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  1. Happy Birthday macdonb2!

  2. Thanks for your reply, it tends to do it after about 5-6 miles so when hot. She only has 24k on her and no the coolant hasn't been changed since new. The only thing is that if you turn the ignition off and restart her it seems to go if thats any help to you??
  3. Hi my 2004 1 litre yaris has developed a problem where at idle she will start to higher and lower the revs by at least couple of hundred all by itself.This is a bit unnerving and I would appreciate any help. Kind Rgards, Brian.
  4. will this work on a 2002 tspirit pre facelift including steering wheel controls?
  5. hey, i got mine from toyota ireland. i actually got 2 i'll have look see if i can find second possibly in my sis's car but if not i could send it to you
  6. yeah i wouldn't use it too often. where do i get this liquid and where do i put it? thanks for reply!!
  7. Hey i've 02 T spirit and have noticed the air con is quite weak lately just wondering does anyone know how to go about servicing it? Also is it not possible to demist the windscreen without bringing on the air con? Cheers Brian.
  8. Is that a 5 door tsport facelift in the pic? didn't hink they were available??
  9. also have this problem, drives me nuts. Yeah some pictures would be great to hav an idea how to sort it. Cheers!
  10. take a drill to your back box :D :D
  11. how come your sr didn't come with tweeters sheriff? that's pretty much top spec isn't it??
  12. Have you changed the head unit aswell t sport? i fitted infinity co axial as i don't think my OE tweeters are workin and didn't want the hassel you're experiencing!!
  13. damn where abouts it happen? maybe you hit him so hard he disappeared into thin air??
  14. i'd be interested in the lip farhanali, could you post a pic?
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