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  1. Yes have used toyota-tech previously, but for different reasons. As the Proace is built by PSA, and is the equivalent of the Peugeot Expert/Citroen Despatch, could try looking at those for a wiring diagram.
  2. May be wrong, but from memory did the OP not have a 1.2T Auris, not a hybrid? A dealer's price often includes the cost of a service including the equivalent of the MOT, used car preparation (valet, smart repairs, etc), warranty, etc as well as their profit.
  3. Some clarification:
  4. Applies mainly to hybrids, but also covers petrol and diesel vehicles -
  5. Toyota Owners Club is UK based. As you've linked to a US car buying site, it would be more relevant to ask the same question on Toyota Owners Club USA -
  6. Could have a look at Information may be downloaded, though some is chargeable.
  7. Toyota Owners Club is UK based and, as 'Bring a Trailer' is an American auction site, interest in this may be a bit limited.
  8. Toyota Owners Club isn't an auction site. Topic hidden.
  9. Please provide an idea of prices.
  10. An example of this is the Auris. The second generation (Dec 2012-2019) was just a re-work of the first generation (2007-2012) and carried forward the Type Approval from 2007. The following links show the differences in seat edge to ground measurements, etc:
  11. Please update your profile.