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  1. Moved to the Avensis club.
  2. Moved to the Prius club
  3. No - if you go on the Aygo page on the Toyota website, towards the top right of the page, there is a button 'show all grades', and all four grades are then shown.
  4. If the fleet company has exceeded their supply cap, it is the fleet company's fault, not Toyota's.
  5. The issues in the US relate to some versions of the Rav4, and is to do with the shape of the tank.
  6. Locked due to age of topic.
  7. The Rav4/Across is just one part of the collaboration. Suzuki will also have a version of the Corolla Touring Sport. Toyota are getting access to Suzuki's new petrol engines for compact cars, built by Toyota Poland. Presume these may first be seen in the new Yaris - although suspect the UK may only get Yaris hybrids. Back in 2009 Suzuki and VW formed a partnership - Suzuki was to get access to VW tech on hybrids and diesel engines as they didn't have the resources to develop these themselves, and VW was to use Suzuki's expertise in small cars for countries such as India. However, Suzuki forced an end to the partnership in 2015 after not getting access to diesel engines from VW, and having to source them from Fiat.
  8. Although it isn't illegal to remove the DPF, it is illegal to drive a car with the DPF removed, plus you risk the car failing future MOT's and possible fines.
  9. As regards legal action, your contract is with the dealer who sold you the car, rather than Toyota.
  10. Refrigerant in new cars has already changed - some manufacturers went over to the new gas from 2014 (our 2015 i20 had the new gas). The gas now used in new cars is R1234YF
  11. No - meant the NG Yaris. Some markets will have 1.0 petrol and 1.5 hybrid.
  12. See
  13. The current Prius, Corolla saloon and Corolla Touring Sport have the same size wheelbase as the Avensis, and these three plus the Camry are Toyota's replacements covering the gap left by the Avensis.
  14. See the first post of this topic. The different model years aren't facelifts - have just had minor adjustments to the specification. You cannot go by the registration plate, as 2019 model year vehicles, due to the order backlog, when delivered may be first registered in 2020 - so could be 69 or 20 plates, though still be 2019 model year vehicles.
  15. Toyota may also leave the UK if whatever happens with Brexit means production difficulties.
  16. Sounds as though it is the Toyota Plus warranty for Approved used cars. Servicing during the warranty will need to be done by a Toyota dealer, not necessarily the selling dealer. See the following for benefits:
  17. Depending where the car is parked, use either a trickle charger if power is accessible (ie. parked in a garage), or a solar charger, as per the subject of this topic.
  18. Depends whether the warranty is a Toyota Approved (or Plus) warranty, a dealer's own warranty or a third party warranty. Do you know which it is?
  19. Moved to the Rav 4 club.

    Auris hybrid

    If you have the service and warranty book, that outlines the service requirements.