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  1. Hello my name is Michael and I am new to the group comma I have a serious situation that needs serious attention please! My 2012 Toyota Yaris all the sudden stop blowing cold AC air, I believe that the issue is not a recharge issue or a bad seals in the AC line drying out, the issue is the actual AC button that you press in order to turn on the actual air conditioning, or else it is just as previously stated by another member it just blows hot air whether it's on the hot or cold temperature setting comma and living in Arizona that is one of the worst situations a car owner can be in due to the ungodly heat we have here now upon us this summer, is there a way I can possibly hardwire somehow for that switched to be turned on because I cannot for the life of me resolder a new button onto that control module in order to get my AC to kick on, I tried pick and pull places to get that part nor can I spend 100 or so odd dollars to get a new one at the moment in time can somebody please please please help me out in trying to get this AC to kick on I would be eternally grateful for this information, thank you



      Hello - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

      You really need to post this as a new topic in the Yaris club - see http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/49-yaris-club/ - rather than on my profile page, where only I will see it. If you post as a new topic as directed, the Club's membership will see the issue and may be able to provide some help.

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