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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between 3 pin and 5 pin wing mirrors but can't seem to find anything. I need to replace the passenger wing mirror on my dad's car but all I can find are 5 pin mirrors. Would the 5 pin fit into the 3 pin connector? Can the 5 be modified to fit the 3 connector? If anyone has any info then please share I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  2. Thank you for your replies. I will have to go back then and get it coded. Just one thing that it came to my mind. When we first checked what was wrong woth thw car, the scanner brought up an error with injector nr 3 even though it was injector nr 1. The first injector on the driver's side. Why would the scanner gives the wrong injector? The mechanic had to find out by unplugging the electrical cable while the engine was running. There was a change of noise and a drop in rpm when unplugging the other three injectors but nothing happened on the injector nr 1, same as it wasn't plugged in. How is the layout of the pistons? Is it 1,2,3,4 or 1,3,2,4? 

  3. Ok, so i bought a new one from the internet and it's already in the car. The part number changes to the one printed on the box. The box itslef was seal and original Toyota part. Here comes the interesting part. The mechanic who install it on my car didn't code it. The engine runs great. I asked him why he didn't code, but he said there's no need to do it. The car will run just the same. So i went to another mechanic just to double check and he said the same thing. He said that coding is just a fine tune that you wouldn't notice anyway. How is this possible if it says that must be coded on the ECU? 

  4. 18 minutes ago, Devon Aygo said:

    23670-0R040 was replaced by 23670-0R041 and both replaced by 23670-29105

    Thanks again and apologies if i'm sounding too dumb but will any of these injectors fit my car? As i said the one already in the car is 0r041. Will 0r040 be ok for it? If not then i'd rather start looking for another car than spending £500 on an injector. Very dissapointed with the price of the injector for the Avensis. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Devon Aygo said:

    Part number 23670-29105 is the latest part number available there where earlier numbers but all have been replaced by 23670-29105. Toyota also offer 23670-29105-84 which is a reconditioned part


    Hi and thanks for the reply. The injector i'm trying to replace has a different part number in it. It's 23670-0r041. I can't seem to find any with that part number. There's a few 23670-0r040 out there but not sure if they will be ok. Very confused

  6. Hi all, 

    Apologies i'f i'm writing an already started topic. Just wanted to ask a question as I'm about to change the oil on my Avensis early 2009 T180 2.2

    I've found the following item on eBay for 35 pounds. It doesn't say if it's synthetic or semi.

    Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife III 5W-30 - 5lt - Boosted with TITANIUM FST™

    Has anyone ever used this oil for the same engine and what's the feedback?


    Thanks all



  7. Hi Gazza and thanks for your reply. To be fair I'm not too sure what it has fitted. I just followed the instructions on the manual supplied by Toyota to connect my phone to the car. Perhaps the radio has nothing to do with my phone I'm not sure about that. When the phone rings, the music stops and to answer i have to press the up arrow which is under the (+) on the steering wheel. Not sure if the connection has anything to do with the radio. 

  8. Hi all, recently I've just purchased an Avensis 08 T180 with the B9010 radio in it.

    I managed to connect my iPhone via bluetooth but when answering a phone call, i can hardly hear. The talking looks like is coming from the passenger's side speaker. The volume level is at max but still very low volume. Has anyone had a similar issue and is there anyway to improve the volume? Any answers are much appreciated. 

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