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  1. Presumably the OP would know if they've bought the Tech Pack - I certainly would having paid extra for the features. As it is, they have only asked about the Design, on which it isn't standard. The European market isn't the same as the EU market - for example Norway, Switzerland and the UK are not in the EU.
  2. Moved to the Avensis club.
  3. Moved to the Prius club.
  4. From the details I've seen they aren't available in the UK, which is where the OP resides. I didn't mention the EU market, and, of course, the EU doesn't represent the whole of Europe !
  5. The topic is over three years old, so would imagine the OP has found a solution in that time.
  6. Hello Keith - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  7. Hello Noel - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  8. As regards 1). and 2)., these are features the US market C-HR has, not the European market C-HR. Should be able to check the specification on (not as that is the site for the USA).
  9. Moved to the Avensis club.
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  11. No - if you go on the Aygo page on the Toyota website, towards the top right of the page, there is a button 'show all grades', and all four grades are then shown.
  12. If the fleet company has exceeded their supply cap, it is the fleet company's fault, not Toyota's.
  13. The issues in the US relate to some versions of the Rav4, and is to do with the shape of the tank.
  14. The Rav4/Across is just one part of the collaboration. Suzuki will also have a version of the Corolla Touring Sport. Toyota are getting access to Suzuki's new petrol engines for compact cars, built by Toyota Poland. Presume these may first be seen in the new Yaris - although suspect the UK may only get Yaris hybrids. Back in 2009 Suzuki and VW formed a partnership - Suzuki was to get access to VW tech on hybrids and diesel engines as they didn't have the resources to develop these themselves, and VW was to use Suzuki's expertise in small cars for countries such as India. However, Suzuki forced an end to the partnership in 2015 after not getting access to diesel engines from VW, and having to source them from Fiat.