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    Moved to the Yaris club.
  2. As this topic subject is specifically about retro fit, you should raise your question about Carplay becoming standard spec as a new topic in the Camry club -
  3. Would be an idea to state whether this is a genuine Toyota part or third party, and reason for sale.
  4. If you read the first post of this topic, it states there is no retro fit solution for the Camry.
  5. The second generation Yaris had the Multi Mode Transmission, not the CVT. Moved to the Yaris club.
  6. See
  7. The 5+ Club gives 20% off the cost of servicing and MOT's. One can register at
  8. The Scrap Metal Dealer Act 2013 requires dealers and mobile collectors to purchase a licence from the Local Authority, and to keep records detailing where scrap metal they handle is sourced from. Costs vary from Authority to Authority. As regards enforcement, this would largely lie with the Local Authority. Police would probably become involved where theft is suspected or during a traffic stop on mobile collectors. Both Local Authorities and Police Forces are running with reduced budgets - the Police budget reduction in 2018 stood at 19% compared to 2010. The primary target of any petition would need to be Local Authorities, rather than the Police.
  9. See
  10. Split into new topic and moved to the Aygo club. As far as I'm aware, front foglights would have been an option on the Aygo Black, rather than being a standard fit. Eg -
  11. Could be to disable the alarm's interior sensors.