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  1. Not sure it is about not having the knowledge. Probably more to do with the fact they don't want the hassle of modifying cars. Only a few car manufacturers have their own dealers in the UK - Ford being one. However, in the case of Ford back in 2002, they had to buy 11 dealerships from the administrators of a previous franchise holder (Quartic), or face a major disruption in their sales and servicing network. Dealerships included three in Birmingham, two in Stockport, two in Bristol, and ones in Weston Super Mare, Wilmslow, Macclesfield and Hazel Grove.
  2. Topics merged. I suspect the OP's radio may incorporate a sat nav (possibly a TNS510 or similar). Perhaps we could have confirmation of whether or not this is the case.
  3. Could try the US club -
  4. According to the home page of, content will remain online in read only until July 2019 - so only around 4 months left.
  5. Try Mention you've joined Toyota Owners Club.
  6. Hello Mark - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  7. So rather than no action, the dealer has got back to you. As they are waiting on Toyota GB, presumably Toyota GB are considering the case. No doubt it would be useful to your case to let the dealer see the latest damage.
  8. Several members have had their cars resprayed. However, bear in mind this isn't covered by any warranty, the car is ten years old, and any repairs to date have been goodwill from Toyota. When you spoke to Toyota customer services, what did they actually say to you?
  9. The Voxy, Noah and Esquire are the same vehicle with cosmetic differences.
  10. Whether it is an issue or a characteristic feature, I still haven't experienced this. Both my wife and I frequently swap between our two cars, and the clutch biting point is no better or worse than in either car.
  11. Must confess to not having any issue with the clutch biting point - both on my own car and courtesy cars which I've had whilst the car has been in for service and one warranty repair. Although this is with the second generation which is supposed to have shorter clutch travel than the first generation. I think the best way forward would be to test drive both the Aygo and Yaris - ideally with your mother. This way she can have an input into the purchase, and may raise valid points with either car from her perspective, which you and your brother may not be aware of.
  12. Moved to the Avensis club.
  13. Is it the same as your previous topic? See
  14. Some Aygos did suffer from water leaks - mainly into the boot or front foot wells - so this is one thing to check when looking at cars. Most are fairly easily fixed. One thing to bear in mind as regards a three door, whether Aygo or Yaris, is, as the doors are longer (and heavier), they can pose access issues in car parks, etc and if your mother garages the car, as in these circumstances, they won't open as wide. Could be one thing to consider as your mother is elderly.
  15. Hello Jay Bob - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  16. Moved to the Rav4 club and topic title edited. Toyota's service intervals are every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Intermediate services occur at year 1 (10K miles), 3 (30K), 5 (50K), etc, whilst Full services occur at year 2 (20K), 4 (40K), etc. So a 2014 model should have had the first (Intermediate) service either at 1 year old or at 10,000 miles, whichever occurred first. There also is a gap between the 2017 service and the 2019 - which may be explained if the dealer has had the car in stock for weeks or months. If the first service is not shown, either on My Toyota or in the service and warranty book, I would query it with the dealer. Presumably, the 're-conditioning' service is what the dealer calls a pre-sale service, which may include additional preparation (valeting) etc. The Full service should include a brake fluid change - see Rather than dealing with the salesperson, this type of query may be handled better by the service department.
  17. Hello Danny - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  18. Hello Colin - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  19. The recall mentioned in the topic is clearly one announced by the UK's government agency responsible for managing the process in the UK. Perhaps Swedish owners who have Aygos with problematic rear side windows should approach the organisation that is responsible for recalls in Sweden, and raise awareness of their issues, which will hopefully result in a recall in Sweden.
  20. .... or did the salesperson mean that the car came in, as a part exchange or whatever, with only the one remote and one non-remote?
  21. The GPS system incorporates a week counter and has the ability to transmit date and time to receivers. The week counter operates using a range of 0-1024 weeks, and, when it reaches 1024, then resets to 0. The reset occurs every 19.7 years, last occurred in 1999, and is due to occur again on 6th April 2019. It is thought the reset may affect older GPS systems. Remember Y2K? - which proved to be a non-event.