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  1. You are right and also a far cheaper option. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  2. Hi There. I own a Rav4 1.8 NV and want to know if I can convert the original electric wing mirrors which are not heated to ones that are. I have contacted my local Toyota dealer and there are quoting my over £500 to replace the exsisting ones to heated ones. I have looked on ebay and scapdealers are still quoting £130 plus. Does anyone know a cheaper way of being able to do this? Many thanks
  3. Many thanks for the help. i will look on ebay.
  4. I took my Yaris for a routine service at my local Toyota main dealer and was told that the black key case containing the remote transponder was cracked and will need replacing at a cost of £190. I asked whether it would be possible just to buy a replacement case in stead of buying a complete key, with transponder included, and i was told that this was not possible. It seems crazy that i will need to pay out nearly £200 for a new key when I only need the black casing which only cost pence. I would welcome any advice on this form other members.