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  1. "Prius uses a new nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery that is more compact, yet more energy-dense, giving better performance and easier packaging – it is now located entirely beneath the rear seat, avoiding any compromise in trunk space." Extracted from: https://mag.toyota.co.uk/2016-toyota-prius-mpg/
  2. Entune is the multimedia system used for the US/Canadian market. Different to that used for European markets.
  3. Toyota did provide help with the paint issues on the IQ under goodwill. Most of the issues came to light when cars were outside the 3 year paint and surface corrosion warranty. For the first few years, Toyota provided repairs as long as the cars had a Toyota service history - goodwill works both ways, from the manufacturer and from the owner. Then in the past couple of years an age limit of 10 years was also applied. Don't know of many other manufacturers who will repair paintwork several years outside of warranty.
  4. The Club is independent from Toyota, and Toyota don't visit the Club. To query this with Toyota, you need to speak to them .....
  5. Probably in China, but obviously will be in Chinese. These Chinese market models weren't intended to be exported to Europe .......
  6. Main differences are the DVSA involvement in safety recalls, and, with voluntary recalls, vehicle manufacturers don't have access to DVLA databases for contacting owners.
  7. In 2020, Mitsubishi announced they were pulling out of the UK and Europe. They have since decided to sell two tweaked Renault models in LHD markets, but not in the UK.
  8. Only issue would be, who is going to pay for the setting up and operation of any licence scheme .... Ultimately it will be you and I - yet another burden on the taxpayer ....
  9. When Toyota Safety Sense was first introduced, some cars did suffer from internal condensation which affected the camera, and the relevant safety program. Toyota did introduce a heater element in the camera housing to reduce occurrences. Other makes can have similar issues.
  10. Not always the manufacturer's decision. In the UK, owners can report possible safety issues to DVSA, and if there are a sufficient number of reports for the same issue, DVSA will investigate with the manufacturer. Depending what the findings are, DVSA may require recall action to be undertaken. Also DVSA used to give manufacturers time to obtain sufficient stocks of parts for the recall, before announcing the recall. That is no longer the case. If a recall is required, it is announced regardless of whether the manufacturer has the required parts or not. This is why sometimes recalls now take longer to complete.
  11. You can check for safety recalls on the following DVSA site: https://www.check-vehicle-recalls.service.gov.uk/recall-type/vehicle/make
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