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  1. Not quite accurate. In November, Bristol was the first UK city to pass proposals where diesel cars will be banned from their proposed clean air zone between the hours of 7am to 3pm if it comes into force in 2021 - these are proposals at this stage and need to be be approved by central Government. Clean air zones (CAZ) in Birmingham and Leeds were due to come into force in January, but have been delayed - Birmingham CAZ may begin in July 2020, but Leeds will be later than this. Both of these zones require that petrol cars not meeting Euro4 and diesel cars not meeting Euro6 will be required to pay a daily charge for travelling within the zone.
  2. Diesel or petrol? Any sound when the ignition is turned to start?
  3. According to Black Circles, there is no industry standard as yet to identify run flats from the tyre markings. Eg
  4. The main focus of this topic is how the 1.8 hybrid differs with the 2.0 hybrid. Member's driving styles and road behaviour in different countries aren't relevant to the discussion Topic locked.
  5. Hello Nick - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  6. The Lucas brand is owned by ZF, and is licenced to Elta Lighting for use on automotive electrical equipment. Lucas bulbs aren't Bosch.
  7. See
  8. Wouldn't have thought so as being able to turn the DRL's on or off wouldn't meet the requirements of the legislation. Do you have the parking brake on when parked? On some Toyotas the DRL's only come on when the parking brake is released.
  9. The Vanguard is essentially a longer bodied Rav4. Moved to the Rav4 club for a better response. Is yours petrol or diesel?
  10. The 2006 Avensis would have weighed between 1330-1535kg, and the 2010 Avensis between 1435 and 1650kg - so the newer one will be heavier, plus it will have more stringent emissions equipment.
  11. Historically the owners manuals for Japanese/Korean manufacturers have been lengthy items, cover most variants of a model and more than one market. For example the owners manuals for our Aygo and i20 are in excess of 464 and 500 pages.