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  1. So I changed the glow plugs but the problem persists! Next stop is look at the glow plug relay. Anyone any idea where I can find it on the car? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. Will try them first!
  3. Hi Guys. I have a 2008 avensis 2.0d4d with 200k on the clock. Recently it struggles to start when cold. It will start for a second or 2 take no rev and die out. Does this about 6 or 7 times then eventually stays going a bit rough for a few seconds then go the best. Doesn't matter how many times I turn on and off to the heater light goes out. Starts perfect every time when warm. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi just wondering did you find where the relay is? My Air con stopped working and was hoping it would only be the relay. thanks Pat
  5. Hi guys...I have an 08 Avensis d4d with 130k miles the front brake callipers rattle a lot in rough ground. I have changed the slider pins with after market ones but only helped for a week and now it's as bad as ever. Have greased them too and this helps for a day! Would genuine slider pins help? Or is there any other cure for this annoying problem?
  6. My 2002 d4d avensis had to be scrapped last week due to a bad driver hitting it and not worth fixing. 443k miles! It was a taxi which is probably the toughest driving a car can do! It had one clutch, starter, alternator, few wheel bearings and normal suspension bits and pieces. Not many cars around as tough as these. It will be sadly missed!
  7. Hi guys just an enquiry really. I have an 09 d4d avensis last of the old shape. I often get a snort from the exhaust when changing gears usually first and second gear. Kind of sounds like a dump value! It's not a problem just curious what it was as I know they all do it!
  8. Thanks I will check that today...my friends avensis needed new slider pins at 200k miles...mine has 70k it seems a bit soon to new new pins?
  9. Hi guys, so finally got myself an 09 avensis last of the old shape with 70k...After a week of driving it has developed a noise when I go over uneven surfaces ..It can only be described as the same noise the bushes make when they are done and it sounds like it's coming from every corner...but when I press the brakes the noise stops? So it must have something to do with the brakes? Any ideas? Paddy
  10. No any colour will do! Thanks for that I'm now leaning towards 08 model...fuel economy is a big thing for me...just out of interest do any of you guys live near cannock in Stafford?
  11. The usual sites...autotrader, eBay, Gumtree and used cars ni
  12. Thanks for replies guys...my first choice would be the previous 08 model but hard to get a good clean one. I seen an 09 old model 2.0d4d with 52k miles on it...It has had 3 owners from new...seems lot of owners for such low miles?...its in England and I'm in Northern Ireland so bit of a punt heading over for one...They are like hens teeth over here!
  13. There are no real regulations on emissions here in Northern Ireland...any age of taxi is ok as long as it's family size and clean and good condition...my old avensis was a brilliant car and I would find it hard to move from Toyota now...did consider a 2011 skoda octavia 1.6tdi for low tax and running costs but not sure if it would stand up to high miles.
  14. Hi Guys, My trusty 2002 d4d avensis has finally bit the dust 360k miles but someone drove into the side of it and now not worth fixing! I need a car as a taxi and was thinking of going for a 2009 new shape avensis 2.0d4d. Just wanted fellow owners review on them. Some have said the electric handbrake may give trouble and that they are a little sharp on diesel. Any opinions would be welcome...Thanks in advance... Paddy
  15. Thanks for that...I'm sure any mechanic could test it or bleed it?
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