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  1. Presumably we're asking about the Auto mode for the headlights.
  2. As per above, haven't seen any reports of cat thefts from the Aygo. Moved to the Aygo club.
  3. Toyota are also working with Panasonic on developing EV car batteries.
  4. Try disconnecting the battery for a while to reset things.
  5. One thing to be wary of as regards Toyota hybrids used professionally as taxis, is that the hybrid battery extended warranty provided by having a hybrid electric service at a Toyota dealer, is restricted to being extended five times. On cars which have been not used as taxis or previously owned by a car retailer/repairer, a service garage or a commercial vehicle company, the hybrid battery extended warranty can be extended up to the car's 15th birthday. Toyota Hybrid Battery Extended Cover Terms_tcm-3060-1563365.pdf
  6. As the Corolla replacement for the Auris has been on sale for just over two years, these photos are not really relevant now. The 2019 Corolla in production form:
  7. Still current on their website - Extended Warranty | Owners | Toyota UK Should be able to take out the extension before the new car warranty expires and have the extension begin on the expiry of the new car warranty. Don't forget that the extended warranty comes with two years Roadside Assistance - you should be also able to defer this until the extended warranty starts.
  8. One difficulty is the under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), dealers won't disclose or let you see details on previous owners, otherwise they can be sued under data protection. As regards the general condition of the car, you could check the MOT history (Check the MOT history of a vehicle - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) which may provide an indication whether the mileage is correct and see what advisories there may be on the car.
  9. Hello Richard - welcome to Toyota Owners Club. If you have the abbreviated owners manual, you can download the full owners manual from My Toyota.
  10. As regards the factory price, each importer decides on which specs they sell and what is included within each spec, so factory prices will be different between countries. So comparing factory prices between the UK and Denmark is a red herring.
  11. Think new Toyotas come with three years free updates.
  12. Hello Zoe - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  13. See: Yaris: http://ridc.org.uk.testing.effusion2.dh.bytemark.co.uk/features-reviews/out-and-about/choosing-car/car/toyota-yaris-hybrid-comfort-5dr-hatch-2014 Auris hatchback: http://ridc.org.uk.testing.effusion2.dh.bytemark.co.uk/features-reviews/out-and-about/choosing-car/car/toyota-auris-18-5dr-hatch-2013 Auris Touring Sport (estate): http://ridc.org.uk.testing.effusion2.dh.bytemark.co.uk/features-reviews/out-and-about/choosing-car/car/toyota-auris-touring-sports-18-hybrid-5dr-estate
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