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  1. Lifetime maps - lifetime is determined by the manufacturer and products may have product support (software and map updates) withdrawn when that point is reached. For example Tom Tom ceased product support for 32 devices at the start of 2018, where they determined the useful life had been reached.
  2. Moved to the Auris club.
  3. One can download service information (not necessarily a service manual) from Some info is free, some chargeable.
  4. Hello Stephen - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  5. Should be able to order and purchase a hard copy of the full owners manual from your dealer. I ordered one for my Aygo from Parts-King.
  6. hello Mark -welcome to Toyota Owners Club. Moved to the Corolla club. Lunching - Lurching?
  7. The Estima owners club closed last year. Split into new topic and moved to the Estima forum
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  11. Wrapping would probably be cheaper.
  12. Hello Angela - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  13. Which country are you in, as you may have a different multimedia unit to the Touch 2 in Europe (eg Entune). Hatchback or sedan?