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  1. I have the VSC, trac off and check engine light came up on my dahsboard 5 years ago, never bothered as it didn't effect my driving. Now they cause failure of MOT. Previously I've shown to some guys, one guy got codes and said "gloplugs" need to change. one guy with his computer found nothing, but he put his hand against exahust and said need to change whole exhuast system. every time we re-set, these lights come on after few hours. Any experts, advice me what most probably could be the cause, should I change gloplugs or exahust sytem? Thanks
  2. Hi Follow this link for the connector pin details. http://www.toyotaown...1entry1005637 I've exactly same model like yours and I was succeded with steering wheel controls.
  3. This sounds like my old car problem. I used to have Vauxhall Astra. It worked for 3 years fine and started giving trouble like yours. Suddenly after some drive when you reach a stop near traffic light, it stops. And it takes half hour to re-start again. I got it checked with Vauxhall dealer he couldn't find anything. Called twice AA , by the time they come and start it starts. Finally I got fed up and sold it in part-exchange. It's strange problem. Sorry couldn't help.
  4. kooboy

    Oil Change

    That depends upon the person doing service. I normally get mine done from independent garage. He didn't know how to reset the oilchange indicator. But we can do ourselves, this is in the manual. (forgot page number). Recently I changed mine with Halfords oil.
  5. few questions as I'm thinking about doing something like that myself does it sound better? are you using the original speakers? did you use any fairing to make it fill the gap the other radio used to fill? was an ISO converted needed for the steering wheel controls to work? can you post a picture? thanks Hi I've used the original toyota speakers. Sound is difinitley very good. I have slight gaps on the sides,not bothered to fill it. For Steering wheel control I just did it hard way. As I couldn't find after market patch cable. This unit comes with three open wires which I've soldered to pins
  6. For all corolla verso users:- I just want to share my experience. I wanted to change my audio system and looked quite long tme on this forum ,which one to buy and which one works with steering wheel control etc., Finally I bought this http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info.php/pName/street-king-x1-super-car-dvd-player-gps-dvbt/ unit directly from china. Initially I thought it won't work with steering wheel controls. with help of member " St Thicket" on this forum, I could able to make Steering wheel controls work perfectly. And this system is way cheaper than regular alpine,sony etc.,,
  7. what is steel wheel? you mean steering wheel control? which car you are looking for?
  8. You need the block between if you have an after market unit like Pioneer, Sony or Kenwood, but is not required if you have an after market Toyota stereo, that use the standardised resistor network that Toyota use today. I doubt that you damaged anything, but one can not always be sure. This is what you can do to verify the pins: Measure resistance between GND and SW1. You should then have the following values when you press the different buttons: Vol+ : 1.5kΩ Vol- : 2.2kΩ Seek + : 6Ω Seek - : 33Ω Measure resistance between GND and SW2. When pressing MODE, there should be no resistance. The
  9. Sorry for the late reply. I don't know about the colours, but the pins should be correct. Black doesn't necessarily mean ground, since as on the schematics for the plug shows ground as red. This is probably because the ground for the steering wheel controls aren't the same as the chassis ground. I would follow pin numbers, regardless of colour: 06 - GND (ground to steering wheel ctrl) 07 - SW1 (signal from steering wheel ctrl) 08 - SW2 (signal from steering wheel ctrl) Hi Thanks for reply. I'm close but far. I have a multimeter with me is there a way I make sure which wire is GND on the co
  10. Hi Thicket Thanks for the info. Now I've decided to do my own connector for this instead of wasting money on non-suiatble patch leads from autoleads or connect2. I've connected the pins to the 20 pin connector,but to noluck. The GND on 20 pin connector(I suppose black wire) is not connected to pin 6 as mentioned above link it is connected to 8th pin. Is this right? Thanks
  11. Hi Thicket This is the info I need, thanks very much. My model is 54 reg (2004) corolla verso with 20 pin cable.I've chinese multimedia system whcih I liked very much with all functions. This unit also gives three wired outputs for steering wheel control(one with GND ,other two says KY+ and KY- these KY not to be connected to power). I tried looking to patch these with autoleads and connects2 cables. one looks nearly close pc99-Pan (panasonic ) which just gives three wired outputs. But not sure which one is Ground and which one is signal+ and signal- Have you got any advice for me please
  12. I was wondering which connector ,steering wheel controls are coonected in Corolla verso. I treid measuring voltage while pressing the buttons and checking on 20 pin connector which has got three wires Black,white and blue. my car is 2004 (54 reg) buttons on the steering wheel. As I need to buy patch lead for my chinese after market multimedia system. Is this the correct one or some other one can somebody help me please.
  13. Hi I'm looking for steering wheel control lead for corolla verso. Did u succeed with your connects 2 lead? if so can you send what cable you bought? My multimedia system has three wires coming out on the back . don't know which patch lead i need to buy....
  14. Hi I'm looking for Steering wheel control stalk adapter for my Verso 04. I recently bought an after market multi media system. which gives steering wheel control output wires (3 wires). How do I connect them to my steering wheel control adapter? Did any body tried this succesfully before ,then please let me know which part I should buy. Thanks
  15. Does anybody connected the after market 7" double din to the headrest monitors? I've 54 reg verso. planning to install aftermarket multimedia system. I want to use my existing headrest monitors connecting to this double din and get rid of the original dvd player. If anybody did this please help me how to go about. thanks
  16. Hi Which model in that you are looking at? If you are succesful please also let me know which one it is. I'm looking at various model on ebay ,recently started looking at one of the unit from chinavasion ,but I can't see reviws for these products. I just wait and see.
  17. Hi I'm following this "http://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/%7BF70CA49C-0E6C-44FB-B8F8-36921E2539C0%7D/Audio%20RHD%20AIM%20000%20077-0.pdf" to remove my Verso(2004) HU. section 3.1 ) I can feel the hook but can't understand to pull it up or down I tried but can't unhook that. Can somebody help me how to remove this please. Thanks :)
  18. Nobody got answer? Can somebody atleast let me know did anybody succeed to have steering wheel control with the chinese Double din systems available on ebay? If so please let me know which is the best unit which i can fit in my car. Thanks
  19. Did anybody fixed after market Double DIN GPS&DVD ssytem in corolla verso? Mine is 54 reg T-spirit planning to fit Meos MC702B which is a cheaper one. Has anybody got suggestions please. Does this work with Tomtom maps? Does this support the steering control? Do I need to buy any facicas or will it fit straight into the slot? What all accessories I need to buy Thanks in adavance
  20. Did anybody fixed off the market Double DIN GPS&DVD ssytem in corolla verso? Mine is 54 reg T-spirit planning to fit Meos MC702B which is a cheaper one. Has anybody got suggestions please. Does this work with Tomtom maps? Does this support the steering control? Do i need to buy any facicas or wil it fir straight into the slot? Thanks in adavance
  21. kooboy

    Trc Off

    I tried pushing on/off the switch, but it looks like it's not having any effect on these indicators. Does MIL indicator related to TC and VSC? or could it be something to do with engine?
  22. kooboy

    Trc Off

    My corolla verso, this morning suddenly started giving showing TRCOFF , VSC and malfunction indicator lamp(MIL) icons on the dash board. What could be the problem? does this immidiately effect my driving? looks like this is traction control, will that be a problem if i wait for couple of days to show it to dealer, and drive the car? Is there anyway I can fix my own. somebody suggest me please.
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