew in the post office on the 1st April, if they don't take £20 I will kick up a right fuss!!
  6. The clue is in the expression "runs out 31/03/2010" not quite April 2010 Strange reply, but very helpful ;) And I thought the clue was "due in April". Not rocket surgery Just got my renewal which is due on the 1st of april 2010 and there asking for £ 35 !! this should be £20 i've checked parkers, what car, the AA etc all say £20. I tried to phone DVLA and a recorded message said due to industrial action no one is there to take the call....!!! Ditto with me, says "Renewal for 1st April 2010 for 12 months : £35". Yet on the website it clearly says "from April 2010 Band B vehicles pay £20 for 12 months". Gonna phone them tomorrow to clarify, will report back.
  7. Don't forget that the gummint has been systematically devaluing the pound for the last year or so, the scrappage scheme could be seen as one way for the government to mask this change in the pound's value). The cost of buying commodities such as steel has also gone up a lot since you bought your car. This means that imported cars like the Aygo are going to be more expensive. Yes I guessed it was to do with currency value and the recession :( Still its pretty dire it should increase so much! Oh well, I wasn't thinking of getting a new one, still loving my current Aygo. Might just hang on to it for 10 years.
  8. They have to get their Scrappage Scheme money back somehow :( They get that from the government, well £1000 from the gov. Its pathetic! I am certainly not earning any more than I was in 2008 so why is a "budget" car now £1700 more expensive!?
  9. When i bought my Aygo Blue with Style pack back in March 2008 it retailed at £8840. I managed to argue £400 off the asking price. Today I ran the configurator on the Toyota website for exactly the same car and spec and it came to £10434 ?!! Why the huge increase!? You can get a basic yaris for less than that! :( I suppose it helps second hand sales for us.
  10. Hi, here is my post where i sprayed my rev counter lagoon blue. I got the paint made up for me off ebay... http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...&pid=828495 Have fun!
  11. Jeff McCrory

    My Aygo Blue

    My Aygo Blue
  12. Well i have owned my Aygo Blue for just over a year now. My 2 previous cars where a Mini Cooper and a Ford Puma, so it was a downgrade in engine power terms. However the little car comes with Electric windows, CD player, ABS, Air Con and Bluetooth, Side airbags all standard! I paid a high premium for those sorts of "optional extras" in my previous cars, and they didn't even have bluetooth as an option! My insurance is £160 a year, my tax is £35 (£20 next year). My puma's insurance was £960 a year, and tax was £160. My mini did around 200 urban miles to a £50 tank fill (in early 2008) My aygo does around 400 urban miles to a £33 tank fill. It doesn't take a scientist to work out that this is fantastic value! Everyone thought I was joking when I said i was going to get an Aygo, but they realise now why I chose to. I love it cos it doesn't try and pretend to be anything other than a reliable and economic car. Its also great fun to drive!
  13. I've had my aygo blue for over a year now, its sat thru torrential rain and its never leaked. My 2004 Mini Cooper leaked at the driver side window if it rained really hard so I wouldn't worry about having to spend more on a more expensive car to ensure its leak proof!
  14. Being in Northern Ireland you wont have to worry about the English registration change it doesn't affect sales here as we have different regs. If you're buying a 206 or Yaris from Shelbourne check it over throughly, 206's aren't that reliable. Hopefully its a diesel 206. I still see very few Aygo's round belfast, compared to the torrent of 107's and C1's.
  15. Here are instructions on how to fit the rev counter And here's my guide to colour coding it with the aygo blue. Your colour code will be different for the 2009 Aygo Blue.
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