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  1. Oops, sorry, I never seen the 5 door one thats why I didn't know!! :(
  2. Kenny


    I saw one about a month ago but I didnt manage to have a long look as the Aygo was going the opposite direction!! It caught my attention because of that blue colour!!
  3. Very nice mate, I like these S2000.... Got any plans for it??
  4. I prefer my Rav stay looking clean!!
  5. Can't believe Toyota didn't design a good parcel shelf.... Lucky the 3 doors do not have a parcel shelf... :P :!Removed!: I found Toyota Japan's website with accessories for the Rav4 Click here..... Under Cargo Item > Item number 9, is that like a roller type?? Anyone able to read japanese here??? <_< Kenny
  6. Thanks guys! Rich - Having driven it a couple more times, you can tell the difference even more compared to the original one!!! Sorry to hear you're selling the Rav but wish you all the best with your new business! Kenny
  7. Hi MillemanUK and welcome to TOC!! I think the new generation of Rav4 is scheduled to be released for 2006. There are rumours of a V6 for the new generation, and considering that the new Lexus IS250 uses the V6 engine, it may be that one in the Rav4 as well! For the Gen 2.5, America and Australia got 2.4litre engines for Rav4, but I don't think Europe got this..... Kenny!
  8. Hi Jaco, The sizes of the exhaust is definately not the same as the original!! This one is much bigger, I think the pics don't justify exactly the size of it!! Kenny
  9. Yes, the Twin Exhaust would fit for diesel engine as well. However, there is a difference for the 3 door and the 5 door one and as this one is for the 3door one, it shouldn't fit for the 5 door. To guarantee if it fits for your Rav4, best to get the parts number from the seller and ask your Toyota parts department if that parts number fits for your Rav. Kenny
  10. I've got a set on mine, but i got them from Hong Kong! :( My ones were stuck on and they seem stable as I've had it for more than a year now!! BelgarumVenta: Have a look at my garage as I've got the Argenta colour Rav with the wind deflectors Kenny
  11. Just thought I'd say Hi and welcome for the other Rav4 owners!! Seems like theres more Rav4 owners here now!!! Theres quite a few Rav4 fanatics here!! :P Steve: Theres the Gen2 version (with rectangular fog lights and indicators, from 2000 to 2003 i think) which had trims like NRG (3door only), GX and VX (5 doors and VX being the highest trim with leather and sunroof as standard). Those 3 trims had the 2litre petrol and diesel engines. There was another trim where there was a 1.8l petrol but 2WD version but i forgot what trim it was!! <_< Then theres the Gen2.5 version, which has the round foglights only and came out in Oct 2003. There are trim levels from XT3, XT4 and XT5. Theres also the Granite version, which i think is based on the XT3 but with added TTE alloys and chrome pack (e.g. side tube steps etc). If you're looking to pull a trailer, would the diesel ones be much better as its got more torque?? From another thread, shutty mentioned there maybe a 2.2litre diesel with 150bhp thats going to be coming out soon as the Rav4 will be replaced soon with a new generation! Kenny
  12. Hi everyone, Just recently fitted the TTE Twin Exhaust to the Rav, it does look very nice!! B) :P Heres some pics of it: There is a slight difference compared to the original, it sounds more 'deeper' at lower speeds which i like :) Kenny
  13. Yup, they definately do make these for the Gen 2 Rav4.... I got mine from Toyota last week, I should have waited another week for this ebay one.....
  14. Kenny

    Kennys Pics

  15. Kenny


    From the album: Kennys Pics

  16. Kenny


    From the album: Kennys Pics

  17. I've got a few Yaris pics from GT4 as well: At the Ring Very similar to Tommy C's, hard braking at the Ring! Kenny
  18. Kenny


    From the album: Kennys Pics

  19. Kenny


    From the album: Kennys Pics

  20. Kenny


    From the album: Kennys Pics

  21. It looks alright.... <_< I found a Rav with skirts for the newer models: Kenny B)
  22. Hi everyone, Is this the A bar that you are refering to?? Kenny
  23. Kenny


    From the album: Kennys Pics

  24. Kenny


    From the album: Kennys Pics

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