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  1. Hey Ryan, how you doing? Hardly ever on here now. Hope you are well. B.
  2. Sure they do Lee .. ;) My old car had more power available at idle with the blower, that it did at the peak NA. Best choice is BIG displacement so you have instant power and torque. Then add a blower or turbos.
  3. I've just noticed you've got nearly twice the post count i have even though you've been gone for ages What, about 10 posts a day for 3 years solid? I remember when all this were fields. I hardly recognise the place now.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, this site seems really useful and I only one day hope to be able to give as much to the club as I've taken out ;)
  5. No, but make them put all their prices up. How many places actually tell you the prices of the premium stuff before you lift the pump handle and think "f**k me, how much?"?
  6. Hi Guys, New member here. I've had a few Toyotas over the years and currently driving this : B. ;)
  7. GT2000? Beautiful car. But one that you'd be lucky to see, nevermind drive or own. Famous for a few moments in a Bond film = Glamour. Land Cruiser is a good shout. Just as home in Chelsea as it is in Bagdad. Corolla? Seriously? Ha ha ha. It's now a bland eco box. It's just been the "name" glued to the back of their mid range car. It's hardly the same car that's been evolving over time (like the 911 for example). AE86 and AW11's have a cult following. Cheap and special (rwd and low power made for fun cars. The AW11 was Japans first mid engined car). Back when Japan has stopped copying europe fo
  8. Are you serious? :o What if you have an accident? You'll be picking dog bits out of your dash. ALWAYS belt your dog in.
  9. Honestly? None of the above. They are all FWD hatchbacks with small engines. More suited to popping up to the shops that commuting on Motorways. This will now flush all the owners out the woodwork claiming their car is great at everything. Seriously, it isn't. The new rage of each is funky looking, big interiors for their size, but plagued by cheap plastics, boring engines and handling, bland interiors and feel like they would blow away in a stong wind. Drivers tend to be "Daddy's princess" student types, or older generation who couldn't afford the new Fiat 500. After the MR2 they'll feel un
  10. Problem is it can result in libel, and also result in dealer logins giving themselves great reviews.
  11. His post has been stuck in snow.
  12. Posted that link a week or so back .. It's very quick. Which someone quoted, and JB then replied to : http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...st&p=944804 So there is your boat load of Fail .. Next year, can you paypal me the cash, and I'll buy it for you.
  13. Power is needed for the AC and the heater. Where is this power going to come from if not the engine?
  14. http://cheapxboxlivecodes.com/ Is the cheapest place I've found for Xbox Live.
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