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  1. In the feedback they don't say which 'other models', so it isn't necessarily a case of left and right hands.
  2. Not our experience highlighted above.
  3. Which was highlighted in Devon Aygo's post of 26th Sept.
  4. In a previous Honda we had, the front passenger door glass was hit by a stone thrown up by a council mower without immediate effect. However five minutes further down the road, the glass suddenly imploded into the car.
  5. In Europe, yes. However, Toyota GB introduced a 5 year/100,000 mile new car warranty for new vehicles from June 2010, and this same new car warranty applies to new vehicles today. The 5 year/100,000 mile new car warranty was introduced to bolster customer confidence in Toyota products following the accelerator pedal recalls of early 2010, which affected a number of US and European market models. For Europe these included the Aygo MMT, Auris, Avensis, Corolla, IQ, Verso, Yaris and Rav4.
  6. In the UK, the new car warranty on Hyundai is 5 years/unlimited mileage, and on Toyota 5 years/100,000 miles. So for the majority of new car buyers in the UK, the new car warranties for these two manufacturers are similar.
  7. They have. They have introduced model-specific catlocs, and got their supplier to increase production to meet demand (3 shifts per day instead of 1), which has increased by 2000%. Plus they have reduced the cost of replacement cats, which may not directly help owners where insurance is used, but does reduce the costs to insurers, which may help in keeping renewal premiums low by lowering the cost of repairs. No manufacturer is going to be able to change the location of cats on obsolete models (Prius gen 2 and 3, and Auris), and, as cat thefts are not a safety issue, they don't come within scope of the DVSA recall system. Other manufacturers which are being targeted for cat thefts include Honda (Jazz and Accord) and Audi.
  8. Don't see why you would reverse with the parking brake on - probably designed for the sensors not to operate when the parking brake is applied. I'd make judicious use of the footbrake.
  9. Several owners on Toyota UK blog have raised the same question, only to be told it isn't a design fault. The fact that thieves have found they can steal cats on some cars (and note that Toyotas aren't the only vehicles to be targeted by cat thieves) doesn't mean that the design is the issue. The same applies when cars are stolen. Owners don't get refunds from the vehicle manufacturers when either cars are stolen, stolen from, vandalised or accident damaged - that is what insurance is for. So why should they in the instance of cat thefts.
  10. Seating position and forward visibility will be the same, but rear side and rear visibility will be different.
  11. Depends which version of the Corolla you're considering - hatchback, saloon (sedan), or Touring Sport (estate).
  12. As far as I'm aware, this facility isn't available on the (first generation?) Auris. Think you would need to explore whether there are third party fitments for this.
  13. Hello Ozan - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  14. As far as I'm aware EU models don't have a separate powertrain warranty - the US does though. Aside from that the EU warranty (excluding UK) is stated in time and kilometres, not time and miles (eg the European new car warranty is 3 years or 100,000km, as opposed to the UK's 5 years/100,000 mile new car warranty).
  15. No it isn't, but if the poster was hoping Toyota would take note, it is fruitless.
  16. Hello Luis - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  17. The Club has no association with Toyota, and we don't know whether anyone from Toyota visits these forums, so comments like this are probably wasted efforts.
  18. Only free for the lifetime of the device, and the lifetime is determined by the sat nav manufacturer. For example in February last year TomTom notified owners that 27 of their popular models would no longer receive updates.
  19. Please update your profile to include the Corolla.
  20. Moved to the Auris club. By the way, all Toyota hybrids are automatic.
  21. Makes me wonder whether the garage is referring to the airbag inflater when they use the term squib (the dictionary definition of squib is firework). One can check whether your car has any outstanding recalls by using Toyota's recall checker -