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  1. Hello Craig - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  2. Moved to the Avensis club
  3. As stated earlier, the use of BMW diesel engines was short term. The four models that used them are now out of production.
  4. Toyota made no secret of the fact that for the Auris, Avensis, Verso and Rav4, they were using BMW diesel engines in the short term (approx 3 years).
  5. This was highlighted some weeks ago, and numbers of Corollas and Rav4's have been delivered since in the UK. Yes, in the UK, there now seems to be some vehicles which are inspected before distribution to dealers, but it doesn't appear to have halted sales or deliveries. As regards the Corolla, those for the Australian and New Zealand markets will be built in Japan, whereas for Europe the hatchback & Touring Sports are UK built, and the saloon built in Turkey.
  6. See: Later van incarnations included the Auris in first and second generations - though presumably now replaced by the Proace City (Toyota version of the Berlingo/Partner).

    By By IQ

    Looks like Peter has deleted his account, so may not reply.
  8. The Just in Time production system was introduced by Japanese manufacturers in the 1970's and has since been adopted by the majority of vehicle and other manufacturers (whether Japanese, German, American, etc) globally as it is more efficient. An example is - As the system is around 50 years old, none of this is new!!! The article linked relates to Battery Electric Vehicles (eg Nissan Leaf, electric Kia Niro, etc) rather than hybrids.

    By By IQ

    Toyota stopped exporting the IQ to Europe over a period of time due to sales volumes falling - certainly the case with the UK. See Never really caught on in the US (sold there as the Scion IQ) due to small size, and discontinued there in 2015. Production ceased in December 2015.
  10. Dealers themselves complete the first registration on the DVLA database. Most have a list of registration numbers which they are due to allocate. For example on several new cars we've bought, we chose the registration number before the car was first registered and taxed - often when first ordering the car. The one time when we ordered two new Mazdas on the same day, we chose consecutive registrations. Think the rumours about shortages are just that, rumours. As regards seeing new Rav's on the road, there are quite a few in our area.
  11. Try sending Parts-King a personal message, include details of your car ( as a minimum), and ask the question.
  12. Hello Chris - welcome to Toyota Owners Club
  13. The transmission would be Toyota's Multi Mode Transmission - a manual gearbox with automated clutch. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 if a fault appears within the first six months, it is presumed to have been there at the time of sale - see**Consumer Rights Act 2015- Exact&utm_term=consumer rights act 2015&utm_content=consumer rights act 2015 Moved to the Corolla club.
  14. The individual sales/importing organisations decide on what is included within the specs they offer. In the case of blind spot monitoring, presumably Toyota GB decided it wasn't a feature for their specs at present, though that's not to say it won't appear at some time in the future.
  15. From Palona's post, they are asking about recompense for replacing the windows which they've had done under their insurance. Different to your instance where you wanted help with something not directly relating to the recall (ie the window tint). Also I advised Paloma to contact Toyota Customer Services, and not their Toyota dealer.
  16. Does your car insurance policy cover you for lost or stolen keys ??
  17. Don't think any manufacturer would provide recompense for something not directly related to the recall.
  18. You need to approach Toyota Customer Services. However, if Toyota is willing to consider some recompense under goodwill (as they have no legal obligation for recompense) and as a Toyota dealer won't have been able to inspect the damage before the repair, I would imagine you will need to provide some sort of proof the fault was related to the recall. You need to raise the issue.
  19. Presume the system has identified one tyre is low on pressure.
  20. When did you buy the car and what warranty did it come with?