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  1. ya she hit on drivers side back Qpalnel wheel , may be wish bone. didnt even look 2 much at it , im that sick about it , ragin cos iv spent so much on it respraying her and all. i was offered 800 . just wonder is that enough . what you think. Nur blitz exhust worth 700 & recaro seat, few other things T.timer...
  2. ill take pic 2morrow and post . not 2 bad back wheel hit and bent up a bit ,
  3. i have 1 red bonnet , did you find 1 yet
  4. well toyota"s club. does any 1 got a clue hoe much a GT4 carlos sainz is worth... i jus got her fully resprayed hit on back , no cash to get her fixed :( any help app !! Cheers happy new year!!
  5. kevbazl

    Wheel Size

    does any 1 know what size wheels will fit the celica GT4 ST-185 1991, would 17inch 10.5j offset +12 face:rr was just looking at a set on the net
  6. kevbazl


    stuning car inside and out, just resprayed 07-10-08 cos of dull red look but not any more its class! .. your SURE to be noticed in this car loads of nice blitzs & HKS , recaro...... price is higgest offer in next while .. hopeing to go to austraila becouse of no work here :( so need cash sorry no swaps kevbazl@yahoo.ie more info
  7. kevbazl


    wel lad how are ya, ya flushed out my rad and put in antifreeze & coolant into it , and filled the charger cooler wit the same ,its going a bomb now :D :D :D thanks a million 4 info, if i was in a pub id buy ya a drink... is there any mods you know of i can make to make the CS to make it go faster, i thought the CS celica would be a weapon to go but its fairly standred for a turbo, as i used to have a astra GSI red top ,it was quicker its amazing looking car though just out of garage after giving it a full respray ,you would want to see the looks she gets :D its the nicest car around. thanks anyway bud!!
  8. kevbazl


    Wel mate , thanks 4 the info on charge cooler coolant , there is NO water or coolant in there :( .... will this of %$(ed up my car or damaged it was like this 4 bout 3 weeks and will i have to put in special fulid or just normal coolent , cheers bud. :D
  9. kevbazl


    your spot on boi , ya code 54 is coming up ,thanks :D
  10. kevbazl


    sound man thanks 4 da reply , ill try that, me car is getting full respray so she look nice when she comes back 2 me , just hope that works , do you think it will fix the engine management light prob.
  11. kevbazl


    cheers 4 d reply mate, :D
  12. kevbazl


    GT4 if you could give me some info ;) thanks... a while back my clutch went in my GT4 1991 CS when my mate that fitted the clutch he somehow broke (what i think is a vacuum hose) !! its a small hose on the driver side of the car best way to get to this hose is take off the front wheel look up in there its the near pipe thats off if you turn on the car and put your finger on it it sucks air as you can feel, rev the car and it sucks a bit more .. this is making the car run bad and the eingin managment light is on...but not untill i tip the gas peddle a wee noise happens 4 about 10 secounds then the light comes on (dont know what the we noise is but it used to only go on 4 about 2-3 sec before) Do you know is a big job to fix? a lot of garages dont want to even look at a car like this cos its 1991 and most dont know how cheers, kevin, kevbazl@yahoo.ie
  13. Whats the differance between jam and marmalade? You cant marmalade your co*k into her *****..... :D
  14. ok i have a carlos sainz st-185 engine management light is on and slack on power , could this be because there is a slight crack just after the bracket on the black pipe from the air filter going into turbo, any idea how much a new 1 cost,, any ideas what else the problem is :P . this problem is result of getting new clutch fitted
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