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  1. Moved to the Auris forum.
  2. Semiconductor crisis forces Toyota to slash June production by 100,000 vehicles – Car Dealer Magazine
  3. Presuming you bought it from a dealer, I'd query the fault with them with regard to them sorting it.
  4. Partly depends what your needs are. Family? Usual number of occupants? Rear space or not? Large or small boot? Garaged - will it fit? Etc.
  5. Hello Robert - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  6. Bear in mind that the newer, supposedly more environmentally friendly, HFO-1234yf gas fitted to new cars from 2014 (depending on the manufacturer), is a lot more expensive than the previous R134a gas
  7. Which is the later/upgraded head unit with Apple Carplay/Android Auto as standard. See the following re the retro fit arrangements -
  8. You may use the For Sale section - Toyota's For Sale - Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum Please include photos, detail and an indicative price.
  9. Presume you mean Aygo or Yaris - as per the topic title.
  10. Hello Sami - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  11. Range is irrelevant really as this can adjust depending on drive style, type of driving, etc. What people need to know is the fuel consumption you're actually getting - which is why I suggested you do a brim to brim calculation of mpg which is more accurate than the car's estimate.
  12. Not necessarily - depends when the changeover to the next model year occurs. For example revisions to the range (dropping the 1.2T and bringing in the 2.0 hybrid) were announced in October 2019 and customer deliveries commencing January 2020, and the 2022 model year was announced in December 2022, with customer deliveries commencing when stocks of the existing models were reduced. Europe doesn't follow the same model year system as the US - where the next model years are announced August/September of the current year.
  13. You can send the VIN using a private message, and this will only be viewable to the person you sent the message to, rather than being viewable on the open forum. Profile changed - 'Toyota year' relates to when the car was first registered, rather than the build date or model year.
  14. Presumably because the Estima hasn't been an official import into Europe since 2006. Note that when the Estima was sold in Europe, it was sold as the Previa.
  15. Presumably you've been talking to the dealer you placed the order with, and who your contract of sale is with. Have you contacted Toyota GB customer services to see whether they can help?
  16. As regards DVSA safety recalls and Toyota's recall checker: # If the safety recall has been put into place via the DVSA recall system, at one time DVSA used to allow the manufacturer some time in which to obtain the necessary parts for the agreed repair action, before the recall letters to owners were sent out. Now, however, DVSA require letters to be sent to owners as soon as rectification action has been agreed. This means that in with some recalls, there may be a delay between owners receiving letters and rectification being carried out. # In light of the above, there may be a few days delay in recalls being shown on a manufacturer's recall checker, and DVSA's recall checker. I've checked the DVSA website this morning, and currently there are no safety recalls showing for 2022 Rav4s, and only the E-call recall for 2021 Rav4s. NB: the DVSA checker shows recalls in order of date the recall was announced.
  17. Depends whether you're asking about new Corollas or used Corollas. When the current Corolla went on sale in 2019, the MM17 multimedia unit didn't have Apple Carplay or Android Auto. A retro fit solution was available from dealers from November 2020 at cost to owners - £120 or £50 when done with a service. So it is possible that some owners of 2019-2020 didn't have the upgrade done, and some of these cars would have entered the used market.
  18. Honest John's Real MPG gives a range of 36-59mpg for the 1.33. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/toyota/yaris-2006/133-vvt-i The stop/start system will operate in what seems like a random manner, and there are a number of factors which affect its operation (eg. whether the battery is fully charged, and so on). Rather than relying on the car for fuel consumption figures, do a brim to brim calculation, which will provide more accurate information, and report back.
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