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  1. £80 isn't too bad a cost compared to some other manufacturer's sat nav updates. You can do a search for third party updates, but obviously not sure whether these would be legal, etc.
  2. In 2018 my wife did a course for one weekend a month for 9 months. Used the i20 to take her, and the Aygo to collect her - 120 mile round trip. Able to cruise at 70-80mph. No problem. Last year we spent a week in Bridport and used the Aygo as parking at where we stayed was very limited. 175 miles down plus running around, two people plus luggage. On the Sunday we had to travel from Bridport to Buxton for a review she had to do, and then returned home 280 miles. Again no problem.
  3. My 2006 Corolla did this, and when I got my Auris' (2009 and 2012) I was used to it. Something to do with the emissions control.
  4. No fix unless you want to have the speedo recalibrated. EU legislation requires that the indicated speed must not be more than 110 percent of the true speed plus 4 km/h at specified test speeds. For example, at 80 km/h, the indicated speed must be no more than 92 km/h. UK legislation from 1986 differs slightly in that for all actual speeds between 25mph and 70mph (or the vehicle's maximum speed if lower than this), the indicated speed must not exceed 110% of the actual speed, plus 6.25mph. For example, if the vehicle is actually travelling at 50 mph, the speedometer must not show more than 61.25 mph or less than 50 mph. Both require that speedometers should never under read - ie show less than the true speed Manufacturers calibrate the speedometers to fall within the above tolerances, and the degree of 'over-reading' can vary from model to model. Sat navs shown an average speed over a given number of points, so, although usually more accurate than speedometers, there is still a difference between the sat nav's average speed and the car's true speed.
  5. Reminds me of when we had a new Honda Concerto 1.5 - the Honda equivalent to the Rover 200. Rover built the Concerto and every car was shipped down to Swindon to undergo Honda's QA. Any failures were shipped back to Longbridge for rectification before the process was repeated. Longbridge is across Birmingham from us - 14 miles away The door switch that armed the alarm failed after about a month (the only issue we had with the car in the 3.5 years we owned it). Honda didn't have any replacements in Europe and wouldn't fit the Rover branded item as it hadn't been through their separate QA process - even though it would have been exactly the same part. Honda ordered the part from Japan. The dealer had another new, unregistered Concerto, which, after some 'discussion' with me, they removed the switch from and fitted the switch to ours. No further problems. We knew one of the dealer's technicians, and the other Concerto was without a replacement switch for weeks ......
  6. Toyota Owners Club is UK based, so doubt whether members will know about importing cars into the US.
  7. Have a look at remon1496's post of 15/08/19 on the following -
  8. Should be. There was an earlier topic from someone who swapped the units over. The AA/Carplay units can be identified by having a third button (talk) on the unit -
  9. It was from the 2018 facelift, but it wasn't across all grades. It was termed as 'smart phone integration'. Higher grades had smart phone integration as standard, whilst it was an option on the lower grades.
  10. See Note that the Government is currently running a consultation on VED, so things may well change in the short term - probably for the worse.