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  1. Hi Mike, silly question for you, would you happen to know what the spark plug gap is for the Yaris 1.3, 2007 in mm I've changed my plugs today and didn't gap them as the parts guy at Toyota assured me they were pre set, the reason I ask is the plugs I took out had a much larger gap than the new ones I get that with usage and wear the plug gap gets bigger but it just seemed excessive to me, the plugs I fitted are the same as what I took out Denso K1R-U. The old plugs have a gap of 0.80 plus0.05mm, forgive my ignorance Mike I don't know how to read a metric feeler gauge, I'm still stuck in the 70's with Imperial but can't seem to buy them any more, thanks Mick.     

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    2. Master Brutal

      Master Brutal

      Thanks Mike, I never thought of Ebay or Amazon for things like that, I'll pop the question about the plug gap on the forum and see if any of the guys know what it should be. I really thought it was over for the imperial kit, very grateful to you for that.



      Mick - third post in the following thread gives the spark plug gap - 


    4. Master Brutal

      Master Brutal

      Brilliant thanks Mike, I've made a note of it, think the plugs I fitted were slightly smaller gap 0.8 but car seems to be running fine and idle is the same when hot about 500 rpm, bit slow but I've told its a common problem and no cause for concern, thanks again for tracking that info down for me.

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