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  1. Hey Ryan, how you doing? Hardly ever on here now. Hope you are well. B.
  2. Sure they do Lee .. ;) My old car had more power available at idle with the blower, that it did at the peak NA. Best choice is BIG displacement so you have instant power and torque. Then add a blower or turbos.
  3. I've just noticed you've got nearly twice the post count i have even though you've been gone for ages What, about 10 posts a day for 3 years solid? I remember when all this were fields. I hardly recognise the place now.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, this site seems really useful and I only one day hope to be able to give as much to the club as I've taken out ;)
  5. No, but make them put all their prices up. How many places actually tell you the prices of the premium stuff before you lift the pump handle and think "f**k me, how much?"?
  6. Hi Guys, New member here. I've had a few Toyotas over the years and currently driving this : B. ;)
  7. GT2000? Beautiful car. But one that you'd be lucky to see, nevermind drive or own. Famous for a few moments in a Bond film = Glamour. Land Cruiser is a good shout. Just as home in Chelsea as it is in Bagdad. Corolla? Seriously? Ha ha ha. It's now a bland eco box. It's just been the "name" glued to the back of their mid range car. It's hardly the same car that's been evolving over time (like the 911 for example). AE86 and AW11's have a cult following. Cheap and special (rwd and low power made for fun cars. The AW11 was Japans first mid engined car). Back when Japan has stopped copying europe for designs and were trying to find their own style. But hardly "best". Prius? Even though I hate them, they are the start of a new line of cars. I'd rather have AIDS though. The LFA should count. New and rare enough, but it's not something we'll all have on our drives. I'm yet to see one in the flesh. Toyota are not something to get excited about anymore, they have been superceeded by other cars for a while now. The Civic is better than the Corrola, the GTR is beating a non existant Supra. The 350/370z are better than a non existant Celica. Even the new Honda hybrids are making the Prius look old. The Fiat 500 has more character than the Aygo/IQ (and I hate the Fiat too). All these newer cars are showing the flaws in the older Toyotas now. :(
  8. Are you serious? :o What if you have an accident? You'll be picking dog bits out of your dash. ALWAYS belt your dog in.
  9. Honestly? None of the above. They are all FWD hatchbacks with small engines. More suited to popping up to the shops that commuting on Motorways. This will now flush all the owners out the woodwork claiming their car is great at everything. Seriously, it isn't. The new rage of each is funky looking, big interiors for their size, but plagued by cheap plastics, boring engines and handling, bland interiors and feel like they would blow away in a stong wind. Drivers tend to be "Daddy's princess" student types, or older generation who couldn't afford the new Fiat 500. After the MR2 they'll feel underpowered, slow, and a pain on the motorway. I had a NA mk2 MR2, and then a turbo after aswell. So have been in a similar position. But then the current Toyota lineup offers little of interest. What does the car scheme allow? What is your budget? What are you currently driving? EDIT - just seen your car is a Migraine. I'd be looking at something more Corolla (UK - Auris), Civic, Golf etc. (All in my opinion).
  10. Problem is it can result in libel, and also result in dealer logins giving themselves great reviews.
  11. His post has been stuck in snow.
  12. Posted that link a week or so back .. It's very quick. Which someone quoted, and JB then replied to : http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...st&p=944804 So there is your boat load of Fail .. Next year, can you paypal me the cash, and I'll buy it for you.
  13. Power is needed for the AC and the heater. Where is this power going to come from if not the engine?
  14. http://cheapxboxlivecodes.com/ Is the cheapest place I've found for Xbox Live.
  15. They are digital though, the Xbox ones are analogue. I still think the old Megadrive gamepad with 6 buttons was best.
  16. Or get the Elite with Forza3 and COD:MW2 for £200.
  17. I was the opposite to Charlie. The PS controllers and tiny and get lost in my hands. They are also an odd shape and make my hands ache after a short time. I've a 360 currently, and with additions like on demand movies and Sky TV channels it's improving. I'll get a PS soon, but only when a BlueRay player is needed. Online PS is free, but form the issues I've heard, you get what you pay for. I had a PS2 and an Xbox too. The PS only had one game.
  18. Also depends on where the weight is in the wheel. It's all about rotational mass. 5kg on the lip is harder to turn than 5kg on the hub.
  19. Who *really* cares? Never won a GP, never looked like coming close. Has no links to their boring hybrid road cars (the F1 car didn't even have KERS FFS). The new "Supra" was planned to celebrate their first F1 win, it never happened. On both counts. The WRC is now full of cars you can't buy (unlike the old GT4, Evo, Imprezza era). So can't go back there easily. Le Mans could be an idea, but Toyota don't have an uber diesel and that's all that wins now days (forget all the lower classes - they don't count)? Super GT - well, they never really left. But what current road car can you drive out the forecourt and race (and no Lexus ISF's)? Even the BTCC have banned RWD for next year I'd read.
  20. 100% on lethargy .. I CBA to sit through a 5min test.
  21. Thanks, so was I. After I killed the first engine and sold the supercharger, 250bhp wasn't the same. I missed the heights of 375 too much and sold it. It's all lazy 4x4 driving now.
  22. Ahh, "subtle" .. why didn't he say that? ;) Few points, both my spelling and typing are awful. Really awful. That's why I spend time reviewing things before posting. So I don't look like a .. well .. person who con't speil prooper. It help people understand what you want, and get reasonable answers. Instead of sarcastic replies. And no, I don't do subtle (that pic was before the carbon mirrors, bonnet, diffuser and supercharger).
  23. What the hell is a Suttle? http://www.stone.uk.com/ Ahh .. You want stone modifications to your car? To be fair I think it'd probably make the tiny power-to-weight ratio worse. But you'll have the newest car in Bedrock.
  24. That is very hard to read .. so I'm not sure what you are on about. The error code should give you details about which O2 sensor is erroring (Primary / secondary). I'd get a 2nd hand one from a scrappy, and then swap one and re-start the car. If it's the pre heater it should be up to temp within 30 seconds. If you've swapped the duff one, the ECL will not light. If it does, swap the next sensor.
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