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  1. Avensis 2012 On Headlight Issue

    In the first instance you need to contact the Toyota importer for Macedonia - which is different to your dealership. If you have an extended warranty on your car, it probably doesn't cover bodywork, only mechanical - but you need to check the specific terms and conditions of the warranty you have.
  2. Procedure When Stationary

    Won't the MOT changes due 20th May, directed towards aftermarket HID's help to reduce this?
  3. Just dropped my wife off at her clinic (2 mile run there and back). On way back, malfunction light (engine shaped) came on, vsc light came on and tyre pressure warning light flashing for about a minute, then stays on. Will be booking it in tomorrow, but in the meantime, any thoughts on the likely issue?
  4. Airbag Recalls

    Bear in mind that the airbag issues are not down to Toyota or any of the several other vehicle manufacturers involved, the issues are purely down to the airbag manufacturer, Takata. Given the millions of vehicles involved globally, Takata had difficulties identifying which vehicles and which airbags could be involved - hence vehicle manufacturers having to undertake more than one recall. Takata filed for bankruptcy last year, leaving the vehicle manufacturers this fund the recalls themselves. Under the UK DVSA recall system, vehicle manufacturers are limited as to what, if any, incentives they can offer to encourage owners to have recall work undertaken. For example, unacceptable incentives include, but are not limited to: money off vouchers for servicing, MOT's, repairs, etc; discounts off service plans, new products, parts, accessories, etc. So the provision of an end to end service by the vehicle manufacturer including use of courtesy cars, etc would fall foul of the limitations. Of course, a dealer may be able to provide a loan car if one were available - as this would be different to the manufacturer providing one. In the admittedly unlikely event of one of your airbags failing, it would be in the interest of yourself and any front passenger to get the recall done.
  5. Procedure When Stationary

    For those who wear spectacles and experience glare from car lights at night or in poor light conditions, it may be worth looking at the different types of lenses available. For example Zeiss have their DriveSafe lenses, of which one of the benefits is reduced glare from street lights and car lights. My wife has these and found them to be better for her. Obviously there may be alternatives on offer.
  6. Service Data Sheet for diesel Yaris 2007

  7. Full size Lego Toyota Camry

  8. Official summary of MOT changes effective from 20th May 2018 -
  9. Hook up taillights to front DRLs?

    The point of drl's is not to provide the driver with illumination, but to make the car more visible to pedestrians and/or other drivers when it is approaching. Legally drl's shoul;d turn off when either the side lights or headlights are turned on. Given the second point above, you would have to engineer an arrangement where the front drl's turn off and the tail lights remain on, when the sidelights or headlights are turned on.
  10. Replacement key with transponder

    Could try an auto locksmith. Moved to the Avensis club.
  11. Hello from (un)happy Yaris owner!

    Hello Dan - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  12. IQ3 1.33 Coolant

    As it is a 2009 car, the coolant change which is due at 10 years/100,000 miles, won't need to be done til 2019, unless the car has already reached the mileage limit.
  13. Toyota Aygo Scuff Plates 2014 X-clusive

    Think Toyota did scuff plates for the first generation three door, but not for the second generation.
  14. Most of the Auris owners on the forum will have European built Auris, which may be different to your, presumably Japanese built, Auris.
  15. Engine braking on auto Auris

    One can download the full owners manual from If you download manual OM12M54E and look at pages 224 and 226, this gives some information on using the CVT for engine braking.