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  1. Assuming it is the BMW diesel engine (1.6D4D), have a look at my post of last Saturday in the following topic -
  2. Sussex Police ran their campaign last month - https://www.actionfraudalert.co.uk/da/376724/Catalytic_converter_theft_and_free_offer.html
  3. Use Toyota's recall checker to see whether your car is affected - https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/vehicle-information/recall-checker
  4. Toyota Owners Club is UK based, and the majority of members are in the UK. US models may be different in specification to European models.
  5. These would be curtain airbags - designed to inflate and drop down to protect both front and rear occupants from side impact, side glass, etc. Not designed specifically for the back seats.
  6. UK/European spec cars will be different in specifications to US models - the LE Eco is a US market vehicle. Also the Corolla wasn't sold in the UK between 2007 and early 2019, as hatchbacks and estates sell much better in this market than saloons/sedans.
  7. Split from 11 year old topic.
  8. Is it not still within the five year new car warranty?
  9. May be related to the worldwide shortage of (computer) chips which is affectibg several manufacturers.
  10. Hello Murdo - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  11. The only BMW engines were the 1.6 and 2.0 litre diesels. The 2.2 is a Toyota engine. So which do you have? Is it a 2015 as per the topic or a 2016 as per your profile?
  12. Just the rubbers are available - either Toyota's store on ebay or from Toyota Direct Parts, etc.
  13. A 2020 Yaris will still be within the 5 year new car warranty.
  14. Should be approx 8.3 litres left in the tank when the low fuel light comes on.
  15. When the facelifted Aygo was introduced in the UK in 2018, there were two multimedia units - a two button unit without smartphone integration fitted to the lower specs, and a three button unit with smartphone integration (basically Apple Carplay & Android Auto) fitted to the higher specs. The Aygo range was revised last year(?) and as far as I'm aware, they come with the three button unit as standard now. Your profile doesn't state whether you are in the UK, so, if outside the UK, specifications may be different.
  16. If you're hard wiring the dashcam, check with your insurer whether they regard it as a modification. Some do if it is hard wired - If removable (ie not hard wired) some say it isn't a modification.
  17. The current thinking seems to be that a classic car is one over 40 years of age.
  18. Could try Adrian Flux on 0800 5876 317 - mention you're a Toyota Owners Club member and they may provide a discount.
  19. 1234yf became a legal requirement for new cars from January 2017, but most manufacturers started using the new gas before this date - for example the 2015 i20 we bought new, used 1234yf.
  20. There is no 14 day period within the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The only 14 period I'm aware of as regards refunds relates to distance selling (ie goods ordered over the internet). As you test drove the vehicle and subsequently bought it, presumably distance selling doesn't apply. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act-aKJYx8n5KiSl As far as I can see, under the above act, the selling dealer isn't obliged to carry out repairs, etc which are local to you.
  21. Remember an old topic where this happened due to incorrect jacking. Luckily the tyre outlet responsible, paid for the bodywork repairs. Check whether the flange beneath has also been flattened.
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