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    Service Plans

    What is covered under each service is detailed on Toyota's website - - and this has been the case for a number of years. I've had service plans on each of our last three Toyotas, and have been aware from day one of each service plan, which services were included. A plug change is included as part of the Full+ service, but if your service plan was only for Intermediate and Full services, a plug change would be extra. To know what one is paying for, in my opinion, is an essential part of any purchase. Aside from the above, as your car is over five years old, you could have taken advantage of Toyota's Essential Care scheme, which reduces the servicing costs quite substantially - for the Auris £120 for a silver (intermediate) service and £200 for a gold (full) service. Also til the end of 2019, there is an offer of a silver service and MOT for £99. See the link above.

    Service Plans

    Some people either don't have the time, inclination or the facilities to undertake their own servicing - nothing to do with not having technical knowledge, which is a wildly inaccurate assumption. Yes, one can have servicing done by independents during the new car warranty period, but the onus is then on the owner to prove the servicing has been carried out to the manufacturer's requirements in the event of a warranty claim which correct servicing has a bearing on. Those who have a manufacturer's extended warranty, often find that to keep the warranty valid, the vehicle has to be serviced within the manufacturer's dealer network - certainly the case with Toyota. Also some manufacturers offer reduced cost servicing for out of warranty vehicles, which is also the case with Toyota. Toyota's Essential Care scheme offers the equivalent of an Intermediate service (silver service) from £99 and the equivalent of a Full service (gold service) from £180, depending on model. There is also a current offer of a silver service and MOT for £99. Worth bearing in mind that if one has a major issue with an out of warranty vehicle for which the manufacturer is approached as regards a goodwill contribution towards the cost of repairs, independent or self servicing will usually mean that goodwill is denied. Goodwill works both ways. Yes, some franchised dealers are better than others, and the same applies to independents. At the end of the day, whether one chooses to have one's vehicle serviced by either a franchised dealer, an independent or to do one's own servicing, it is down to personal circumstances and personal choice. Nothing else!

    2019 Rav4 Dynamic 4wd

    No. Only just in the showrooms. Too little feedback on the UK range to date.
  4. Under the majority of new car warranties clutches are covered for manufacturing defects for a shorter period, and this is typically around six months. Suppose the difference between manual and MMT clutches as regards the warranty is the automation of the MMT clutch. However, sometimes if the clutch is affected by another component which is repaired under warranty, the clutch may be replaced in addition to the failed component. For example, with our previous i20 when it was 3 years old, developed a clutch judder. Turned out an oil seal was leaking which caused the clutch judder - both the oil seal and clutch were replaced under warranty.
  5. The Toyota extended warranty was revised last year and may be renewed up to the time the car is 12 years old or 100,000 miles at the point of sale of the extended warranty. Extract from Toyota's website: A Toyota Extended Warranty is substantially similar to the warranty you get with a brand new car, but it applies to the car you own already, whether you were the first owner or you bought it used. The Toyota Extended Warranty can be renewed until the vehicle is 12 years old or 100,000 miles (at the point of sale of the extended warranty) , and if a part covered by the Toyota Extended Warranty suffers electrical or mechanical failure at any time during the term, Toyota is committed to fixing it. You don't pay for replacement parts or labour. So provided you won't have exceeded 100,000 miles by Summer 2020, and yours will be around 11 years old at this time, it will still be possible to renew.
  6. May well depend on how new the loan car was, and how many miles it had done.

    Rear window came off

    Recall letters aren't sent out by dealers. DVLA supply the addresses of registered keepers to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer sends letters out.

    Hiace bullbar assistance

    Could also search for parts for the Toyota Granvia.

    Replacement Smart Key Fob

    Replacement keys together with programming will probably be around £150 or so from a dealer. Could also try an auto locksmith, which may be cheaper.

    Rear window came off

    One can use the online recall checker to confirm whether your car is affected - Bear in mind that as recalls are announced by DVSA before manufacturers have built up sufficient stocks of replacement parts, one may have to wait until parts become available.

    Good afternoon, I just bought a Toyota

    Hello Kurtis - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

    No heater in verso query?

    Yes there is only one system.

    Toyota RAV4 Aux Rear Number Plate Light

    Moved to the Rav4 club.

    No heater in verso query?

    Toyota started supplying abbreviated owners manuals with new cars some time ago, which aren't as detailed as the full owners manual. Electronic versions of the full owners manual may be downloaded from By the sound of it your Verso has climate control, which operates when the air con is on and auto selected. I would imagine that if the air con is turned off, the climate control would revert to manual operation.

    Hi Everyone

    Hello Paul - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.