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    Flat battery

    That's the trouble with all these options, it's too easy to inadvertently make a change to a setting.
  2. I also changed from a C-HR after an accident made it more difficult to get in and out of a lower car. I also went for an Excel as the electric seat adjustment allows me to have more support under my legs, improving contour on longer trips. I do miss the old car, but am happy that I've made the change.
  3. Mine filled the car to the brim when I picked it up at the end of October, £75 if I remember correctly (not sure that they could afford to do it now)
  4. I had two repairs done on my company A3, one on insurance and one by "Chips Away" or similar. The insurance repair, which involved the whole front wing and bumper was perfect and you couldn't tell it had been done. The rear wing was ok and not picked up when I returned the car, but I could tell that it had been done. It is down to the individual who actually carries out the repair, but at leaf with the Toyota repair there is some comeback if you're not happy.
  5. Checked my late 2021 RAV4 map status and found that although the check for updates was enabled the update over air option wasn't. It said that the map was out of date and that I would have to go to the Toyota website to download an update. This turned out to be a proverbial pain in the Harris. I don't have a personal PC, fortunately I have access to a work laptop to do this - what do you do if you don't? I only use my phone and tablet nowadays. I eventually tracked down where to load the update into a USB stick , reasonably straightforward but very slow. I then extracted the zip file, again straightforward but slow. Forewarned I then went out to the car armed with a book to read and plugged the USB stick into the car and waited for it to validate the download. I was then confused when I it asked for a validation code, which after much searching transpired to be given on the website against my purchase history. That step out the way it then took about 75 minutes or so to upload the new maps, which it did successfully. I then made sure that the update OTA option was enabled. Overall a really laborious task, far more difficult than it needs to be, at least it is done now. Colin
  6. ColinB

    Road Tax

    There is a discount for hybrids - £10pa, don't spend it all at once
  7. Does your car have a sunroof? I had a Cavalier where the drain tubes became dislodged and flooded the boot.
  8. I didn't have a spare on my C-HR and when I had a puncture I had to call the AA. Didn't wait to long and they took me to a Kwikfit -just before they closed on a Friday evening. The downside was I had to take whatever they had to fit the car, if I'd had a spare I could have shopped around and saved myself a few bob. At the prices in the links I'm seriously contemplating buying one for my RAV4.
  9. The memory function doesn't work on my 2022 Excel, I'll have to try this.
  10. I had a Wolseley 1500 with vacuum washers, uphill they'd only just reach the bottom of the screen, downhill it'd wash the windscreen of the car behind.
  11. I paid a £500 deposit using my credit card, however the dealers required the balance to be paid using a debit card due to the fees involved. There were no identity checks as this was the 8th vehicle that our family had bought from the dealer, in fact the same salesman. He always smiles when we walk in......
  12. I use a pressure washer with a snow foam attachment, long handled brush followed by spray on polish / rinse aid. Buff with a microfibre cloth, but even at 6'1" I struggle to reach the middle of the roof and had to buy a step stool. I'm too mean to pay someone else to do it....
  13. Ignore the waffle, there is a lot of good stuff on here if you look
  14. I changed from a C-HR to a RAV4 after an accident means that I find it easier to get in and out of a taller car, plus the extra legroom helps with comfort when driving.
  15. ColinB

    Auto Hold

    I used the brake hold all the time, except when manoeuvring in tight spaces where I don't like the way the car jerks when it moves off.
  16. I made the change from a C-HR to a RAV4 for the same reason as you, easier to get in and out of plus for me there is more room in the front (and back).
  17. ColinB

    PHEV Real MPG?

    One major issue is the additional £330 or so VED that you would save to pay, which would potentially wipe out any savings on petrol that you'd make. Other factors such as BIK for company car drivers or the green benefits may counterbalance this, but would definitely put me off.
  18. Same here, but I have obviously led a sheltered life
  19. I've heard of several people on here who've had this problem, unfortunately there's nothing you can do. The tax is set at the list price with extras when first registered, not when ordered. It doesn't make sense but that's the rules.
  20. My app now also has the self parking button which promptly crashes the app when you press it. This would actually be a good feature, especially if someone parks to close to your car so that you can't get in, however I can't see it ever being fully activated. My C-HR had parking assist, very clever but only used it once just to try it, but don't really miss it.
  21. I insured my 2021 RAV4 Excel through M&S for just under £300 with myself and SWMBO driving last December. She was insured through them when someone hit her parked car and wrote it off, they were excellent at sorting the claim and she received the forecourt, rather than trade in, value. I go for good value, rather than cheap.
  22. We chose Obsidian Blue for our Excel HEV and as you say in sunshine it is definitely blue with flecks in it, we think it suits the car.
  23. One downside for me would be the extra £335 tax that you have to pay for the first 5 years, which would negate any savings on fuel for me. The extra purchase cost would be partially covered by the increased secondary value in years to come. If you are a company car driver this would totally change the equation due to the much reduced company car tax.
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