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  1. Just found this site it's got everything there ! ! ! ! http://www.celica.dds.nl/en/celihist.htm
  2. Hey sorry for quickly changing the subject but does anyone know what the jap imported st185's are like and what to look for when buying. What BHP are they kicking out they are meant to be more than the Non imports? Do they still have the figure of eight to look out for when and are they any good at handling?
  3. yes they would as there was so little of them made. toyota wanted to get the gt four into the wrc, for them to do this they had to make 2500 with the wrc spec ie anit lag, spray bar etc i know that there are many factors ie driver weight etc but if both cars were standard and the drivers wer the same weight the non wrc would be quicker (we could be talking about fractions of a second) but the fact is that the wrc has more gear on it that isnt used therefore havin more weight. as also stated before the spoiler takes a bit of the top speed. the difference between the 2 models is very little and is nit pickin to spot the difference. im not talkin about wrc celica being slow or anything, to spot the difference in speed u would need to be looking very closely but fact is the wrc would be a heavier car, not by much tho. i think there is less sound deadening in the wrc or something like that but fact is most gt fours would have the sound deadening from the under the bonnet removed anyway. fact is that when you start modifing the gt four you will prob shave weight of a lot of things anyway ie de cat etc. i agree the wrc is more exclusive and therefore nicer to have but you do not benifit in havin 1 over the normal jap import unless u plan to wire up those aditional features and if i remember correctly they are i nightmere to get workin Interesting debate guys Its difficult to get to any sites that are specific to this topic theres so much rubbish on the internet one place says one thing then another site says somthing completely different the problem is, is that its that !Removed! themselfs who will probely know all the answers, anyone speak Jap? haha probely not Doh. Would be great fun to pull the two apart and really see if there is a difference at all. From what I can see the english st205 has 239 bhp and the import from japan has 255 bhp carnt see this been because of fuel diffence tho ***** knows what the wrc has, is there an english wrc and a jap wrc? Interestingly the toyoya mr2 (same engine with a *****ty intercooler cooled by a fan so boost is limited) jap import only 1994 has 245 bhp my ex girl has one and its pretty quick Id didnt belive her till I looked it up and its true but probely quicker than the celica because it doesnt have to drive a prop shaft and is only 2wd so less resistance to the wheels if you know what I mean celica would need at least 280 bhp to compare because driving four wheels but on the other hand celica will handle lots better so thats why I want this car just goes to show you tho the jap cars are usually more powerfull, My bro has a new honda integra jap import 20 bhp more than the english civics with the same engine just goes to show the !Removed! like to have all the fun and keep their power to themselfs "*****s" The idea about the jap turbo having a ceramic blade and the english not would make sence to the extra power. Also my kawasaki ZX6R import Is definately more powerfull than the English equilavant why do the !Removed! do this?
  4. no it has the same pistons. there is 1 for sale on the owners club for 3500 for a quick sale. im not to sure if the back has fig 8 bushes, i know 100% that the are on the front and quite easy to spot but not 100% about the rear. the only other difference is that i think jap imports have ceramic turbine in the turbo but uk 1s are steel. you would need to check that but im sure i read about this some where. people talk about the wrc havin lighter panels etc but i dont think this is true. if anything the wrc would be heavier with the extras you get on it. Ah what I mean is can you do the figure of eight on you back in the drive way "not in the air at a garage on a ramp"? Would'nt have thought they would be put on the rear to be honest but I've ordered a technician's manual so I will soon see when I view the exploaded diagrams. Wont be getting the car till a coulple of months but when I do I may consider doing a few things to it myself. I will probely put in forged pistons to be able to tolerate very high boost pressures, buy a larger hks compatible turbo and increase the boost a considerable amount putting carfully worked out thicker head gasket on. I will have to set up a new reprogrammable ECU and then finally get it propely mapped on an a rolling road.
  5. Thanks for the useful information I've heard about thos from other sites. do you think you can do the fixure of eight on your back is that the sub frame bushes or the strut area? Im looking at spending around £3500 bearing in mind I can do most mechanical things myself so a lower milage one will be good to find. do you know if the wrc has different pistons?
  6. Right think I have changed my mind on getting an early gt4 Im now looking at the ST205 94 onwards jap import. Can anyone tell me exactly what to look out for when trying to get a decent one of these cars what can go wrong with them is there any giverways to say "hey dont buy this car its ******"? I've seen a few wrc trd's for sale what the story on these puppys? Cheers guys!!!! :D
  7. Hi there Im looking at buying a toyota celica gen 5 GT4 turbo. Please can someone who has lots of knowledge on these cars tell me what years, engine codes and bhp they have. I want to get the most powerful one they did and have heard that a 1994 jap import is the one to go for somthing about st 203 at 255 bhp with the pop up headlamps? what do you need to look for on the car to identify each different spec of these cars, apparently the jap imports are the most powerful just like the mr2 93 imports 245 bhp? I would be very greatful if anyone has any information on this topic. I am specifically looking at the gen 5 with pop up headlamps 1990 - 1994 but other years would be interesting to learn about too. Many Thanks :D
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