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  1. Use the ULEZ checker: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/check-your-vehicle/
  2. Mazda do have a hybrid on sale in Europe - the 2, which is a rebadged Yaris. Even the Mazda 3 hybrid - not sold in Europe - used Toyota's hybrid system. Mazda have plans to move upmarket as their production volumes currently aren't sufficient to support their range of cars. So they may vacate the 2 and 3 market sectors.
  3. We didn't have CoC's for our 2006 Corolla or our 2009 & 2012 Auris - both bought new. As regards the Y reg Prius, you don't know whether Toyota made changes to the emissions controls on these cars - so it is possible the emissions are different.
  4. As far as I'm aware, if the car is a grey import (ie imported into the UK as a used car), Toyota GB won't issue a certificate of conformity as the car wasn't produced for the UK/European market.
  5. I've used Chips Away a few times in the past, and was really pleased with the results.
  6. The Blade and Blade Master were only sold new in the Japanese Domestic Market. The Blade came with a 2.4 litre engine and the Master, as you said, a 3.5 litre engine. In the UK, Blades and Blade Masters are grey imports.
  7. Seems to be a common feature now - our Hyundai does this.
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