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  1. Moved to the Yaris club to generate responses.
  2. Moved to the Aygo club.
  3. Depending which specification you have, parking sensors may have been a dealer fit option.
  4. Moved to the Yaris club.
  5. No. They're a legal requirement on all new cars first registered from November 2014.
  6. Driving lights?? Do you mean daytime running lights?
  7. The topic will be 12 years old later this year, and the OP hasn't visited the club since October 2008 .....
  8. Hello Mason - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  9. At this stage, the OP hasn't said whether they have had a new or rebuilt engine, and also who did the repair. The new car warranty covers manufacturing defects, which this issue doesn't appear to be as it seems the problem was fuel contamination. If a new engine has been installed, that will be covered for manufacturing defects. If the engine has been rebuilt, the repair may have a limited warranty (ie. one year)._The OP needs to clarify what work has been done, and by whom, and if the engine has been rebuilt, what warranty the repair will have.
  10. Going back to the fuel issue, there have been occasional cases in the UK where, when a fuel station's tanks have been replenished, the tanker driver has added too much of the additive package, resulting in engine damage to customer vehicles. Admittedly more than one vehicle has been affected when this has occurred, which may or may not be the case in this instance.
  11. Which is around the period (2016-2019) that other manufacturers have brought out hybrid versions of cars, and will include vehicles such as the Hyundai ioniq, Kia Niro, Ford Mondeo, Honda CRV, Suzuki Ignis, Mini Countryman, etc.
  12. Which was last year. Even more shocking that models introduced since are still failing relay attacks - eg. the new PSA based Vauxhall/Opel Corsa, Mazda CX30, Subaru Forester e-Boxer.