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  1. My Toyota Aygo 2013 model with 22500 mile started to show clutch problem. I was fobbed off with wear and tear excuse. I needed to demonstrate at my own cost that it was not wear and tear. The quotes I received from Toyota Service centre was up to £2700 to put matters right. I tried to get toyota to cover the repair under warrantee but they refused. I went to Toyota finance they refused sighting this was an wear and tear issue and as such were not covered by either warrantee or faulty goods. 

    I finally after exploring all avenue took the car to a independent VAT registered garage and they did the job in few hours replacing the clutch and the cause was a faulty pressure plate. Car is running perfectly fine. 

    Toyota is notorious in after sale service. The service centres are extortionate in their pricing and there is just prevarication. I will write to the director of customer relations soon. 

    I have kept the old clutch as evidence. 

    This has put me off Toyota. A clutch failing at 22500 on a vehicle less than 3 years old. I am not a boy racer and my driving was not the contributory factor.




      By posting on my status, only I will see your post. If you had posted this as a thread in the Aygo club, you will gain the perspective of other members.

      As Toyota Owners Club isn't associated with Toyota, there is no point raising a complaint about your car with me alone, as I am not able to do anything about your complaint.

      If you wish to contact Toyota, you can do so via their website or via the Toyota UK blog.

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